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Wedding gift ideas |budget-friendly

cute wedding gift

Can a great wedding gift be inexpensive?

If you’ve got invited to someone’s wedding, but you don’t have a splendid gift buying budget, you can still find something good and unique to surprise a bride and a groom. There’s a common misconception that wedding gifts have to be those big expensive items of household appliances, kitchenware or house décor bits and pieces. Meanwhile, a thoughtful and personalized wedding gift will be much more valuable for the newlyweds, as wedding ceremony is all about celebrating their love and relationship and creating unforgettable memories they’ll come back to for the rest of their lives. That’s why a gift of a sentimental value may mean much more than another waffle-iron or expensive TV the husband and wife will want to update in a couple of years. So, if you can’t splurge on wedding gifts to attend each ceremony you’re invited to this season, check out these inexpensive wedding gift ideas and surprise your friends or family members with an unusual wedding gift. The best thing is that most of these presents the just married couple will keep, as they just won’t be able to return them to the shop. And, they won’t even want to do that, as they’ll love the personal approach each of these gifts will represent.

10 great personalized wedding gifts on a budget

  1. Wedding photography voucher. It might seem that hiring a wedding photographer is quite expensive and the bride and groom should think about on their own. However, if you know that they haven’t found a suitable person or that they’re arranging a wedding on a budget, you may consider gifting them a wedding photography voucher. Or, you may organize a pre-wedding family photo shoot for them. You probably know that most wedding photographers have quite high hourly rates. The way to help the couple out without spending too much money is to find an enthusiastic and young photographer online. Just visit HireRush.com, compare the prices of different local photographers and contact the ones that provide their services at a decent price. Or, you may choose even better way of finding an inexpensive photographer by creating a photo shoot task on the website. Just mention the set price and let the photographers who’re ready to take the job contact you. Thus, you may organize a nice photo shoot for less than $50. Or, you may consider making a wedding photography a collective gift and divide the full price between your friends, who are invited to the ceremony too.pre-wedding photography wedding gift ideaPost a photography task
  2. Customized linen. You can buy a set of inexpensive decorative towels, pillowcases and sheets at a big box store. Then, you may turn them into the prettiest and the most unique linen. Just take it a step further by bringing them to a seamstress or tailor who offers embroidering services.
    You may want to look specifically for machine embroidering, as hand embroidering is much more expensive. If you’re a crafty person, you may attempt to do that on your own. Just practice on something else before transforming the wedding gift. Put a name, monogram, romantic corner design or a nickname down for the newlyweds. This is a great way to elevate an otherwise basic wedding gift to something truly memorable.
  3. Subscription service. Help the happy just married couple settle into their new life together with the wedding gift of a subscription service. Whether the pair enjoys watching Netflix or shopping online, a subscription is a great way to give them something they can enjoy together. You may consider getting a recipe box delivery subscription to help a brand-new wife explore the cooking art, find new and interesting recipes she would never consider trying out herself.
  4. Wall art. You may just go out to the store and purchase a couple of pictures to fit the interior of the couple’s current (or future) home. However, it’s better to make something a little bit more special. It will be much cheaper too. For instance, you may create a memorable map wall art to mark the locations the most outstanding and life changing events of the couple’s life took place. Just get a frame with a nice background and a map. Conduct a small background research to find out where the future husband and wife were born, where they met, where they spent the first holiday together, where they started living together, where the marriage proposal happened, where they’ll get married and where they’ll live as a married couple. Cut out the heart shapes around these places on the map and arrange them on a piece of colorful carton to fit the inside of the frame. Glue them to the background once you’re satisfied with the look, add a couple of fake flowers, lace detailing and other little decorations. Wrap the final product into a pretty present and you’re done.memorable map wall art wedding gift idea
  5. Frame the reminder about one of the best moments of their lives. Get a nice frame, a piece of fabric, a couple of ribbons, beads and other decor elements of your choice. Then, take the wedding invitation and frame in to create a unique wall or night stand art. It will fit into the couple’s wedding collage perfectly.
  6. Handy books. If you don’t know the couple too well, you may always go for the safe options. A nice cookbook and a medical book will come in use in any household. Just present the books you choose nicely by pairing them with the customized wooden spoons, cookbook stands, pretty handwritten recipes, magnetic chalkboard menus for a fridge, spice holders, etc. and use a wicker basket instead of wrapping paper.
  7. Future Wine. It’s quite basic, but really touching wedding gift idea. Prove that you know the couple’s love will stand the test of time by bringing this inexpensive and impressive gift. Visit a local wine and spirits shop and consult with the wine expert there. Ask for a semi-inexpensive bottle of wine (in the $20 to $40 range) that will taste even better in 10 years. Then, you can wrap the bottle with a note that instructs the bride and groom to drink up and toast their love on their 10th anniversary. They’ll love it for sure.
  8. DIY teacup candles. You’ll need just a couple of good-smelling candles and an old set of vintage tea cups to make them. If you don’t have one of them at home, check out your local yard sales or thrift stores. I’m sure you’ll be able to find them. Melt the candles into the cups, decorate the wax with small beads, stones, sparkles, etc., wrap each teacup candle with tissue paper and pack this wedding gift into a pretty box. DIY teacup candle wedding gift idea
  9. A date night to go. Whether it’s simple and private or quite grand ceremony, wedding always puts the couple’s budget under the pressure. They always have bills and debts to pay back, they’re probably saving up to buy their own home of some stuff for their new house. The point is that they won’t have a lot of spare money to spend a nice date out. When the money is tight, the days of pricey date nights, going out to eat, and seeing movies might no longer be feasible. So, you may prepare a nice wedding gift just for this case. Reduce their burden and put together a “Date Night in a Box” – it’s a thoughtful, cheap gift that can help the newlyweds feel connected, even when times are tough. Find a cute box and stuff it with a soft blanket, a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses, their favorite chocolate bars or other snacks, a couple of DVDs with romantic movies to get them ready for a movie night. If your newlyweds prefer spending time outside, prepare a picnic basket for two instead.
  10. Customized throw pillows. It’s a massive gift that might cost you almost nothing if you take your time and carry out one of the amazing Brit+Co throw pillow DIYs. It’s a thoughtful and unusual wedding gift that will always remind the couple of you.

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  2. Priti Suman

    Thanks for sharing this article. You just spoke my mind. Trust me I myself landed up with six toasters during my wedding. This reminds me of those loathsome piles of repeated utility household items that I ended up giving away to the charity. How I would have loved someone to give me that wedding photography voucher!


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