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House cleaning checklist to maintain house clean 24/7

Check list for cleaning house

If you want to keep your house clean and neat on a daily basis, the golden rule and key to that aim is consistency. It’s necessary to spare several minutes of your time every single day, divide duties among family members and do everything step-by-step in order to maintain your house tidy and free from mess.

Little effort you manage to make each day to pick up the stuff, casually lying around the house, sweep the kitchen’s floor and do the dishes after each meal, do laundry as often as needed, dust furniture and put your kids’ toys away will prevent you from dealing with a huge pile of cleaning duties once you actually have time to face them.

Believe me, it doesn’t take too much time to make your bed in the morning or to wash your bowl after having breakfast. But if you do so with all house chores and exercise them as they emerge, you won’t have to deal with cleaning fever during the weekends and waste your precious free time on such boring, but still important duties. Besides, the time you’ll spend on spring-cleaning will decrease as well.

Hiring a maid that will keep your house tidy and neat and clean everything up professionally without leaving any stubborn hidden spots is a good idea as well. Actually, it makes your life much easier and relieves you from having to scrub the floors and run around with a wipe to dust all the furniture instead of working, resting or spending quality time with your loved one, children or other family members.

In fact, you may do that online by visiting a cleaning service section of our website (HireRush.com) and choosing the kind of services, their frequency and price that meets your needs and preferences. You’ll definitely be able to find a perfect person to hire, as we’ve managed to collect a humongous amount of maids’ ads, who provide their services at different prices.

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Moreover, if you need to carry out any specific type of cleaning (like window washing or deep cleaning of carpets), Hire.Rush.com also provides an opportunity to hire professionals, who can do those tasks for you. They may also perform urgent cleanings.

So, you may do all house chores by yourself or entrust this task to the professional cleaners. Either way, you’ll want to keep your home neat in between the maid’s visits or your weekend cleanings. Thus, it will be possible for you to enjoy spending time at your house and be able to invite guests to come over any time you want.

As you can see, it’s quite useful to develop a cleaning-along-the-way habit and turn it into your everyday routine by devoting from 15 to 30 minutes of your evening to put your house in order. Cleaning charts, checklists and calendars are great helpers for this matter.mess in the room

Create a cleaning plan (like which room you’re going to clean this or that day, what and in which order needs to be done there) and hang it on your fridge. We’ve already discussed how to make your house perfectly clean through major tidy-up, so, let’s see what we can do each day to turn our home into blooming and crispy clean place.

Here is a cleaning check-list that takes a minimum of time, covers all basic problems and suits even the busiest person. But before we proceed to it, make sure that you don’t do everything yourself. Divide responsibilities between all members of your family. Involve your children in this process and challenge them to specific tasks (like cleaning up their room or doing the dishes). Then, each of you will spend five to ten minutes completing your tasks, but in the end, the entire house will look perfect.

So, here’s a ‘draft’ cleaning check-list you may print out, stick to the refrigerator and decide who’s responsible for realization of its separate points. Everyone will know exactly what and when they’re supposed to do, so it will become a part of your family routine, almost a tradition and a fun thing you can do together.

A) Clean the Kitchen (10 minutes)

  1. Clear the sink out – don’t pile up dirty dishes and cups in there. Wash them manually or load them into dishwasher. Don’t forget to wash the sink out to get rid of grease and food leftovers.
  2. Wipe the countertops – use a cleaning spray and slightly damp sponge or cloth to disinfect the surface and remove spots. Repeat the same procedure on your stove if it’s needed.kitchen clean before after
  3. Unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away into the cabinets.
  4. Sweep the floor – if you eat and cook in your kitchen (and who doesn’t?), you’ll not be able to avoid bread crumbs or other food pieces polluting your floor. It’s necessary to sweep them regularly, so that they don’t spread throughout the house. Wipe spots or spills off, if there’re any.

B) Leaving room (10-20 minutes)

  1. Make the couch – as it’s a central part of the room, or even of the whole downstairs, it’s necessary to keep it looking neat and cozy. Fluff its pillows and arrange them as you like, fold the throws and blankets
  2. Everything on their places – pick up the stuff from the floor to get rid of cluttering, straighten book stacks or magazines on coffee table, collect remote controls, phone chargers, DVDs, etc. and put them away.
  3. Dust the furniture and vacuum the carpets once in three days or even on a daily basis
  4. Flatten the curtains

C) Bathrooms (5 minutes)

  1. Wipe the sink out using cleaning spays or wipes, designed for that matter (as they usually don’t leave streaks)
  2. Remove water splatters from the mirror
  3. Arrange toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash and skincare products
  4. Use a brush to swoosh the toilet quickly

D) Bedrooms (5-10 minutes)

Woman making bed

  1. Make your bed – Even if you like to come up into your bedroom after a long day and go straight into bed, it’s not too comfortable to sleep in it, if the sheets are messed up and pillows are too flat and uncomfortable. Besides, unmade bad gets dirty much faster. So, straighten the sheets, blankets and throws, place the pillows (including decorative ones). It’s better to do everything in the morning and enjoy bedtime without any troubles, isn’t it?
  2. Put your clothes away into the closet.
  3. Clear out desk and bedside tables.

Do everything as a family and turn cleaning process into a fun game (or even competition). Your house will appreciate it, you’ll love the final results.

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