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Questions and Answers

Q: What do gutter installation and repair services include?

A: Gutter services include installation of new units, their replacement if needed, and basic fixing when possible. If you’re looking for the gutter installation services, then you can expect the experts to visit your home to plan the project first. They will measure your roof and match the existing gutter design to the material and shape of your roof. Apart from that, gutter installers also offer some warranty for both gutters and their work and so perform basic maintenance for about 2 years after the installation.

Gutter repair services usually include everything from the complete replacement of the gutters to the minor sealing problems you might experience. Most often you will need to identify the problem to the experts via phone so they can come prepared for the actual fixing. In case you need gutter replacement, the service will send you one professional for the initial examination of the current gutters, precise clarification of your needs and desires, and creation of the basic estimate. Only after you agree to the estimate, the company will send a crew to replace your old units.

Q: How do gutter installation and repair companies charge?

A: There are numerous ways your gutter experts may charge you. The installation project price is usually calculated per project in total. The estimated price calculation will include labor, parts, materials, and supplementary tools required.

Replacement and repair services can be charged per linear foot of the gutters if you experience overflowing and need a major cleaning and minor fixing. Leaking joints are mostly charged per unit. Most other projects will also have per-project charges. However, in case your problem is extensive, be ready that you might face per day pricing method.

Q: What is the average cost of the gutter installation and repair services?

A: Most often, repairs and replacements of gutter systems cost about 60% of their initial installation cost. Since gutter installation costs about $550-$1,400, gutter repairs on average will be $330-$840 in total. Yet, most homeowners report spending less money: around $150-$330 on gutter repairs because most issues are minor. Please find more numbers and details about prices for such services in our gutter replacement and repair cost guide and gutter installation cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the gutter installation and repair services?

A: Even though gutter installation and repair services differ tremendously in the factors that may affect the final cost of the project, there are several that contractors of both areas may apply:

  • Gutter length. Since some contractors will calculate the final project cost based on the linear foot of your gutters, the length of your units will influence the cost. The longer the gutter, the more expensive the final bill.
  • Gutter material. Initially, the material influences the unit cost and, as a result, their repairs. Besides that, different gutter materials require particular replacement and installation parts that also have various price ranges.
  • Risk factors. All gutter services are related to high risks. Generally, the cost of the risk is already included in the project cost. However, if contractors can access your gutters only from the roof or you have more than a three-story building, then they may add up risk cost to your bill.
  • Season. Spring and summer are considered as low seasons for gutter repair and installation services. If you need to save on gutter services, consider hiring a team during this season frame.
  • Travel expenses. All gutter contractors have their particular area of service. In case your home is outside of this area, then be ready to cover an additional flat fee for company’s travel to your location.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam gutter installation and repair company?

A: If you don’t want to lose your money on gutter repair and installation due to a scam, ensure to avoid companies with the following signs.

  • Large down payment. No reputable contractor will ask you for more than 10%-15% down payment.
  • Too low initial cost. Make sure that the cost of your services is in the middle range of gutter repair and cleaning prices stated above. Too low estimated price is a sure sign of a scam.
  • No warranty. All contractors must provide at least a basic warranty for their labor. Unless there are at least two months of warranty, think twice before hiring a company.