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Organized living: 30 easy house organization tips

organized closet and pantry

Pros of keeping your house organized

Almost everyone struggles to keep his space free from clutter and random mess that comes from nowhere and makes the place look like it has never been cleaned before. Obviously, no one’s house looks like it’s ready for a photo shoot for a fancy magazine all the time, unless nobody lives there to take up the space with his stuff and actually use it. It’s not a sterile operating room where each little thing has its own and constant place. It’s just not what’s going to happen when a human being makes one enclosed space his home. Moreover, it’s not something to aim for, as houses are designed for people’s comfortable living, but not for people to constantly run around it, desperately trying to keep it perfectly spotless and making a sense of their entire life. As far as I’m concerned, clean and maintained house is more necessary for our daily convenience and health, but not just for the ideal look in case if guests or friends suddenly decide to come over.

clan and organized house

Many of us will agree that putting things on their particular spot requires one single move we’re sometimes too lazy to make, but saves a whole lot of time when you’ll have to quickly grab that thing once again. Keeping clothes neat in closet not only makes it easier to get ready in the morning and just looks good, but also directly influences the state and durability of clothing items. When your cooking utensils are not scattered all over the kitchen counters and cabinets, but are gathered and stored in one particular drawer or counter,  when your pantry doesn’t look like a bunch of snacks, cereal boxes and other foods have exploded in there, but everything is organized be category and put in place properly, it’s much easier to find what you need and continue doing what you need to do instead of rushing here and there to find a tool or a spice before or while cooking and making breakfast. And, what about those keys that have an extraordinary talent to disappear every time you have to leave the house ASAP? Who wouldn’t like to avoid that in the morning? And what about finding matching socks, dealing with kids’ toys, entwined jewelry, finding extra storage space in a small kitchen, clearing out the closet and so on and so forth?get organized text on the picture of an organized stand

As my darling mother always says, it’s clean not where people clean up, but where people don’t make a mess. Indeed, when you organize your house and develop an ongoing habit to maintain it that way, you and your housekeeper (if you have one) will have less cleaning job to do on weekends (or whenever your cleaning days are). As many people note, organized house means organized life. That’s why I decided to share with you several house organization tips you may implement in your household to make it more neat and comfortable for living. I hope you’ll find some of them helpful.

