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Fences in modern homes are used not only for protection reasons but also to give our home a great curb appeal and let it fit in the neighborhood. They help families feel safe in the property and keep the strangers out. With the proper maintenance and care fences can serve for ages, but with a simple negligence, fence repair services can sometimes be the only solution. There are many warning signs that alert to the necessity of fence repair and that can help avoid the anticipating costs.

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Fence repair is a service offered by many experts from general contractors to specialized fence repairmen who help restore the integrity and the curb appeal of a fence. Fence repair works most often include solving of rotting issues as well as missing sections, or even the repair of a fence gate. The price of such services depends on a number of different factors but the fence repair cost usually varies between $260 and $710 and may go higher if the scope of repairs is bigger than expected.

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Types of fence damages and their repair

Fence repair involves any fixing of the existing fence structure from hole filling to partial replacement of elements.

Rotten fence

Most often rotting occurs in wooden fences when fungi begin the process of natural decomposition in wood. This is one of the most common issues for fences. As a rule, it requires chemical treatment of the wood, filling or patching of holes, and then final staining and painting of the fence to avoid further rotting. The average cost of rotten fence repair is $150-$500. In severely neglected cases complete replacement may be required.

Leaning fence posts

Fence posts tend to lean from their initial position over the time; many also sustain regular damage from collisions (with bikes, cars, etc.) Most often fence posts are not repaired but replaced; this service costs about $130-$400.

Fallen sections

Fallen fence sections look unsightly and destroy the whole curb appeal of your home. Furthermore, they potentially damage the support posts and breach your home security. You might sometimes need to simply rehang the existing sections while more complex repairs will cost you $140-$400.

Cracks and holes

Holes may lead to the complete destruction of the fence, so in-time patching is essential to avoid more complex repair. Depending on the scope and complexity of your fence cracks and holes the cost varies between $10-$370.

Missing boards

Missing fence boards pose serious security issues. The average cost of adding a new board varies greatly between $110-$330 and depends on the type of material, size of the replacement pieces, and the number of missing pieces.

Gate repair

Technically, gates are a part of a fence so fence repair experts deal with them as well. The repair, in this case, may vary from the replacement of damaged hinges to the installation of a completely new gate. Basic gate repair would cost you $115- $340.

Cost-related questions

What factors influence the fence repair cost the most?

  • Labor. The amount of work in terms of people involved and the hours required for fixing, as well as the complexity of the work influence the cost. The average costs of labor for different types of fence repair can be found above.
  • Material. The fence material differs in the complexity of installation and replacement, not even mentioning the initial raw material cost. The more expensive the material is, the heftier will be the price of the repair.
  • Length and extent of the damage. Sometimes the repair requires more effort than replacement of the complete panel. The cost depends on how far the damage extends down the fence and the number of panels required for fixing.
  • Height. Taller fences usually cost more simply because more material is required for the repair. Yet, in case your fence is of non-standard height, then be ready to pay extra for the repair in terms of labor. If you have a standard fence height of 6 ft, then the average cost of a linear foot is $5-$19.

How much does fence of different materials cost?

There are four main material types used for fence manufacture, namely metal/chain, wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Here are the tentative prices for repairs and labor depending on the material:

Fence material type Average fence cost per linear foot Labor cost per linear foot
Metal/chain $7 $14-$19
Wood $12 $7-$15
Vinyl $17 $5-$8
Aluminum $26 $10-$18
Can we help you find the fence repair services?

And below you can find the cost of massive repairs for fences of different materials:

Metal/chain: $1,100 - $2,300

In case of massive destructions, metal fences are the easiest in installation and replacement as well as further maintenance. Chain-link fences are great in terms of everything except for the curb appeal of your home.

Wood: $1,500 - $3,500

Wooden planks for fences have a huge line of possible options; wood fences vary in terms of wood type, shape, size, color, and finishing method. However, exactly wood fences offer the best visual appeal among all fence materials.

Vinyl: $2,000 - $5,000

Vinyl is a relatively cheap and sturdy material that comes in the widest line of colors to match your home color palette perfectly. Vinyl is the easiest material for maintenance and cleaning. Professionals don’t advise vinyl fences for areas prone to heavy snowfalls.

Aluminum: $2,000 - $5,000

Aluminum fences cost more than metal or chain ones, yet they offer particular perks for the high price. The material requires very little maintenance and isn’t prone to rust. Experts in fence repairs frequently offer application of an additional powder coating to guarantee weatherized protection.

Fence repair vs. fence replacement

Look at the numbers first. The average cost of fence repair is $260-$710 for the project with the top price being $1,500. A new fence, on the other hand, usually costs about $2,600-$8,000. So, the complete fence replacement is definitely a more expensive and complex issue. Here are the top signs when the repair can save your fence and when replacement is the only option.


Rot & mold

Fences do rot and attract mold whatever you may do. However, if these problems are spotted at the early stage, the repair can eliminate the problem. Once you see green fuzz on the fence, instantly clean it away before it really takes hold.

If you spot rotting, you will be rarely able to treat it. Most fence repair experts would advise replacing a rotten piece instead of losing time and waiting for the miracle.

Wobbly fence posts

Unstable posts are another common fence problem. Easy fix, in this case, is to sink a 600 mm repair spur into the ground along the wobbly post to put it back into a place; for a more long-lasting fix, experts advise using concrete to fixate the posts in the ground for a sturdy vertical hold.

Loose panels

Loose panels can be reattached or nailed in again if the panels are in good shape. In case your panels look shabby, consider their replacement with new ones.


Rot & mold

If you see rotten panels and posts or that mold covered your fence completely, then there is no need to wait until the framework gets destroyed completely. To minimize the costs, look for the “healthy” panels and replace only those that can’t be saved.

Wobbly fence post

Fences that get wobbly due to the broken posts should be replaced without any considerations.

Loose panels

Reattachment of the old loose panels is frequently a temporary fix only that will require more attention and finances for further fixing. If you have not one but about a third of loose panels throughout the fence, then replacement of the entire structure will be a much easier and faster fix.

Other frequently asked questions

Do I need to consult local authorities before repairing or replacing my fence?

Yes, before you decide to repair anything in your fence, there are several authorities you need to consult with.

  1. Your community council. Many community councils require repairs to happen during particular timing frame and the new fences to match the curb appeal of the community. To avoid re-repairing your fence again, ensure that you’re aware of the local regulations.
  2. Local authorities. Some cities and states in the US consider fence repairs to be a part of a construction site endeavors. This means that to perform any repairs you will have to obtain a building permit. The average cost of building permit is about $800.

Keep in mind that sometimes fences are located not on your property, but on the federal land. This means that you won’t be able to perform any repairs with that fence unless you obtain permits for repairs of the governmental property.

Who is responsible for finding property lines/pins?

If you’ve decided to repair your fence and partially rebuild it, make sure that you provide your property plan (with all lines and pins) to the contractor. Most often, fence repair services are not responsible for the damages at your property if you don’t supply them with the detailed plans.

Can I replace my fence in winter?

The general answer is “yes”, but a "non-advised" one. Yes, winter repairs are possible, but they pose lots of limitations in terms of painting or particular fixing. Experts say that, for example, vinyl fencing requires the temperature to be above 40° F for repairs and installation.

Bottom line

Fence repair is very common in American homes. While most of the repair works can be prevented with basic maintenance, some of them will happen anyway. The average fence repair cost is $260-$710 with the top end price ranging at $1,500.

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