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Questions and Answers

Q: What do electrician services include?

A: Electricians can help you with almost every element of your home. Garage doors, alarm systems, socket installation or replacement, wiring check, and repairs, even stove and washing machine repairs can sometimes be handled by electricians.

The most common problems that electricians deal with on a daily basis include circuit overloads and hence idle electricity in the whole house. If you have bought new bulbs and they still seem to remain too dim, then you might be buying the wrong bulbs for your home’s voltage; in such cases, consultation with an electrician can also resolve this issue. Generally, any problem that is related to the electricity in your home can be solved by a professional electrician.

Q: How do electrician companies charge?

A: The charging method of most electrician companies and individual contractors is based on double charging. This means that you pay a flat fee for a particular kind of services as well as a per-hour rate stated by the expert. Moreover, additional materials, parts, and anything else required for the problem fixing will also be charged on top of those per hour and flat fees.

Q: What is the average cost of the electrician services?

A: Most electrician services fall into the price tags between $160 and $510. The simplest help like socket installation or bulb replacement may cost as little as $70 while complete wiring replacement begins at about $2,000. More information about the average costs of electrician services can be found in our electrician cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the electrician services?

A: The final cost of the electrician’s assistance varies significantly due to a very wide range of factors. However, here are the most common and universal of them:

  • Materials. Since the cost of materials is charged extra, the more expensive they are, the bigger your total bill will be. Keep in mind that you don’t have to agree that your contractor will buy the bulbs, sockets, switches, wiring, etc. Sometimes, you can take the initiative into your own hands and try to find the lowest price. Electricians won’t bother getting the best deal because they are likely to buy from the same supplier at all times.
  • Rates. Electrician’s rate depends on the average city rate and the contractor’s professionalism. If you need an electrician to perform some simple work, then you can even hire a novice while for wiring planning projects it’s highly advised to invest more in a qualified expert.
  • Building parameters. In terms of repairs, the cost may vary depending on your ceiling height. The higher it is the more per hour rate you will be paying. For some installation works height also makes a change because it increases health risks for the installers.
  • Residential vs commercial service. Electricians working in commercial buildings always have higher per-hour rates if compared to residential experts.
  • Case complexity. Sometimes even the simplest cases may turn up to be complex and tangled. For example, you noticed that your bulb light is too dim and thought that you just bought the wrong ones. The electrician, however, finds out that your circuit is overloaded or that it needs urgent repairs and replacement of some wiring. The cost of such unexpected problems instantly raises the total bill you will have to pay.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam electrician company?

A: Unfortunately, the industry of electrician services has a lot of scam companies that offer unreliable services and will likely deceive you completely. Read below about the top electrician scam signs to avoid such a service.

  • Large deposits or advance payments. Reputable services require no more than 15% in deposit payments. Larger requirements should get you alerted.
  • No paperwork. Even if an electrician has to replace one bulb in your home, they must provide you a receipt for the service. And in packaged services when you need wiring replacement or some major help, a contract with the detailed description of services and their costs is essential. Absence or inability to support the oral agreement with any paperwork is a red flag for electrician services.
  • Lack of communication. An expert electrician will always explain what problems you have and how they can be resolved. A scam company representative will not bother explaining anything and will not be able to answer any questions about the work performed.