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How clean is your house?


Get some tips of how to maintain tidy and neat home without spending hours and hours on wiping and scrubbing.

House cleaning is one of the chores everyone needs to do, but never really wants to. It’s an inevitable duty, the process only few people enjoy, but the result of which is the one, everyone’s aiming at. You obviously like the look of a spotless, fresh and shining as a new house, but yours never seems to meet the criteria. And, even if you’re constantly running around the house, armed with a wipe and a mop, the place never looks immaculate.

Moreover, usually, you don’t have enough time to do this job: you’re either too tired after a long working day even for moving a finger, or you’re not willing to sacrifice the whole weekend and spend it being a Cinderella. I know, she ended up being a princess after all, but unless you have a fairy as a godmother and a crystal shoe in your closet, I’m afraid you’re not in a fairytale and still have an entire house to get sorted.

So, let’s go through some cleaning tips and best ways of how to keep your house clean and neat without sparing too much effort.

1. Keeping your stuff together

Even if you’ve just cleaned your house and your floors scream about it, but the overloaded space and things casually lying around all over it are shouting them down with a terrible “Nope!” So, it’s better to have your clothes in a closet, but not on the chairs, dirty socks in a laundry basket, but not under the couches, children’s toys in storage bins and not in piles in the living room.

Make sure to do the dishes after each meal or every single night at least, so that your dishwasher or sink won’t brake under the weight of nasty, greasy bowls and cups. Clean the tables and counters with sanitizing spray to get rid of all that bacteria and prevent it from reproducing in the almost invisible remains of food and spots. For that matter, sweep the floors in the kitchen and dining area each evening as well.

Get any kind of a shoe rack or bin to put near your front door, so that the boots, sneakers and high heels don’t spread all over the hallway.

That’s how you’re supposed to clean up on a daily basis. Basically, you’ve to develop a habit of putting everything away and cleaning your kitchen before going to bed or as needed. It takes a minimum of time if you commit to that rule, and the mess doesn’t pile up. As a bonus, your house always looks tidy and neat, you never run out of clean dishes and you have no difficulty so as to finding that definite thing you need ASAP.

2. Dust, dust. Go away!

The story is common, but so annoying. You know, when you wipe the dust off the furniture and other surfaces, go back to your starting point and see that cheeky little pieces of dust staying where they did just a moment ago, when you came and, as you thought, removed them. It’s so frustrating

Let’s not repeat the same mistakes and follow quite simple rules of how to perform this step of getting your house crispy clean. So, work your way while wiping the dust off from top to bottom and from left to right using a slightly damp microfiber cloth. In order to bring your wooden furniture back to life and make in shine as new, use a special cleaning spray.

Feather dusting tools are perfect for cleaning picture frames or blinds, but they won’t come in handy for a spring-clean, but rather for a regular, everyday one.

Don’t forget about those high and almost inaccessible spots no one is able to reach and see (tops of the cabinets and bookcases, doors, chandeliers, etc.) and clean them once in a while as well, so that the dust won’t spread from those surfaces onto other places.

3. Got tired already? Let’s have a break and do the laundry.

Your cluttered closet and overloaded laundry baskets is another indicator of how clean your house is.

Oh, let’s face it. Everyone just hates doing laundry, but if you don’t want to find yourself without clean underwear or socks one pleasant day, then you can’t get away from doing it on regular basis. Just think of your grandmothers and great grandmothers who had to do it manually, and the task won’t seem so unbearable anymore.

How to do it properly? Most of the things can be washed in cold water. It’s better for your wallet (those good old bills) and clothes, as it won’t shrink or fade. At the same time, it’s better to wash your sheets, towels and cotton underwear in really hot water, as it will kill all bacteria and disinfect them. Don’t forget to put your already washed things into the tumble drier right away.

You may fold the laundry while making a business call or watching TV in order to save time and make the job less boring.

4. How to make your windows crystal clean

Have you reached the point when the view from your windows is blurry? The glass is no longer transparent? Are you tired of removing unassailable streaks? You don’t have to deal with that! There’re many ways to make your windows sparkling clean: from using an old newspaper or even creating homemade cleaning solution.

At first, wash your windows with warm water with a drop of dish soap in it using a soft cloth, then take a squeegee and remove it from the glass. It’s necessary to wipe the tool’s blade each time after you went from window’s top to bottom. If you can still notice several stubborn spots, try to wipe them off with a piece of a newspaper or a dry cloth. That’s how you can achieve a clean and streak-free look of the windows.

As an alternative, you may use a microfiber cloth and a special glass cleaning spray, but again, wipe it not in circular motions, but from top to bottom or horizontally to avoid streaks. But the first option is more eco-friendly, as you may add some organic soap to the water and don’t use so much chemicals.

5. How to clean the floors properly. That’s where real fun begins)

Obviously, they need vacuuming every once in a while to get rid of that annoying dust and small litter pieces , but it’s necessary to do that at least once in a week. Carpet floors require regular and precise vacuuming even more. The upright vacuum works best. In addition, it’s more mobile and convenient in use.

It’s recommended to stem-clean the carpets or use another way of deep cleaning (like dry carpet cleaning systems, encapsulation, shampoo or dry-compound cleaning) in order to renew and disinfect them. It’s better to get that done once or twice a year, together with your couches and other soft furniture. The professionals will gladly do that for you.

Ок Wooden floors require specific attention and appropriate cleaning supplies. You may sweep them or vacuum, but only using brush setting. Mop them with a slightly damp cloth or wipe, soap cleaners may be used for that matter. But you should never allow water to remain on the surface, as it will most likely damage the floors.

Ок If you have laminate or stone floors, it’s possible to use the same methods, but only with an exception that laminate ones don’t stand too much moistness, so use only slightly damp cloth to mop them. Be careful while choosing cleaning supplies for this type of such covering.

Ок Stone, ceramic-tiled and linoleum floors are quite easy to take care of, as they may be cleaned with a mild all-purpose detergent or soap, added to warm water.

6. Time-saving

The key of how to clean your house fast and nicely at the same time, is to decide on how clean you need it to be right now and which tasks are the most urgent ones. Make a plan and stick to your time limits. Multitask: set up laundry and washing machine and clean the floors while that’s getting done.

Start from the hardest and nastiest places: toilet, bathtub and sink, kitchen stove and sinks. When that’s done, you’ll feel relieved and do the rest of the house much quicker.

Maintain the order in your house on a daily basis, so that you don’t have a huge mess to clean up in the end of the week.

7. What if I don’t have ANY time for house cleaning?

That’s not a problem at all. In the end, you may always ask for the professional cleaners’ help, whether you need to get your carpets, windows or fireplace chimney cleaned, or if you want them to tidy the whole house up. You may hire them online just by finding a necessary add and calling the given number. Our site HireRush.com provides plenty of those. You may choose the services you need according to the best prices and deadlines, and all of that – in your local area.

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