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Questions and Answers

Q: What do DJs do?

A: Professional DJs plays music from a predefined playlist at various events such as weddings or parties. The range of services s/he provides, though, is not restricted to playing music. Depending on what clients want, a DJ can also organize games and competitions, take requests for playing particular songs, host a party or wedding, and even mix songs during the event.

It's a common practice to hire a DJ along with an MC for weddings, or other grand events. That way, music can be played non-stop while guests are being entertained.

Q: How do DJs charge?

A: Most commonly, DJs charge a flat rate for a set that lasts 3-4 hours and a per-hour rate for any time above that.

Q: What is the average cost of the DJ services?

A: Whatever occasion you require a DJ for, expect to pay around $1,200 for a set 3-4 hours in duration. Extra services or better equipment and performance may significantly raise that price. Don't be tempted by a too low fee, however, as the quality of the service may turn out to be inferior and your party or wedding will be spoiled. For more information, read our DJ cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the DJ services?

  • Equipment: a professional DJ doesn't always bring their own equipment to the venue. For instance, it's customary for resident DJs to work on equipment provided by the client. At the same time, a private DJ may have all the necessary tools on hand such as sound and light equipment, a smoke machine, or a set for DJ scratching. This issue should be discussed with a DJ in advance.
  • Working hours: most commonly, DJs are hired to work for 3 or 4 hours. If you need a DJ to stay longer, expect to pay as much as twice the standard per-hour fee. Talk to the professional about it before the beginning of the event to dot the i's.
  • Travel distance: a DJ will refuse to travel a long way to the gig if you don’t pay him/her for that. So, the less inconvenient it is for a DJ to get to the event, the higher will be the price.
  • Renommee and experience: the more experienced and renowned the DJ is, the more they charge.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam DJ?

  • Price: there is no good DJ who doesn’t ask for a reasonable payment for the good work. Sure, amateur DJ will take less than a professional one but be careful if you see the price of $200 even for an amateur’s working hour.
  • Communication: if you cannot get ahold of your DJ or have to rearrange the meeting with him/her several times, that is another red flag. A reliable and trustworthy DJ won’t steer clear of you, especially if there is not much time before the event takes place.
  • Online presence: as in any other business, DJs need some platforms to promote their services. Check all the websites such as Youtube or Patreon, where you can find your DJ, watch videos if there are any, see pictures. Advertising means everything today. No online presence might be another disturbing sign for you.
  • Reviews and feedback: any reputable DJ collect reviews and feedback from former customers. Visit his/her website or page to learn what people think about your DJ, about his strong and weak points, and how easy s/he gets along with people.
  • Equipment use: while watching the videos and running over the pictures, have a closer look at how the equipment is used and the way it’s treated. Like in any other profession in DJing, there are things you cannot go without such as fog machines or LED lighting let alone laptops, cross faders, and microphones. A hands-on DJ knows how to make use of them, a scammer doesn’t.