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J.M.H. Contracting LLC, is a multi discipline company specializing in commercial and residential construction, emergency services, water restoration. Drywall, painting,flooring of any kinds. While installing you will receive 110% effort for the whole day by The whole team. If for any reason you are dissatisfied… View more

 3694 Joycin Ct, Ellicott City, MD 21042
Fence Repair

Hauling, Moving, Demolition, Evictions, Tree & Brush removal and trimmed, Shed Removal, Fences removed and repaired, handyman work, yard work, just about anything you can think of. Kitchens demoed, cleanouts, garages, basements, attics, storage units, Carpet removal, gutters cleaned. Give us a call. Professional, courteous, friendly and helpful. View more

 30 Portship Rd, Dundalk, MD 21222
Fence Repair

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WE MOUNT TVS, INSTALL LIGHT FIXTURES, RECESS LIGHTS, ETC. IKEA Furniture and More Assembly Expert professional assembly by qualified assembler and installer Furniture products, business furniture, office cubicles, fitness equipment, childrens play equipment, storage solutions and all other "Ready To Assemble " merchandise. View more

 P.o. box 2678 Woodbridge, va 22195
Fence Repair

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I offer a free estimate to do any of the following Home Improvements: Painting Drywall Roof Replacement/Repair Carpentry Basement finishing/ adding rooms Tile work Bathroom remodel Window replacemement Gutter work cleaning/repair Concrete work Hardwood Floor/Railing refinishing Deck refinishing or replacement… View more

 6655 Middleburg Road, Keymar, MD
Fence Repair

Questions and Answers

Q: What do fence repair services include?

A: Fence repair experts can bring your garden fence back to life. These professionals deal with rotten fences and missing sections on a daily basis. Most often, homeowners report having problems with leaning fencing structures, fallen and rotten sections, missing boards, cracked and hole-ridden boards, as well as various gate-related problems. Such problems rarely occur isolated on a fence, so if you spotted only one issue, be ready that an expert will spot a couple more.

Fence repair companies will usually send one expert to your home for the initial examination of your fence and creation of a project estimate. Only after you agree to cooperate with a particular service, you will sign an agreement and the repair works will begin.

Q: How do fence repair companies charge?

A: Most often numbers in fence repair contractor’s price list include both labor and materials required for the repairs. However, this applies to the minor projects like the rotten section or squeaking gates. Fences that are subject to more extensive damages usually require massive replacements and so a lot of replacement material; in such cases, contractors will likely to name the price of labor and instruments required while adding the cost of materials on top of the initial price.

Q: What is the average cost of the fence repair services?

A: Most homeowners spend between $260 and $710 on fence repair projects. Minor fixes will cost you only about $50 while some major replacements may raise the bar up to $1,500 in total. You can learn more about fence repair pricing in our fence repair cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the fence repair services?

A: Every broken or leaning fence is different in terms of materials, the extent of the problem, and assistance required for fixing it. Here are the cost-affecting factors to keep in mind:

  • Type of repair. Minor cracks and holes which an expert can fix in less than 20 minutes will cost you less than $30. Rotten and leaning fences require much more attention and replacement materials, so naturally, such repairs will cost significantly more.
  • Material. Natural stone and brick cost more than wood or vinyl, so the repair cost differs respectively.
  • Fence kind and height. Standard fences are easy to fix because of standard boards and parts used for such a project. In case you have some customized board size, or your brick was specifically delivered for your project, then expect to pay much more for even the simplest fixes. The same rule works for the fence height. If your fence is of non-standard height, you are likely to require unique fixing materials and in some bigger amounts.
  • Gate repairs. Gates, especially the big ones, are complex mechanisms which may require professional assistance of gate repair experts. Not all fence repair contractors are able to fix gate opening mechanisms and correctly replace the springs; if you found this kind of problem, then you might have to pay an extra fee for hiring a gates repair company.
  • Repairs and replacement. When you hire a contractor for repairs, they will perform repairs in most cases. However, sometimes it is more cost-effective to replace the completely damaged part of a fence instead of repairing each section. Consult your contractor about such a possibility to save both time and money on fence repairing project.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam fence repair company?

A: Here are top five scam schemes of unreliable fence contractors:

  • Faulty calculations. Sometimes scam fencing workers name you an acceptable cost per project without giving the details of how it was summed up. You agree to the quote but in the end, pay twice more than expected. This happens because the price is based on your fence height and length. Initially scam contractors miscalculate your fence size while putting the correct (bigger) size on the final bill. As a result, you pay much more. To avoid such cases, just carefully measure your fence before the works begin.
  • Full upfront payment. Throughout the contracting industry, scam “experts” require full coverage of the works up front. Never ever get caught on such a scam! You might need to pay some deposit, but no larger than 30% of the total sum.
  • Materials cost changed. Your contractor requires more money with the reasoning that the costs of the materials went up unexpectedly. All contractors work with the same suppliers for a long time and know about the price changes far in advance. Your contractor cannot refuse to finish the project under such causing.