Party rentals cost guide

Parties are always a great way to communicate and relax. However, not always is it possible to organize a great event due to the lack of items required. In such cases, party rentals services come in very handy. Whatever your party needs, from flatware and napkins to popcorn machines and chocolate fountains – all these items are available at their arsenal.

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Party rentals are services that offer all kinds of party equipment for rent. Generally, the service provides the rentals for 24 hours only with some additional time for pick-ups and returns. The rental time can be extended for an additional fee (usually additional time is counted by the half-day periods). Depending on the item you need, you will find a different cost for party rentals. Here is a list of the most common items for rent (should you not find the desired item on the list, please, ask about it in the comments so we can provide you with the numbers):

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Item group Min Average Max
 Chairs $.90 $3-$7.5 $45
Tables $5 $8-$13 $125
Table accessories $1.5 $5-$7 $10
China $.65 $3-$5 $10
Linen $.60 $12-$20 $70
Flatware $.45 $.55-$.75 $2
Beverage service $5 $13-$20 $80
Glassware $.5 $.53-$.60 $2
Umbrellas $17 $20-$35 $50
Chocolate fountain $150 $200-$380 $500
Popcorn machine $55 $120-$270 $430
Tent $100 $350-$800 $1,500

Cost-related questions

What is required to book an order?

To confirm an order, you need to provide your contact information (address, phone, email and/or fax), valid credit card information and a non-refundable deposit. The deposit usually equals 40%-50% of your order total and is applied towards your final balance. Most party rentals accept all types of payments from cards to email transfers.

Is a deposit required?

Upon reserving, you are likely to pay a 40%-50% deposit and asked to add a credit card to your order. The sum of deposit, however, may vary depending on the items you request: for larger pieces of equipment like a tent or a popcorn machine you can be asked for an additional fee.

What are the main factors influencing the rental cost?

The cost of party rentals is generally the amount the companies operating within a particular city or state. Yet, you may discover that the cost varies significantly. Here are the factors that change it:

  • The number of items rented (the more items you rent, the more you pay; however, many companies offer discounts for large orders).
  • Specificity of items rented (for example, regular flatware costs about $.55/item, while silver flatware or some victorian forks may cost as much as $2.5/item).
  • The time of the rental (though party rentals don’t change their prices based on season, on big holidays like Christmas or Independence Day, you may face higher prices).
  • The time of booking (urgent rentals, especially large ones, may be charged extra if the service has to look for the items you need on a tight schedule).
  • Availability of an item rental (sometimes, companies don’t have all items on your list for rent; in such cases, they either inform that particular pieces can’t be delivered, or they will look for these items elsewhere and then charge you extra for that).
    Can we help you find the party rentals services?

Important information about party rentals


To make a reservation you will need to provide your contact information, a valid card number, and a non-refundable deposit (40%-50%) as well as a signature on the rental contract.


Final rental payment should be generally made two weeks before the event. Yet, your account will remain open until two weeks after the event should any of the items get missing, damaged or broken.

Changes and cancellation

Should you need to make any changes to your rental itinerary, do it two weeks prior the event. And don’t expect that any additional requirements of yours will be fulfilled because it depends on the availability of those items.

Generally, you will get about 70% refund for a cancellation if it’s made more than two weeks before the event. If you cancel all your reservation less than two weeks prior to the event, most companies will refund only a half of your rental cost. Some party rentals also have a quantity limit for cancellation and your reimbursement will depend on whether you cancel more or less than 20% of the total order for a particular item.


Tents, large tables, portable floors, special accessories, and anything else bulky will be set up by the rentals team. In this way, you avoid an extra headache and eliminate the possibility of damaging these items.


Generally, you will have 24 hours to return the rentals. Should anyone different from the person who signed the contract return everything, ensure that you notify your rental company in advance. Don’t also put anything in plastic bags to avoid mildew.

Missing/damaged items

Most rental services give their clients about 48-72 hours to look for the missing items and fixing the damaged ones. If you don’t find anything within this time limit, you will have to cover the cost of each damaged/missing item.

Some companies offer a damage waiver that protects you from paying for anything damaged on return. The waiver usually equals 5%-10% of your total rental cost. Keep in mind that missing items are not covered by the damage waiver.

Unused equipment

If you booked something and didn’t use it at your event, you still pay the regular cost for the item.

Later return

Always inform your rental company if you can’t deliver the rentals on time. Some companies give half more day to return everything for free, others will charge a half-day rental price. In case items in your possession are required for any other client, the company may arrange to pick them up from you.

Other frequently asked questions

Are there minimum quantities and packaged deals for rentals?

It’s a rare case that rental services offer packaged rental deals. However, some teams rent glasses only in sets to protect them from breakage. So if you need only 13 glasses, you might have to pay for the set of 16. The minimum quantity rule usually applies to small items, such as flatware, glassware, and table accessories; everything else can be booked individually.

When do I need to have my final numbers by?

No less than two days prior to the event should you make your final count. Later requests are significantly less likely to be fulfilled.

How far in advance should I book my rentals?

The sooner the better. For small rentals, a week or two is enough. Yet, if you have a wedding or a big event with a large people count, then consider making all arrangements three to six months in advance of the event date.

Do I need to clean the rentals before returning them?

You need to rinse food leftovers and debris from the china, glassware, and flatware. And that’s all you should do in terms of cleaning. Never apply any chemicals to the rented products because you risk damaging them. All rental services perform thorough professional cleaning of all rented items after every event.

Bottom line

Party rentals services can save your day by offering anything for a perfect party at a fair price. Though there is no average price for rentals in general, you can always request an estimate for your rental needs from a company. Ensure that you book your items at least a couple of weeks prior to the event to get the ordered items.

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