Hair stylist cost guide

Hair is one of the natural beauty elements people have. Whether they are long or short, blond or black, natural or colored, they are still one of the most important elements of our visual beauty. If treated properly, hair can help you look marvelous. But if neglect them, you will eventually find it hard to bring their natural beauty back. With the expert help of a hair stylist, you can maintain your hair properly and look stunning at all times.

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Hair stylists offer professional styling services for both individuals and groups. They work to make people look beautiful at bachelorette and bridal parties, for instance. Besides official events, hair stylists can also create simple looking appealing hairstyles for every day. They also can perform hair-coloring and hair-cutting services. Hair coloring includes color enhancement, grey hair covering, and the creation of unique hair dye. Hair extensions and even wigs can sometimes be included in the hair styling services.

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Average hair stylist cost

The average hair stylist cost is $95/hour. Yet the price range can begin from as low as $40/hour in smaller local salons and end at $160/hour in top-notch exquisite places. Depending on a number of cost factors, the price can get lower and higher than the range stated.

Cost-related questions

How do hair stylists charge?

There are two basic charging scenarios one can face: per hour charges and per work (per hairstyle) charges. Per hour rates are more common for large scale projects, such as bridal parties where a hair stylist works with several clients at a time, and generally when several people are involved in service. Per hairstyle rates are usual for salons and private hair styling services when a simple hairstyle, hair cutting or hair coloring is involved.

What is the average cost of updos?

Updos are generally charged on the per hairstyle rate since they require a set of more or less standard services, such as the application of bobby pins, hair spray, and even extensions. The average cost for updos varies heavily depending on your location, yet you can expect it to fall into the frame of $120-$160 in total. The higher end price corresponds to the hairstyles requiring intricate braiding, hair extensions, and for extra thick or extra long hair.

How much do blowouts cost?

Blowout hairstyles frequently involve shampooing and conditioning prior to the hairstyle creation. Besides that, blowouts also frequently include the use of hair extensions. On average, a blowout costs about $80 yet the simplest waves can be created for about $60 while add-ons like hair extensions and braids can increase the price for $10-$30.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions can be made out of natural as well as artificial hair. The former will cost significantly more than the latter. Besides that the type of attachment to your hair (woven-in vs clipped in) also changes the final cost. Hair extensions are frequently used in all kinds of hairstyles today so you should be ready for their additional cost. If you would like to save, you can always buy the extensions yourself instead of leaving this for your hair stylist. On average, application of a single extension clip costs $20 while a full head service will be around $180. Please note that this is the cost of extensions application only; if you consider hair extensions, then include the price of the material additionally.

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How much do basic haircuts and colorization cost?

Haircuts cost vary tremendously! It depends on your location (big city vs small town), hair stylist’s experience and reputation, the popularity of this particular stylist and salon, etc. Besides that, your hair length and haircut complexity also influence the cost. You can expect to pay anywhere between $35 and $150 in total. Hair coloring also heavily depends on the dye a hair stylist uses and your hair length. Be ready to pay from $65 for roots dyeing to $200 and more for the complete re-colorization.

Are bridal hairstyles charged differently than usual hair services?

Bridal and general event hairstyles tend to cost a little more than usual updos and blowouts due to the formality of the event. However, if a hair stylist will be taking care not only of the bride but also of the bridal party, be ready that you will be paying per-hour charges. To learn more about the wedding hair stylist pricing, please check out wedding hair and makeup services cost guide.

Is there any discount applicable?

As mentioned above, hair stylists do have group discounts. If working at one location with multiple hairstyles, professionals tend to lower their average price packages. You can expect to receive about 10% discount for three or more clients at the same location. Some hair stylists will not ask for a travel fee if the number of clients is more than three as well.

What are the hair stylist cost-factors?

Summing up all the factors described or mentioned above, here are the most common elements of hairstyling that can increase your total hairstyle price:

  • Hair stylist experience
  • Location (city charges are higher than town costs)
  • Salon vs private hair stylist
  • Hair length
  • Hair thickness
  • Hair condition
  • Extensions required
  • Additional materials required for a hairstyle
  • Quality of hair cosmetics
  • Travel fees

How to find your hair stylist

  • Ask around
  • Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in the search for a reliable and professional hair stylist. Ask friends and colleagues and never neglect the internet: read forums and local directories to check reviews of a particular professional.

  • Visit their working place
  • Just check how it feels and looks like from the inside. Visit the salon and see the conditions and the tools a particular hair stylist is using.

  • Know the products
  • Make sure that you ask about the hair cosmetics that will be applied on your own hair. If it is something from the mass-market, then it is highly advised not to deal with this hair stylist.

  • Sign up for a blowout

It is tough to ruin someone’s hair while creating a simple blowout. This is a perfect way to verify a potential hair stylist’s professionality and see them to work in action.

Other frequently asked questions

Do I need to tip my hair stylist?

You don’t have to tip your hair stylist but generally in middle-sized and large-scale salons tipping is more than expected. Remember that in most salons the tips are divided equally among all workers. For a perfect service, leave about 20% to your hair stylist. However, lower tips will also be met with a cheer. If you are not sure how much to give, you can always leave $3-$5 to the hair washer as a gratitude.

Are there any deposit charges?

Sometimes big salons require deposits to be made just to secure your booking. However, this is not a kind of practice used everywhere. So don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave a deposit, yet be ready if you’re don’t.

Bottom line

Hair stylists are professionals in everything related to your hair: from the basic cutting to the intricate hairstyles and colorization. The average hair stylist cost varies from $40/hour to $160/hour and heavily depends on your location and hair stylist’s experience. On average, people pay about $95/hour for qualified hair stylist services.

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