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Questions and Answers

Q: What do office cleaning services include?

A: Office cleaning services guarantee that your working environment is always clean and pleasant to work at. Depending on the company, you can get different packages of services. Among the most common, you can expect office cleaning workers to take out the trash, mop, dust, and wash the floors and all the working surfaces in the office. Cleaners also ensure that bathrooms, including showers, toilets, and sinks, mirrors, and glass are clean and comfortable to use. They monitor toilet paper and paper towel supplies. Some cleaners may also wash the dishes, and refill washing soap in the office kitchens. Besides the office spaces, commercial cleaners also preserve cleanliness in the common areas, namely corridors, elevators, and the reception area.

Q: How do office cleaning companies charge?

A: There are three ways you might be charged for the office cleaning, such as per hour, per square foot, and per visit. The basic cleaning, which involves dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and garbage disposal, is usually charged by every hour a worker spends. More time-consuming tasks, like toilet and sink cleaning on top of the basic services, will likely to be charged per project; this means a flat rate for a package of services a cleaner or cleaners will perform. Per square foot commercial cleaning charges apply to large areas, such as factories, warehouses, or extremely large office buildings, where the floor plan is more than 2,000 square feet.

Q: What is the average cost of the office cleaning services?

A: You can expect to pay about $60-$80 for a single cleaning of a small office, providing that it is less than 2,000 square feet. Larger businesses spend about $170-$700 on the cleaning needs. You can find more detailed information of per square foot and per project prices in our office cleaning cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the office cleaning services?

A: Besides the square footage of your office, as mentioned above, there is a number of factors which, in most cases, will increase the final bill.

  • Level of dirtiness/extend of cleaning. If your office, for example, must sparkle after every cleaning but looks like a garbage bin before it, then the cleaning company may charge extra due to the extent of work. Moreover, you should also consider whether you need the cleaners to actually dust every personal working space of every worker because it takes a lot of time and in fact can be left to the workers themselves.
  • Office location. The farther your office is from the cleaners’ regular service area, the more you will pay per their hour of work. Besides that, small town companies tend to charge more for their office cleaning due to the lack of competition in the business.
  • Cleaning frequency. The more times you need cleaning services a week or a month, the less you will pay for every particular visit of the crew.
  • Number of workers. The more workers, the higher the price.
  • Additional services. Remember that not all office cleaners know how to wax the floor, for example. But those who do will definitely charge extra for such an unusual service.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam office cleaning company?

A: To avoid being scammed and ripped off by the office cleaners, it is essential to verify the following information:

  • Business license. Since you are looking for an office cleaner, it is important that a company has a license so that you don’t taint your company’s reputation by hiring an illegal service.
  • Insurance. Insurance papers are another must-have for any office cleaning company. This is the only document that can protect you, as a client, from an accident that may occur during the cleaning.
  • Paperwork. Office cleaners are usually hired by another company not an individual, so for the reporting matters, you need to carefully prepare all the papers required. And ensure that you both sign a contract before the services begin.
  • Cleaning materials. Office cleaners will be cleaning wide areas where hundreds of people work. It is of utmost importance to ensure that they use allergy-free chemicals and cleaning solutions to avoid health problems in your company.