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Questions and Answers

Q: What do event photographer services include?

A: Event photographers work at all kinds of events to ensure that you get perfect photos to recollect the special moments. Most often event photographers are working at large corporate meetings, conferences, workshops, sports competitions, special celebrations, weddings, come-together events, etc. Event photographers are used to working with large groups of people and they ensure that each and every gets into the lens and so in the pictures.

Besides the basic coverage of your special day, event photographers also edit a fixed number of images, sometimes can provide some photo booths and funny stations with props to get people more interested in the pictures. Though rarely, event photographers may offer the event videography service. It is always considered as an additional service with a separate bill and an assistant in place.

Q: How do event photographers charge?

A: Event photographers usually charge per hour of their work. Most often, they are hired for up to four hours to catch the most important moments and deliver a report on the event. However, be ready that photographers may require additional charges for extra edited photos, videography service, additional photographer or an assistant, albums or online gallery creation, etc.

In case you need a photographer to work at your event the whole day and even more, you might face per day charge. Besides the charge, you will also need to cover food and transportation expenses as well as accommodation if applicable. Keep in mind that usually a day of work is calculated out of 8-9 hours of work including breaks.

Q: What is the average cost of the event photographer services?

A: Americans report spending between $320 and $700 for the services of the event photographers at mid-sized events. Large events tend to cost about $850 in total. You can find more information about the numbers and charges of the industry in our event photographer cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the event photographer services?

A: There are numerous factors which may affect the final cost of an event photographer: from your offer and scope of the event to the personal attitude of an expert. Most often, you can meet price variations because of these factors:

  • Event type. The larger the event the higher will be the charge. Weddings, birthdays, and some personal celebrations tend to cost more than official meetings and conferences. However, sports events usually have the most expensive charges.
  • Number of people. Some photographers have a limit to the number of people they shoot at a particular event type. For example, at a conference, most photographers don’t have a people limit, while for personal events it may equal 70-100 people. If your guest limit exceeds the photographer’s requirements, you are likely to be in need of an additional photographer.
  • Assistance. Most photographers need an assistant or two to cover large-scope events. If your photographer is one of them, then be ready to pay about 30% more for this service.
  • Photographer’s needs. Travel expenses, accommodation, and food will be charged additionally if you’re hiring a photographer for more than four hours of shooting.
  • Additional services. More edited images, photo galleries, development of an album, videography, props rentals, and many more ideas that a photographer may have for your event will all be charged extra.

Q: How to choose the right event photographer?

A: There is no rocket science in choosing and hiring the right event photographer. Here are the most important points to pay attention to.

  • Field of expertise. A wedding photographer won’t be the best match for a sports event; at least because he or she won’t have the right equipment. Always hire an event photographer who works with the kind of events like yours.
  • Style. Every photographer has a particular style of shooting and angling a picture as well as editing it. Make sure that you choose an expert whose work you like. Don’t rely blindly on references if you are not completely satisfied with the work.
  • Location. Try to look for a local photographer. It gives more guarantees that the expert has already worked at your venue and knows how to work there. Moreover, it also simplifies communication and minimizes travel expenses.
  • Cost. Even though you shouldn’t solemnly rely on the numbers, still try to work with a photographer whom you can afford and whose charges lie in the average price range. This is the only way to ensure that you’re not overpaying for the service.