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 25 E Townline Rd, Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Carpenter Gutter Installation & Repair Handyman

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 10219 S 10th Ave, Inglewood, CA 90303
Concrete Contractors Tree Services Handyman

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 Lower Azusa Rd, Temple City, CA 91780
Gutter Installation & Repair Electrician Concrete Contractors

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Beverly Hills, CA
Gutter Installation & Repair Handyman Roofing Installation & Repair

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Beverly Hills, CA
Carpenter Roofing Contractors Electrician

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Beverly Hills, CA
Electrician Roofing Installation & Repair

Questions and Answers

Q: What do roof installation and repair services include?

A: Roof installation and repair company can help you cover your home with a roof and fix any existing problem. Both of these services can be performed either by the same or separate companies. So when you’re looking either for roofing installation or for roof repairs, make sure to verify that the chosen contractor performs the services you need.

Roofing installers operate with roofs of all shapes, sizes, and materials, They not only lay the roofing material on a house but also prepare the underlayment and supplementary elements. For instance, roof installation companies also install and replace gutters and shingles.

Roofing repairs are performed by highly qualified experts who are able to tackle any problem with the roofing. These professionals know how to fix a faulty chimney and skylight; they understand the peculiarities of gutters and can match the service to your gutters type. Roof repair experts can also deal with minor roofing cracks and replace the missing shingles.

Q: How do roof installation and repair companies charge?

A: Both installation and repair roofers charge for the whole project in total. The price presented to the clients in most cases will include everything: from materials to labor. However, sometimes experts may charge extra for the services that were not agreed upon or those that appeared as necessary in the process of work.

Q: What is the average cost of the roof installation and repair services?

A: Without any secret, roof repairs cost much less than a complete installation. Most homeowners report spending about $5,100 – $9,900 for the roof installation, while repairs generally fit into $300-$1,250 price range. You can learn more about the prices of the roofing industry in our cost guides:

Q: What factors affect the cost of the roof installation and repair services?

A: Installation as well as repairs of any roofing mainly depend on the material of your roof. Asphalt is the most affordable material and costs the least in terms of repairs while slate being close to the natural wood is the most expensive and beautiful roofing coverage. Besides the material, here are a few more cost-affecting factors:

  • Type. Flat roof is much easier and safer to install and repair which means that such a project is the most affordable one. Hipped or domed roofs will cost much more due to the unique construction shape.
  • Pitch. The steeper the roof the higher the price of the roofing services.
  • Size. The bigger the roof the more expensive installation it has. Repairs in such a case will cost more as well because generally larger roof equals bigger problems.
  • Additional elements. Chimneys, skylights, gutters, and any other additional roofing elements will add up to the total cost of the roof installation and repair services.
  • House accessibility. Roofing installation workers always need a large truck to deliver the materials. So if your home is inaccessible in this way, you will have to pay an additional lump sum for the material hand delivery.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam roof installation and repair company?

A: There is a particular caste of roofing contractors who perform unqualified services and insist on those you didn’t even require. Here are the signs of a roofing scam to avoid:

  • Storm followers. Many homeowners begin suspecting any problems only when storm followers come to knock on their doors. These “experts” come to homeowners after some storms in the neighborhood and try to convince in the need of roofing re-installation or repairs. Never agree to such services. They usually have low cost and quick deadlines, yet unbelievable low quality services. Such roofs don’t last half as much as your existing one. And in this case, no guarantees will apply!
  • Best prices. Best, meaning lowest, prices will always appear to be unreal. Such roofing contractors name an extremely low price to lure you into signing a contract. Then in the working process they will “notice” a number of “additional” problems and so charge you extra for those services. When hiring a roofing contractor, stay within the price range stated above to be on the safe side.
  • Insurance fraud. Some contractors offer to pay you back the insurance deductible or provide other no-cost incentives. Remember that you will be involved in an insurance fraud and may go to jail for such actions. Always carefully listen to what the contractor is saying to you to avoid legal problems.

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