Deck repair cost guide

Not only is a deck a great place for parties and relaxation. It's also a considerable home value booster when the time comes to find a new owner for it. Just like any part of your home, though, a deck will need all kinds of repairs sooner or later since this space is constantly exposed to the unkind forces of nature. In this case, you'll need to know the tentative prices for the deck repair works.

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Deck repair professionals are trained to deal with all types of deck issues. Those include simple ones like replacing a rotten wood board or fixing a broken rail and ending with the entire structure replacement. While homeowners may easily solve some of the deck problems themselves, if it's something requiring expertise in carpentry, inviting pros is advisable. An incorrectly fixed deck may even present danger to the homeowner and the members of their family. Deck repair specialists have the right tools and experience to ensure the work will be performed in compliance with the accepted safety standards.

Can we help you find the deck repair services?

The price for the services provided depends on a number of factors. Among them is the material of the deck, the time the deck was installed, its square footage and current state, the number of workers needed to complete the project, and even the time when you hire professionals. You will most likely pay a deck repair service provider by the hour. Another common payment structure is based on a custom estimate a contractor prepares after the initial inspection. On average, expect to spend from $730 to $2,520. The biggest price is $5,100, while the lowest is $260.

Price-related questions

What factors affect the overall cost of a deck repair project?


You may have to replace one or several boards on the deck. The deck material can significantly influence the final figure in the bill.

Time the deck was built

While a deck may last a long time when cared for properly, the older it gets, the more repair work it requires. If you find yourself having to repair your deck far too often, you might have to take a hard decision and have it completely overhauled.

Season of the year

Most people prefer using deck repair services at the beginning of spring. Thus, the fees providers charge at this time are the heftiest. An end-of-fall project, by contrast, will cost cheaper because many companies provide their services at reduced prices.

Condition of the deck

The present state of the deck may also determine how much you'll pay. If you have no time to look after the structure regularly, its condition will quickly deteriorate. Thus, more repairs are likely to be required over time.


The square footage of the deck is certainly one of the principal price determiners along with the cost of the material.

What are the most common problems with the deck boards and how much does it cost to fix/replace them?

The most typical issues with deck boards are rot and wobbliness. Both of those require immediate action. When neglected, the surrounding area will be affected and you may end up paying more for having more boards replaced. The principal solution is to tear out a bad board and put a new one in its place. How much it will cost you depends on how big the board is and what kind of wood it's made from. Here are the most popular types of lumber for deck construction along with their advantages, drawbacks, and associated costs (replacement: for a deck 16 feet wide and 20 feet long; purchase price: per square foot).

  • Good choice for anyone interested in the aesthetic value.
  • Simple in maintenance.
  • Good longevity: up to 30 years when looked after well.
  • Very expensive.
  • To purchase: $16-$26
  • To replace: $9,700-$24,100
Can we help you find the deck repair services?
  • Good for areas with harsh weather conditions since this wood generates natural preservative substances even when it's “dead” and thus can last up to 20 years.
  • Emanates a delicious aroma.
  • May quickly lose its visual attractiveness if not cared for properly. That's especially true if little sunlight falls on the deck.
  • To purchase: $6-$16
  • To replace: $6,420-$24,050
  • The longevity king among other types of wood with an average lifespan from 30 years to half a century.
  • Visually appealing, adds a great value to a home.
  • High purchase cost.
  • Requires professional expertise for replacement or installation.
  • To purchase: $45-$85
  • To replace: $12,850-$25,650
Treated lumber
  • Requires little care
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Not so aesthetically attractive as other types of wood
  • Limited in color range
  • Cheap treated lumber may lose its shape when exposed to humidity for a long period before drying.
  • To purchase: $9-$21
  • To replace: $2,570-$16,050

How much may it cost to have deck attachments (screws, nails, and others) replaced?

Replacing screws, nails, and other attachments can be important if they're not made of a corrosion-free material and begin to develop rust. If not removed, they will leave unsightly brownish marks on the deck wood. In addition, screws may have to be added or replaced so that the deck is not wobbly. The overall cost of replacing screws is not big. Normally, a deck repair professional will need 8 screws for one square foot. Taking into account the price of one pound of screws (around $5.1), you will have to pay approximately $0.31 for one square foot of the deck.

What's the cost of having deck rails and stairs fixed?

Handrails become loose and stairs are susceptible to wear over time. Deck repair professionals may charge more for having these elements fixed. That's because they are more labor intensive and need to be coordinated with the general style and color of the deck. Stairs may need new treads, stringers, and risers. Deck railings that are loose may be fixed by tightening lower lag screws or by replacing them. Often, replacing handrails is avoidable. In general, depending on the extent of the job, the cost of fixing the stairs and handrails may amount from $550 to $4,050.

How much does it cost to get rid of mold and mildew on the deck? Can it be a DIY project?

The mold and mildew problem is common for decks, especially in humid places. It's also typical for decks that are not washed and cleaned regularly. You can choose one of the following options to solve the problem:

  • Power wash your deck yourself. You'll need a washer ($45-$80 for one day rent) and chemicals ($15-$35).
  • Hire a pro to wash and stain the deck for you. The exact price is determined by the extent to which the mold has “invaded” the deck, as well as by the size of the deck. On average, be prepared to pay between $260 and $460.

How much can I expect to pay for other repairs?

  • Replacing a beam/girder: $60.00 - $70.00 for one linear foot
  • Replacing a ledger: $85.00 – $95.00 for one linear lineal foot
  • Advanced sanding/staining: $4.50 – $6.00 for one square foot
  • Replacing one joist: $170.00 – $190.00
  • Sealing: $1.00 to $8.00 for one square foot

Information to check


If you need to replace one or two boards, you can do it without asking anyone for permission. However, if it's something more substantial like making a concrete footing for the deck or replacing multiple joists, you should contact the local building department and find out if you have to obtain a permit for this kind of work. How much you will pay depends on the local regulations.


As usual, before hiring a particular deck repair company or handyman, make sure they're experienced in this service. That can be confirmed by references from their happy customers. Read online reviews, check if there are any complaints. Insurance is also a must in this kind of business since injuries and accidents are quite common.

Other frequently asked questions

I suspect my deck is being attacked by termites. How much does it cost to have a pest control professional take a look, prepare a report, and suggest appropriate anti-termite measures?

It's important to remove any threat from pests like termites before starting the project, especially a big one. Otherwise, you may end up throwing your money to the winds. A pest control pro normally charges between $70 and $110 for a written assessment of the situation with termites.

What are the most effective ways to bring down the overall cost of a deck repair project?

  • Find a good handyman instead of a contractor. Note, however, that this professional must be really experienced and have favorable reviews from previous customers.
  • Order the service in the off-season. Hiring a deck repair professional late in fall rather than early in March will most likely cost you less.
  • Purchase and deliver the required materials on your own. For example, some providers take a lumber delivery fee of around $55.

Bottom line

It's important to keep a deck properly maintained and immediately fix any problems with it you might notice. Some deck repair projects can be extensive and thus require professional help. On average, expect to pay from $730 to $2,520 for having a contractor repair your deck.

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