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Any kind of event is a special moment that deserves to be captured. Event photographers work at birthday parties, family gatherings, corporate events, and weddings to provide people with memorable images so that everyone has a small picture for recollection of the exceptional hour. These professionals know how to portray the guests in their best shape and highlight only the advantageous sides of you. They work with large groups of hundreds of people as well as at intimate events of 10 and fewer guests. Event photography cost varies depending on the kind of event and a couple of other factors.

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Event photographers cover a wide variety of events from intimate family reunions to enormous weddings and sports competitions. They offer taking pictures of all valuable minutes together with post-retouching and professional selection of the best photos. The average event photographer cost is $320-$700. However, the price can go significantly higher (up to even $1,500) if you need additional services to be included.

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Types of events and costs

While generally, the type of event doesn’t matter much in terms of services cost, there are average costs that are usual for the industry. Here are the most common events and the types of services photographers offer for an average price.


Large events like weddings cost between $340 and $850 per hour. These events have a particular theme and style so require a very narrow-oriented photographer for coverage. As a rule, after such events, you will receive one photographer for about 6-8 hours of shooting, about 400-600 images (all of which will be slightly edited), and an online gallery. Read more about wedding photographer cost regulations and peculiarities in our cost guide.

Family reunions and kids parties

These events generally fall under the category of small gatherings, so their cost lies in the $300-$450 price line. Small events are considered for parties under 50 people, such as family anniversaries, birthdays, small networking groups. The average package for small parties includes about 2 hours of coverage, usually around 100-300 photos, and an online gallery with all the images.

Corporate meetings

Most corporate meetings are categorized as middle-sized events of 50-150 (in rare cases up to 200) guests. Apart from corporate meetings, event photographers also add on sorority and fraternity events, or small conventions to this group of events. The cost of these events usually lies between $370 and $590. The coverage here is 2-4 hours with about 200-500 photos from the event available in an online gallery.

Sports events

Large events that begin at 450 guests cost from $800 and up. Length and size of such events don’t influence event photographer cost. Such packages are advised for events with multiple locations, long hours, multiple photographers needed or any specific services demanded. Generally, such photographers cover about 6 hours of the event, they offer all raw images in an online gallery, however, a limited number (about 50) of edited images.

Cost-related questions

How do event photographers charge?

Even photographers charge in three possible ways: hourly rates, daily rates, and package rates.

  • Hourly rates
    Hourly rates equal $50-$270/hour. Hourly rates are advised for smaller events that need a couple of hours coverage with particular requirements to the session.
  • Daily rates
    Daily rates can signify 6-8 hours of work on set. The cost varies from $500/half a day to $3,000/day. Daily rates are usually best for large events such as weddings and conferences.
  • Package rates
    Most common packaged offers and their costs have already been described above. Packages are advised for events that require photo coverage only without any additional services which means that you need a photographer only to take photos and don't plan to purchase prints or albums because customization of packages usually becomes more expensive than a daily/hourly rate with extra costs.

What factors may change the cost?

There are particular factors that can significantly increase the event photographer cost. Make sure that you discuss any additional services before signing the contract because their addition in place will cost even more than the average prices described below.

  • Number of photographers: every additional photographer will cost $75-$150/hour on top of the initial cost
  • Hourly minimum: some event photographers have an hourly minimum if you choose per-hour rates. As a rule, this is a two-hour minimum limit.
  • Locations: multiple locations may cost additionally but the cost difference will vary a lot. However, this charge is not applicable to the daily rates.
  • Reputation: reputation frequently equals experience in the world of event photography. This means that the more reputable/experienced the photographer is, the higher the charges will be.
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What additional charges may be applied?

  • Travel costs
    Travel costs in most cases will be covered by the client. If the travel requires a flight, then you will have to pay for the tickets and moving costs for the event. In case a photographer needs to travel around the city or state, then he or she may require a $1/mile charge, hourly charge (differs a lot), or a base travel fee of about $45 (for up to 20 miles).
  • Deposit
    Most event photographers require 35%-50% deposit to be paid two months prior to the event.
  • Hard copy prints
    Rarely do event photographers include the cost of hard copy prints into their package deals and never will you find them included into hourly or daily rates. The cost of small (4x6) prints is about $5.50-$10/print and the higher-end price is $45-$70/print for a large one (16x20).
  • Disk/USB drive with all photos
    Disks slowly fall into oblivion and most photographers offer electronic USB-drive copies of all images for $120.
  • Extra time
    If you have chosen hourly or package-deal rates, then you might get out of your time frame. In this case, every additional hour of an event photographer’s work will cost $70-$125/hour.

Are there any discounts applied?

Many event photographers offer discount proposals to non-profit organization and charities.

Other frequently asked questions

Who owns the copyright for photos?

Copyright remains in the photographer’s hands because he or she is the author of the work. However, they grant the right of using their work for private purposes to their clients. This means that you get all the photos and are free to use them in almost every way you want, except for selling them. In any case, make sure to discuss the details with your photographer before signing the contract.

Can company logo be put on the images?

Yes, after a corporate event you can send a logo of your company or business meeting to the photographer so that they put it on the photos. Usually, photographers don’t deny making such amends.

Can I hire a photographer and a videographer as one person?

Theoretically yes, you can. In reality, having 2 in 1 is never a good idea. One person is unable to make perfect shots and at the same time follow the video and angles of the camera. If you need a videographer for your event, be ready to pay about $600-$1,000 for such a service.

Do I need to tip my event photographer?

Tips are expected in the event photography business. You either leave about 10%-15% of the total services cost or just a “flat rate” of $50-$200.

Bottom line

Event photographers provide photo coverage of birthdays, weddings, corporate gatherings, family reunions, and any other types of event. The cost of such services varies from $320 to $700 and may increase if you need to have an additional photographer, printed photos, or extra time outside of the planned time frame.

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