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Plumbing problems in American homes appear every day, and frequently the speed plays the most significant role in their fixing. Water damage can cause structural damages that will cost thousands of dollars let alone further mold issues that may make your home uninhabitable. The faster these problems are addressed, the easier it will be to deal with the consequences.

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Plumbing services include all kinds of bathroom, kitchen, and pipe works, from changing the leaking faucet and unclogging the drains to complete bathroom renovation and pipe replacement. The average cost of plumbing services lies between $125 and $450 where the hourly rates vary from $45 to $150. Some plumbers charge for their service hourly while others are on a flat rate basis.

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Cost-related questions

What is included in the general plumbing examination service?

Plumbers are frequently invited for the initial problem examination. This service costs about $100/visit and is generally charged on a flat rate basis. Keep in mind that this service includes only the evaluation of the current state of the pipes and units in bathroom and kitchen without any problem fixing. Only if the issue is minor, a plumber may fix the leaking faucet or shower on the spot provided that they have required instruments and replacement details.

What are the prices for a sink, tub, and shower related services?

Sink, bathtub, and shower plumbing services include everything related to these units: from fixing of a leaking problem ($100-$250) to a rebuilding of a shower stall ($1,500 – $2,500). As a rule, the following services are offered on a flat fee basis (the client pays for the whole project and not an hourly charge):

  • Basin replacement from $200
  • Bathtub replacement (including tile) from $1,500
  • Installation of a whirlpool bath or additional whirlpool system from $3,000
  • Bathtub enclosure retiling about $800-$1,200
  • Shower stall reconstruction between $1,500 and $2,500
  • Replacement of a leaking shower stall pan costs $1,000-$1,600
  • Complete remodel of a four-piece bathroom begins from $6,000

How much do toilet repairs cost?

Two most common problems with a toilet are leaking and clogged drains. Leaking charge will cost about $100/visit, while clogged drains cost ranges from $100 to $300. Sometimes plumbers may require an additional fee for the initial inspection or any complex services; this price varies between $50 and $100. In case the problem is not worth fixing, toilet replacement or installation cost starts from $350.

What pipe work do plumbers do?

Anything related to pipes in a house or apartment is performed by plumbers. Services such as leaking pipes, any repairs as well as pipeline installation are all performed only by licensed plumbers.

Piping installation

For a standard bathroom (40 sq.ft.) that lasts about 45 hours and costs $2,025-$2,925. Additional materials can add $500-$1,000 to the cost.

Kitchen plumbing

The plumbing in the kitchen of 100 sq.ft. takes about 60 hours and costs between $2,700 and $3,900 due to the room larger size and necessity of additional fixtures.

Initial pipe inspection

This service costs $50-$100 while replacement prices range between $1,000 and $3,000.

What factors influence the cost of plumbing services?

The type and size of the job are one of the most influential factors in plumbing cost that also depends on the plumbing materials you choose (for example, copper bathtub installation costs more than acrylic unit). Plumbing services in smaller cities cost much less than in megalopolises. If your plumbing problem is located in a hard-to-reach place, be ready to pay extra for the complexity of the service. The emergency of the service will also have its markup trace.

What additional services do plumbers offer?

The services below are charged on the flat rate basis.

  • Main water line installation costs around $1,500 to $2,000 for a 6-foot copper water line.
  • Appliance installation includes everything from a washing machine to water heater installation and ranges between $80 and $1,500,respectively.
  • Sump pump installation (sump pump is used to move water away from a building foundation) costs anywhere between $400 and $2,700 for labor only. Materials will additionally require about $100-$400.
  • Well pump repair costs between $650 and $1,150.
  • Water main installation on average costs about $1,400 while its repairs are about twice cheaper: around $750.
  • Septic tank installation is one of the most expensive plumbing services that costs around $5,500; its cleaning usually costs about $320-$400.
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Information to check when hiring a plumber


A license is required in most US states, check here whether your city and state are on the list. In case the license is not obligatory for your location, ensure to verify the reputation of a plumber by checking formal complaints filed against the plumber and company's reputation with Better Business Bureau.


Insurance is obligatory for all plumbing jobs. Liability insurance is required to protect your home from any additional damage. Workers' coverage for accidents is needed to guarantee that you won’t be responsible for any injury or accident that will happen in your home in the plumbing process.

Length of time in business

The more the better. However, consider plumbers’ prices depending on their experience before you hire the best plumber in town.


The estimate for a project is essential. In case your problem is not urgent, you will be able to compare the offered costs to choose the most appropriate one. Remember to pay attention to the services included in the estimate, and not only the flat number you see on the paper.


Warranty is a must-have for plumbing project. As a rule, plumbers offer a one-year warranty for their work. If the plumber refuses to guarantee the work, look for another option.

Emergency response time

If you want to find a plumber for continuous cooperation, then emergency response time and general conditions of emergency plumbing should be accounted for. Ask about the cost of emergency plumbing and the response time to ensure that any midnight problem will be fixed without any problems, should it occur.


References help a lot to make the final decision. Verify online rumors about a particular plumber and ask them to provide the list of references from previous clients.

Other frequently asked questions

Does plumber’s experience influence the cost?

Yes, plumbers vary in experience, and so do their prices. A junior plumber costs about $19.5-$29.5/hour and can be called for small plumbing jobs, such as minor leaking or drains cleaning. Apprentice plumbers cost about $15.6/hour and usually work together with a master plumber ($24.5-$55/hour), or a lead plumber ($35/hour).

How much do emergency plumbing services cost?

Emergency plumbing services are charged as usual plumbing for the working hours ($50-$100), however, middle-of-the-night calls can add up about $50-$120/hour more. Many plumbing services, however, charged a flat rate for emergency plumbing regardless if it’s a minor problem or a complex issue. Be ready that at night fixing a minor leaking may cost you up to $500 for the emergency. However, remember that most minor plumbing issues can be either fixed without any help from aside(read our sink and toilet unclogging guide), or postponed till the morning to avoid paying extra.

Bottom line

Plumbing services include bathroom, kitchen, and pipes related projects. Whether you need to fix a leaking faucet in the kitchen or install a septic tank in the backyard, these are plumbers that should be contacted. The average cost of plumbing services ranges between $125 and $450, however flat rate based project may cost several thousand dollars in total.

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