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Questions and Answers

Q: What do deck building and repair services include?

A: Deck repair and building services are related to the decks and patios in your garden. Whether you want to build a completely new deck, rebuild the existing project, or repair something that got broken, experts from this business can fulfill your needs.

Deck building services involve the creation of a new deck. Sometimes contractors demolish the existing structures and design a completely new project based on your new ideas. In other cases, deck building experts use your existing deck as a foundation and project scheme. Whatever idea you may have for your home, you will get it from the deck building professionals.

Deck repair companies can help you keep the existing structures in good shape. Most often, experts in this field deal with the rotten wood, squeaky boards, and shaky rails. However, you can also expect them to rebuild some part of the deck, improve its safety measures, and even refinish the old wood. Anything you need to fix on your deck can be done by the deck repair services.

Q: How do deck building and repair companies charge?

A: Deck building and repair professionals charge their clients for the whole project in total. The cost includes labor, materials, and time spent in your home. Sometimes deck building crews may name the cost of their labor only while they add the cost of the materials on top of the bill. It mostly happens, however, when you have some rare or expensive materials to be used. Deck repair companies in the case of repairing the boards on your deck, namely changing the flooring, can also charge per linear or per square foot of the floor.

Q: What is the average cost of the deck building and repair services?

A: Most homeowners spend about $730-$2,520 for the deck repair services and $4,050-$10,160 for building a new deck from scratch. You can also expect to have lower prices for simpler projects and significantly higher prices for the more complex cases. Please learn more about the cost of deck building and repair services in our deck building cost guide and deck repair cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the deck building and repair services?

A: Both deck repair and building projects depend on the similar cost factors and in most cases these factors only increase the initial project cost.

  • Deck material. Redwood is much more expensive both for building and replacement cases, while plastics is easier to fix and put together.
  • Current deck age. The older the deck the more repairs it requires, that’s obvious. Yet, it is frequently made of sturdier materials and so can be used for the deck reshaping and rebuilding much more often than younger constructions.
  • Deck kind. Standard-shaped decks with rectangular rails are easy to build and repair while carved or, let’s say, rounded rails are tougher and longer in fixing.
  • Size. The bigger the deck is the more work it requires in terms of both building and repair services.
  • Stairs. Stairs are harder to fix and also more complicated to build especially if you plan to have some unique handrails. The more complex and unusual they are the more you will pay for repairs and building services.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam deck building and repair company?

A: Careful verification of all documents such as a contractor’s license, business license, insurance package, and additional certification is the only way to avoid hiring an unprofessional and unreliable deck building and repair contractor. However, there are a couple of other signs that will give you a hint:

  • No discussion of materials. The material is one of the main cost-influencing factors in deck building and repair business. If your contractor doesn’t mention deck material at all and claims that it doesn’t make a difference, run away from such an “expert.”
  • Importunate advice. Contractors are hired to perform a particular service and not give advice on everything. Try to avoid professionals who insist on performing the rebuilding and repairs in their way. In most cases, you will end up paying more than needed for such a service.
  • Carelessness. Your contractor should make sure you have all the papers ready before they begin the work. Ensure your deck building and repair expert gets required permits from the city authorities before performing any services in your garden.
  • No guarantees. Both repair and building experts must make some guarantees of their work. If your contractor refuses to provide any, this is a sign of unqualified work that should be avoided at all costs.