Kids party rentals cost guide

Kids parties are always full of fun, laugh, and interaction. While it’s always a pleasure to look at playing kids, it’s usually hard to invent various games to keep the kids busy for a long time during the whole backyard party. Frequently parents go professional with kids party entertainers to keep their children busy but there are easier ways to entertain kids, for instance, bounce houses, slides, and DIY cotton candy stations. Today all these items can be rented from kids party rentals for a fair price.

Here you will learn about:

Kids party rentals are services that let out all possible items for children’s parties. The most common options are bouncing houses and slides, yet a great variety of food machines and games can be found there as well. There is no fixed or average kids party rentals cost due to the differences among the rented items. Here is a table with tentative prices for the most frequently booked items.

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Item group Min Average Max
Waterslide $350 $480-$695 $1,045
Dry slide $250 $395-$460 $560
Bouncy castle $100 $180-$380 $470
Toddler interactive units $170 $230-$380 $450
Obstacle course $275 $450-$690 $950
Inflatable games $65 $100-$120 $150
Giant board games $60 $80-$95 $105
Interactive photo booth $300 $320-$390 $480
Cotton candy machine $75 $130-$170 $220
Popcorn machine $75 $130-$170 $220
Snow cone machine $75 $130-$170 $220
Hot dog machine $65 $75-$90 $120

Cost-related questions

Can I rent active games?

While it’s less common than slides or bouncy houses, many kids party rentals also offer active games rents. These can be both inflatable and just carton options. Here are the common prices for the most popular games:

  • Kan Jam $20.00
  • Giant Jenga $25.00
  • Baseball Pitch $30.00
  • Football Toss $30.00
  • Polish Horseshoes $30.00
  • Driving Range $35.00
  • Tailgate Toss (Cornhole) $35.00
  • Clown Bean Bag Toss $40.00
  • Giant Connect Four $40.00
  • Fat Cats – Tip the Cat $65.00
  • Ring Toss $65.00
  • Break a Plate $85.00
Can we help you find kids party rentals?

Can I rent board games?

Most large companies don’t offer board games rentals, however, you can look for specific board game rentals. Those teams have hundreds of games for all ages and of all complexity levels. The cost of board games rentals is about $20-$40 per game, but most rental services offer discounts that begin with three games rental orders.

Does the price include setup and delivery?

Yes. The price you see in the table above and that stated in the price lists of kids party rentals includes setup and delivery costs. The time you will find on a rental services website is strictly the time of actual item use; the setup and delivery time is free of charge and depends on the company.

Delivery, in most cases, is provided by the rentals team that also sets up the inflatable objects. They will ensure that all safety requirements are met at a place. However, board games or food service machines don’t require setting up crew and can be picked up by you on request.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. All kids party rentals require a deposit to be paid on booking. Usually, it’s between 20% and 35% of the total rental cost. In this industry, the deposit will not be returned to you even in case of order cancellation (provided that you do it less than two weeks prior to the event). Most companies, however, agree to return the deposit at least partially if you cancel or transfer the booking to a later date earlier than two weeks before the event.

What other perks can I book?

Some kids party rentals offer a variety of additional rentals, such as bubble machines ($90) or fog machines ($90) that can come in handy for themed kids parties.

Besides the items for games and food, you can also rent a tent against the sun or to protect the party from the rain. The cost of a tent depends on its size, walls, and pole. The price starts from $80 to $470 and up.

Information to learn before getting rentals


Companies that operate with inflatable objects, especially those rented for kids use, require a license from the Technical Standards and Authority (TSSA). This license is essential for the units that are inflated with the help of special equipment (such as a pump) that runs on oil or gas. Before you hire any kids party rentals item, ensure that the company can provide the license number because it guarantees safety and good condition of the unit.


Liability insurance is not essential but always signifies of a good reputation and reliability of a renter. This will guarantee that if something happens to the rented equipment, you won’t be responsible for reimbursing the damaged item.

Safety requirements

Safety requirements are the most essential part of your check. ALWAYS make sure that you ask about the safety conditions of particular units. For example, some inflatable slides and bouncy houses require the minimal height of a child to be 34"-36". Inquire information about every particular unit you rent because these standards differ heavily from item to item.

You should also ask the company about the setting requirements to ensure that your yard or location has enough space for setting up a particular unit or machine. Some units require lots of open space without trees due to the fire safety regulations. You may also need a socket and a long cord for the air pump or ensure that you put the isolated pump in the place not accessible for kids. Discuss these essential technical details before you pay the deposit so that you don't lose money due to the impossibility of unit's installation.

Don't also forget to ask about the fire extinguisher and whether the company provides it for emergencies.

Other frequently asked questions

How long do I get the equipment?

The standard duration of rental services is 4-6 hours plus the setting up and disassembling time. Most kids party rentals offer prolongation of the renting for as long as you need. Generally, the rental time is only approximate and can be negotiated upon. Some services will offer their items for rent for a longer period without any additional charges, while others may ask for additional 5-10% fee.

Do I have to clean anything prior to returning?

In terms of inflatable objects, you only need to remove your items from the inside to let the company’s crew deflate the object on pick-up. For food machines, most services ask to remove the leftovers. Yet, no actual cleaning is generally required.

Do I need to supervise any rented item?

Yes, adult supervision is a must for any unit and item you rent for kids. Food machines require an adult handling at all times because the surfaces get hot, and the machines can bring severe damage to kids. Slides, bouncy houses, inflatable and board games require adult supervision as well, especially if you’re ordering the items for children under 5-6 years of age.

Bottom line

Kids party rentals cost may vary depending on the items you plan to rent. The lowest price is for board games and it begins from $20 while the higher end costs are related to inflatable slides and bouncy house rentals; they equal $230-$460 per unit.

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