Roof installation cost guide

There is definitely no part of a home so crucial as the roof. It is the first line of defense against the rain, snow, wind, and other elements. However, the time will come when you need to have your roof replaced to avoid a major disaster. Here is some information about the key factors that shape the overall price of roof installation.

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Installing a new roof is not something homeowners normally do on their own. This kind of work is risky since it is performed at a height, and commonly requires specialized knowledge and skills. Thus, you will most likely have to hire a team of roof installation professionals.

Roof installation professionals have the right tools and experience to handle every task related to roof installation, starting from the underlayment preparation and ending with the replacement of gutters and shingles. As roofs vary greatly in their important characteristics, the roof installation price range is very wide. Apart from the cost of labor, the price is shaped by several other factors. Among them is the type of covering, square footage of the roof, its pitch and type, condition of the gutters, joists, and other inner elements, size of the crew, and others. On average, expect to pay between $5,120 and $9,850. The highest reported price is $30,050. The smallest amount is $1,250.

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Price-related questions

What roof materials are available on the market? What are their pros and cons? How much do they cost?


  • Comes in many colors.
  • Considerable weight. Special equipment is required to move tiles.
  • Prone to breaking, but can be easily replaced.
  • Can be re-used in other roofing projects.
  • Made of concrete: $7,700-$21,100
  • Made of ceramics: $12,000
  • Customized: $17,100-$60,100


  • Weighs less than other types of roofing materials
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Not susceptible to rot
  • Has excellent fireproof qualities
  • Installation requires a great labor effort and expertise and usually takes up to two-three days
  • Comes in steel, aluminum, and copper
  • Copper roofing: $25,600-$39,650
  • Aluminum roofing: $12,000-$24,300
  • Steel roofing: $5,150-$22,050

Note that the final price also depends on the insulation type, whether the paint has been applied to the metal, the underlying roofing system, and how expensive metal is on the national level.


  • Has a genuine look
  • Long lifespan and excellent durability
  • Good choice for big homes
  • Comes in the natural and synthetic varieties
  • Natural: $17,100-$84,050 (a house of two thousand square feet) or $27,050-$120,050 (a house of three thousand feet)
  • Synthetic: $11,950 to $18,950 (a house of two thousand square feet) or $21,050 to $27,050 (a house of three thousand feet)

Wood shake

  • Gives a home a natural look like no other roofing material can
  • Requires a great deal of care on the part of the homeowner
  • Quickly ignites
  • Favorite food of termites and similar pests
  • Prone to be damaged by water without a special protective layer
  • Shorter lifespan in comparison with other types of shingles
  • Genuine wood shake: $6,850-$20,050
  • Synthetic wood shake (better fireproof and waterproof qualities): $12,650-$18,950


  • Cheaper in comparison with other types
  • Weighs relatively little
  • Can be installed by homeowners themselves or handymen
  • By pros: $1,750-$8,450
  • By homeowners or handymen: $700 to $3,750

Is flashing replaced too? How much does it cost?

It normally is. If corrosion has started or the flashing has cracks, expect a big disaster: water will find its way under the shingles. Next, it will get to the ceiling and begin to drip into the attic. That will lead to all kinds of problems. The cost of replacing flashing varies depending on where it's installed.

  • Chimney flashing: $210-$510.
  • Skylight flashing: $310-$510.

I am afraid my old gutters no longer do what they are supposed to. What's the average cost of having them replaced?

Gutters are probably neglected by homeowners more often than any other part of a roofing system. However, their importance for the overall "health" of the roof cannot be overestimated. It's the gutters that direct ruinous rain water away from your house, thus preventing many problems that it usually brings. When you're considering a new roof installation, we recommend replacing the old gutters as well. Here is what elements you may need to buy:

  • An elbow: $3.00
  • A gutter stretch made of vinyl - ten feet in length: $4.50
  • A downspout (ten feet in length): $9.50
  • End caps: $5.50 for a piece

The total cost depends on how many of those elements you need. Review your current system of gutters and make a list of its components or ask a pro do it for you.

I will obviously need to remove my old shingles. How much should I expect to pay?

Removing old roofing material is one of the most challenging and labor-intensive parts of the project. Its cost is hard to determine exactly owing to several factors such as the square footage, the height of the house, and the roofing material. For instance, if it's a metal roof, metal sheets need to be removed, while slates and tiles are torn off in small quantities. Hiring roof installation professionals is highly advisable for removing an old roofing. Then, you can expect the following fees:

  • Per square foot: $4-$6
  • Per hour: $45-$85
  • Per project (standard-size roof): $515-$1,050
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What other factors influence the total price of roof installation?

Roof type

A flat roof will cost less than other types. A gabled roof, at the same time, will cost less than a hipped or domed roof. The number of skylights, chimneys, and other obstructions will also affect the final price.

Roof pitch

The steeper is the roof, the more money roof installation professionals will charge. That's because contractors have to take special safety precautions to prevent falls and because it takes more time and effort to complete the project.

Roof size

It's obvious. The larger is the area of the roof, the more materials and labor it will require. Many professionals charge their customers on the per-square basis, with one square equaling 10 feet by 10 feet.


Can the company truck drive close to the house? If it can’t, workers will have to walk from the vehicle to the house loaded with supplies.

How many layers of shingles the old roofing has

As new shingles can only be installed after removing the old ones, two or three layers will require more time and labor.

Information to check


A written contract is something that you can use to settle any disputes in your favor should any problems arise. This paper must list all the materials with corresponding prices and all the services you’re paying for. It should also include the guarantee for the workmanship. Typically, its duration is 5 years.


You will most likely need to obtain a permit from the local building department. Expect to pay between $160 and $410, depending on your exact location.

Other frequently asked questions

How do I know my roof needs replacement?

Two main factors determine whether you have to replace your roof or can simply clean and repair it.

  • Water is getting inside your house through multiple openings in your roof.
  • Your roof is very old: over 25 years.

You can also opt for replacing the roof when you're planning to sell your house soon and need to have its market value rise.

Can I have a roof of a different, heavier material than I previously had?

You certainly can. However, ensure the inner roof structure will be able to bear the increased load. A pro can help you perform the assessment.

Bottom line

A new roof installation is a complicated process that may bring a number of surprises to homeowners. The overall cost can be determined by size, type, pitch, and material of the roof, condition of the underlying structure, flashing, and gutters, and other factors. On average, be prepared to spend from $5,120 to $9,850.

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