Gutter replacement & repair cost guide

Gutter malfunction is easy to identify. Most often during the rain, you will see that the gutters don’t drain properly and that your yard slowly gets flooded. If not fixed on time, the complete replacement of gutters might be required, and in this case, the project may cost an arm and a leg. It is highly advised to address problems with gutters as soon as you spot them and call for professional assistance to avoid overpaying for major fixes later.

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Can we help you find the gutter replacement & repair services?

Gutter replacement & repair service providers offer all range of services related to gutter malfunction. Whenever possible, they perform minor repairs to preserve unit functionality. However, in complex cases, replacement or partial replacement of gutters might make more financial sense. Among the most common gutter replacement and repair services are fixing of leaking joints, broken brackets, and initial misalignment of the gutters. The average gutter replacement & repair cost is $150-$330.

Factors influencing the cost of replacement and repair

Length of gutters

In the gutter repair, replacement, and installation business everything is priced by the linear foot of gutter and downspout material. Besides that, the condition of the current gutters influences the cost as well. For example, older gutters might be incompatible with new makes; as a result, you will either have to pay for all gutter replacement or for the unique production of a foot or two.

Seamless or sectional

Sectional gutters are like construction sets that are assembled together from a number of pieces. They are attached to the house’s eaves with vertical downspouts. Seamless gutters are a single piece of material that is installed as one unit. Sectional gutter repairs generally cost less since only a section might need some care; replacement of a single section costs less as well. In comparison, experts can either fix an issue on-site with seamless gutters or replace the whole line of them on your home.

Property height and a number of stories

The taller the building is, the higher is the cost of gutter replacement & repair. Tall buildings require more qualified and experienced crew with a good insurance coverage. All these expenses add up to the final price you will be paying. Some homeowners decide to cut the costs by hiring a non-insured team, but in the case of an accident, they tend to end up paying for all the hospital bills.

Gutter material

The type of gutter material is one of the most influential factors in terms of cost. Vinyl units are the cheapest to install and so to replace ($4.50-$8.50/piece); aluminum is the most common gutter material which is also easy to repair and replace ($5.50-$9.50/piece). Galvanized steel is in a different price category, yet very common for locations with the inclement weather; their replacement cost is about $11-$28/piece. And wooden gutters are the most expensive in installation and so further maintenance and repairs. The cost of wooden gutters replacement equals $13-$22/piece.

Surrounding surfaces

Very often gutter malfunction leads to repairs of surrounding areas, especially if the gutters don’t fulfill their function. For instance, wooden fascia boards or soffits are subject to water damage and so will add up to the gutter repair cost. The fee required for this service differs significantly due to the variable nature of problems.

Cost-related questions

How much does gutter replacement cost?

Generally, replacement of the existing gutters costs about 60% of their initial cost. Based on the statistics, gutter installation costs about $550-$1,370 in total; this makes the average price of gutter replacement equal $330-$825.

Most homeowners opt for gutter repairs first because the initial cost of such a project is significantly lower. However, if your home faces extensive gutter damage or several sections require major repairs, consider the replacement of several gutter sections to maintain their functionality.

What are the most common repairs for gutters? How much do they cost?

A. Overflowing

Even though overflowing is not a breakage but rather the consequence of gutter issues, it’s still the most common problem the homeowners face. Generally, these are stuck leaves and debris blocking the downspouts and causing the gutter blockage. In too neglected cases, this may lead to a whole complex of possible repairs; yet, very often all you need is clean the gutters. The average cost of gutter seasonal maintenance is $120-$260 or $0.60/linear foot.

B. Leaking joints

Joints are the weakest elements of the gutter construction. They are installed if the length of guttering exceeds 13 feet. At each plastic joint, there is a rubber seal, which eventually fails and leaks. Newer guttering constructions may require seal replacement only; in this case, it will cost you about a couple of dollars. For older units, the entire joint might need to be replaced. The average price for plastic gutters is $6.5/unit.

If you’re calling for a professional service that will inspect your gutters and then instantly perform the issue solving, expect to pay between $65 and $160 for plastic gutter fixing. Leaking of the cast iron gutters requires the complete replacement of the sealant for $125-$260.

Can we help you find the gutter replacement & repair services?
C. Bracket issues

These are brackets that hold the gutters in place. These elements can go missing, damaged, or spaced too far from one another initially. The ideal distance is no more than 40 inches apart, ideally around 31.5 inches apart. Whatever the nature of your bracket problem is, the average bracket fixing cost is $75-$175. For misplaced brackets, the price can be significantly higher because sometimes you will need to replace all of them.

D. Disconnection of the rainwater pipe and the gutter

That’s a common problem when the pipe which connects the drain to the gutter slips and a gap between them starts leaking. The fix is very simple: all you need is reposition the pipe and use a few screws to secure it in place. You can do it as a DIY project or hire an expert crew for about $50-$110.

E. Poor alignment

After the right positioning of the gutters, they shouldn’t hold the water, they need to only direct it down the roof. If there is both-sides water flow, then sooner or later the overflowing will take place. This will cause failure of rubber seals and joints and may cost you a fortune. Most often you will have to hire a crew to take the gutters away and reposition them. This kind of job is qualified as a replacement and so costs around $200-$330.

Is the cost of materials included in the numbers above?

In the gutter replacement business, the cost of materials is counted as a separate service. So, all the prices above are for labor only. You can expect to pay about $430 for materials required for basic repairs.

How much does manpower cost?

Manpower in this business costs $130-$230/day. The cost depends on the experience and demand of a given gutter repair and replacement company.

Should I repair or replace the gutters?

If you have time and budget, then most gutter repair experts advise replacing the leaking or malfunctioning unit. Repairs do save the day, but a day only. Over the time, the fixed issue develops and grows into a huge problem, and so you come back to the replacement idea again. Instead of paying twice for the same problems, it’s better to fall towards a more expensive, yet reliable fix – complete replacement of malfunctioning units.

Other frequently asked questions

How can I minimize the risk of repairs?

In order to minimize the probability of repairs and replacement for your home, ensure that you initially choose the right gutters for your climate and location. Apart from that, perform regular gutter cleaning and maintenance works to avoid the need to make repairs.

Do I get a warranty for the replacement and repair services?

Always ask about the warranty a company provides for its services. Generally, replacement companies provide anywhere between 15 and 50 years of the warranty agreement.

Is there a minimal rate?

Even if you have a minor issue that requires a check-out only, be ready to pay a contractor’s minimum rate for the visit. The minimal rate averages between $100-$200.

Bottom line

Gutter system repair and replacement services can save your home from more complex improvements and also guarantee the proper functioning of its units. The average gutter replacement & repair cost is $150-$330 for labor, and expect to pay about $70-$180 for resources.

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