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Questions and Answers

Q: What do plumber services include?

A: Plumbers fix all kinds of problems related to the water supply system in your home. They can fix a leaking faucet or unclog the toilet and at the same time deal with pipe replacement and installation/connection of a bath or sink to the piping system of your home. Generally, the plumbing services begin with the first meeting and initial evaluation of the project to give you an estimate. There is also emergency plumbing service, however, which usually indicates on-the-spot fixing of an existing problem without the price negotiations or discussion of the action plan.

Q: How do plumbers charge?

A: There are three ways a plumber may charge you: per project, per visit, and per hour.

Per project charges are applied to the services related to the installation of some water-related items, such as a toilet or a shower. Fixing of minor problems is also usually charged on the per-project basis. For instance, you can expect that a clogged drain or a leaking bath will be dealt with for a fixed price.

In case you invite a plumber for an initial examination of your home, or you need them to evaluate the current state of your pipes, you will pay a fixed sum of money for the visit. In such situations, the plumber will not deal with any problems however urgent they might be; they will only give you the estimated list of the required fixes.

Per hour charging method is mostly used in combination with one of those mentioned above. Plumbers may require per-hour charges if your project even though being a general one explicitly requires more time and effort. Per hour rates are frequently adjacent to the emergency plumbing services when you pay a per-visit charge and then a particular sum for every upcoming hour of the service.

Q: What is the average cost of the plumbing services?

A: On average, homeowners spend about $125-$450 on plumbing projects. Larger cases that include installation or replacement of the pipes get closer to $800 mark. For more information of the plumber’s charges read our plumbing cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the plumber services?

A: One of the most cost-influential factors for plumbing services is the type of service you need. Basic examination costs much less than the complete replacement of pipes in a building. But this is an obvious reason. Read below about some other cost-influencing factors:

  • Urgency. An emergency plumbing service tends to cost about twice more than a usual service. Emergencies may apply not only to midnight calls for the plumber’s help but also for requests made on weekends and holidays.
  • Materials. Minor fixes will include the cost of new materials, while the large-scope problems will require additional expenses on the new faucets, pipes, showers, etc.
  • Clean up. Again, after minor issues, plumbers may clean up your space. But this is not a common behavior in the industry, so don’t expect it. Usually, you will need either to clean up everything yourself or hire a maid or a house cleaner to do the dirty job.
  • Post-fixing services. In complex problems with standpipes or in-the-wall issues, you are likely to have a large hole in the wall. So to fix these holes, you will need the help of a general contractor, builder, or at least materials for drywall fixing. Don’t forget to include these items to your budget.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam plumbing company?

A: Bad and unqualified plumbing services will lead to the worsening of your problem and the need to pay much more for its elimination. Pay attention to the following facts to avoid scammy plumbing companies.

  • High downpayment. Yes, the downpayment is traditional in this line of business, but it shouldn’t cost you more than 20% of the total sum. The average downpayment percentage is 10%. All higher requirements signify that the scam service won’t come to you; they will only take your money and disappear.
  • Changing prices. Once you receive a binding quote and sign the contract, the final price for your project shouldn’t change. If your plumber is always chopping and changing, then consider stopping your cooperation right away.
  • Too many people in place. If you have agreed upon or you feel that only one-two people can do the job, then the presence of 4-5 “experts” should raise your suspicion.
  • Wrong materials. Always carefully verify the materials a plumber uses for your pipes, faucets, etc. Their quality directly influences the lifespan of the water supply in your home in general. Once you spot the use of the unknown or undiscussed materials, especially those of lower quality, stop the works immediately and demand the clarification of such actions.