House organization tips

  1. Come up with the house cleaning checklist to tidy up your space on regular basis. You’ll see the difference, believe me. Go to HireRush.com to look through the cleaning services provided in your local area to gain the professionals support while carrying out a thorough spring cleaning.
  2. Start from the hallway. De-clutter the shoe area with the help of a shoe stand or rack. Maybe a floor-standing shelve with a soft top to sit on while putting the shoes on will be even more convenient. Place a little mat to place the wet shoes and wellies on.
  3. Consider a freestanding coat hanger. Even if you have a little closet for coats in your hallway or foyer, it’s nice to have a space to hang a coat when you come home or when the guests come over, so that you don’t throw your outwear onto the couches or chairs and forget to put them into the actual closet afterwards. Hooks and pegs are more budget-friendly alternative.coat hanger and shoe storage
  4. Add a little hook or a decorative plate on the stand (shoe shelve) in the hallway to keep the keys on. It’s better to place right near the front door, just where you take your coat and shoes off, so that you don’t forget to put them there.
  5. A separate shelve or a fabric bin for scarves, hats and mittens will be a great idea. However, scarves may be stored on a special multiple-ring hanger.
  6. Get your closet organized. Color and purpose coordination is your key to success. Also, don’t forget to go through your closet twice a year or after each season to see what clothes you have to get rid of or donate because they’re in a bad condition or you just don’t wear them anymore. That provides extra free space in your closet. Organized shelves are also helpful. Plastic or fabric boxes and bins will help you out with that.organized closet
  7. Use the space under the bed to store out-of-season clothes. Out-of-season shoes (like winter boots) should be stored in the boxes, as they will last longer this way.
  8. Put divider into the dresser’s drawers to store the underwear and socks in them. You may purchase them in any store or even make them out of cardboard.
  9. Always put a matching socks one in one to free yourself from a constant search for a normal pair.drawer organizer for socks and underwear
  10. Use color coordinated hangers designed to hold multiple items. Hang your purses onto the slightly bent shower hooks to keep them off the floor and preserve their shape. Get the jewelry stand or hooks to keep the necklaces and bracelets on them. Store smaller jewelry in ice cube containers.
  11. Don’t clutter flat surfaces in your house. Coffee and dining tables should be free from book stacks, children’s homework papers, laptops and so on. Remember, that dining table is for eating but not working, and you won’t have to clean it up each time before having a meal.
  12. Organized cords are the most difficult thing to achieve, especially when we have to charge multiple devices of several people in one house. Cord dividers and organizers might be handy. It’s also possible to opt for a bedroom nightstand that has a hidden space for phone and tablet chargers and cords. It looks much neater. Special braces with slots that clip onto the cords and wires will keep them untangled.cords organization clips
  13. Get the drawers’ dividers for the ‘junk’ drawer in your desk or kitchen counter. It can be a simple plastic all-purpose small or medium divider to keep little things like pens, stickers, gum, etc.
  14. Make your pantry organized. Can food should be placed in rows the way so that you can see each product clearly and avoid sorting out a bunch of cans to find the one you need to grab. Divide the shelves and stick labels on them to provide a permanent spot for each kind of product. Separate dry food from spices. Devote separate organizers to tea bags and other small things like snacks or quick oatmeal breakfast packets.pantry organization
  15. Pick up a spinning stand for spices. It will be easier to look for the one you want to add to your dish without taking the entire spice holder out of the cabinet or pantry.
  16. Use the space on the inside of counters’ door to hang frying pans and cutting boards on them.
  17. Prepare a small cooking station or centerpiece on one of the counters. Include potholders, salt, pepper, a small bottle of olive oil and the most used spices in it.
  18. Label flour, salt and sugar containers. Find a cute cookie jar.
  19. Keep the right amount of cups, plates and bowls for your family in a separate cabinet or just one of its shelves and separate the ones you don’t normally use on a daily basis.plates, glasses and cups in cabinet
  20. Get your pots organized. Remove their caps and stack several pots inside each other (from bigger to smaller ones), so that they take up less space. Place the caps on top of this ‘mountain’ or attach a cap holder to the counter’s doors.
  21. Use the wall space in kitchen to mount several shelves near the pantry or fridge to provide extra storage space. Create a coffee station with a proper capsule storage if you’re a coffee lover.
  22. Make the kids’ playroom area organized. Clean it more often than the rest of the house Put the toys in colorful boxes and shelves according to the type (stuffed animals, cars, dolls, puzzles, balls, etc.). Separate baby, toddler and school-aged kid’s toys. Get a nice wall-mounted book shelve or display.kids toys organization
  23. Get separate laundry baskets for light and dark clothes to sort them as laundry accumulates. Look for effective ways to organize your cleaning and laundry supplies. Maybe, a flexible plastic bucket with dividers will do the job.
  24. Make your garage ceiling space organized for storage purposes by attaching wire shelves and holders to it.
  25. Use an old muffing baking tray to store small nails, screws, thumbtacks, staples, etc.
  26. If you don’t have enough time to clean your space on regular basis, don’t hesitate to hire a housekeeper for that matter. Hire a housekeeper
  27. If you have pets, store their food in separate metal cans or plastic containers. It will be more convenient to scoop the food from a container rather than from a bag and give it to your dog or cat. Also, it will also last longer.dog food container and bowls
  28. Leave fewer pillows on your couches not to throw them onto the floor when you want to hang out and watch TV. Then, you won’t have to pick them up.
  29. Reuse wine and beer holders to store magazines or newspapers.
  30. Implement a new cleaning rule into your household and make your family members stick to it. It is the easiest piece of advice, but it’s really effective at the same time. The rule is not to throw things on the floor.

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