Pressure washing Cost Guide

Dirty exterior and shabby looking patio or driveway can be easily refreshed by the simple cleaning. Of course, washing house walls with a rug or a mop is not an option, that’s why pressure washing is the best method for getting back your home’s curb appeal. Most frequently pressure washing is applied to driveways, fences, patios, decks, and the house exterior. While buying the required equipment can be an option, pressure washing might lead to peeling paint and destroyed concrete isolation if used without knowledge. This is why professional pressure washing services can become great assistants in cleaning your home and making it sparkly even in the most complex pollution cases.

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Average pressure washing cost

Pressure washing professionals can clean any house exterior surface from dirt. With the help of special equipment that sprays water under high pressure, they clean driveways, house exteriors, decks, and patios, etc. Pressure washing helps removing mold and grime from your premises, loose paint from the fence or your home, dust, and mud as well as chewing gum from any surfaces. The average pressure washing cost equals $180-$380 while most homeowners spend about $260 on the service. Large scope projects with high level of dirtiness may cost as much as $600 in total.

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Cost-related questions

What is the difference between power and pressure washing?

While power and pressure washing are very similar in their nature, both use pressured water for cleaning exterior surfaces. However, each has a particular application and if used in the wrong manner can lead to surface destruction and damage.

  • Temperature: Power washing uses water of high temperature and under pressure. This allows getting rid of particularly difficult dirt, grime, fungus, mold, etc.
  • Force of the water: Pressure washing uses water under pressure only. It is most commonly applied to dirt, dust and other items located on houses, patio, decks, siding, and driveways. The most typical materials for pressure washing include masonry, concrete, cinder block, and brick.

Pressure washing tends to cost less since its process is simpler and requires less equipment.

How do price washing experts charge?

There are three basic pricing methods in the pressure washing business:

  • Hourly charges are usual for small projects when an expert is hired to clean a particular item or wall.
  • Square foot charge is most frequently used in projects with multiple objects for cleaning and those having different sizes and shaped structures.
  • Flat rate pricing is offered by experienced companies who know their timing and effectiveness rates. However, flat rates are frequently changeable due to the variable nature of the objects for cleaning (for instance, if your driveway is longer than standard 90 feet, then you will be charged some extras on top of the flat rate).

What factors influence the cost of pressure washing project?

  • Labor and pricing method: Sometimes it is more beneficial to pay for an hour while in some cases you can save by paying per square footage of the job. Think carefully about which payment method is more profitable for your project. The average pressure washing cost is about $60-$100/hour and area of 1200 sq.ft. on average takes six hours to complete equaling $360-$600 in total.
  • Equipment: Equipment will also have an impact on the final bill you will pay for pressure washing. Those companies using older equipment may charge less than experts working with the latest trends. If you decide to perform the washing yourself, be ready that pressure washers cost about $75-$100/day plus $100-$150 for a deposit.
  • Water: Be ready that the use of water for cleaning is a matter for discussion. Some companies prefer bringing their own water, and for such a service you will pay about $2.40-$8.10 per 1000 gallons (note that pressure washers need around 10-15 gallons per minute). However, some companies agree to use their clients’ water supply and so remember to discuss this matter upfront.
  • Material: There is a number of additional materials pressure washing experts will need, including but not limited to solvent, masking tape, and paper, sometimes some protection shields for windows, etc. Besides that, some minor repairs can also be performed by the washers and this service will also require additional payments. Mold and mildew require special chemicals to be applied during the washing. The amounts of these materials will also increase the final bill; however, such matters are always discussed in advance (before the contract signing).
Can we help you find pressure washing services?

What are the average prices for standard projects?

The rates for the same pressure washing service can vary tremendously. Big city companies tend to charge more. You can also expect to pay higher rates if your home is located outside the urban area. Here are the tentative rates for cleaning precise exterior items:

  • House or siding $90-$340
  • Driveway $60-$230
  • Deck or patio $220-$570
  • Porch $60-$100
  • Roof $120-$300

Tips to hire good pressure washing services

Here is a list of must-haves for a professional and reliable pressure washing company:

  1. License and permits: Note that not all states in the US require pressure washing experts to obtain specific licenses and permits (contractor or environmental). However, if your expert has a contractor’s permit and can provide relevant documents, this is a sign of professionalism and care. It is highly advised to hire companies with all licenses and papers in order.
  2. Advanced equipment: Pay attention to the equipment the experts are planning to use. If it’s something you can buy in a local store, then think twice about their experience and professionalism. The equipment must be state-of-art machinery.
  3. Sustainable practices: Remember that pressure washing companies have to follow very strict EPA regulations (and know about them!) regarding runoff water and environmentally-safe chemicals if applicable. Always ask questions about the use of chemicals and water waste.
  4. Insurance: Liability, workers, and equipment insurance plans must always be viable. Otherwise, you are at risk of not being compensated for any damages that may happen in the process. Moreover, if someone gets hurt on your premises, you will be responsible for it and not the company you hired. Always ensure that your pressure washing experts have active insurance plans.
  5. Experience and reviews: Don’t hesitate to ask about the experience (years in business) a company has. Try to work with companies who have been in the market for at least 5-7 years. And always verify their recommendations and references since all experienced businesses will give you such information without hesitation.

Other frequently asked questions

Can high pressure damage my home?

The simple answer yes, pressure washing can wreak havoc on the house’s surfaces. However, professional pressure washing companies always have insurance plans covering such cases. Moreover, trained experts also know how to use the right equipment and what pressure to apply to the damaged surfaces not to destroy them completely. If you have doubts about your home’s integrity, it is highly advised not to perform pressure washing as a DIY project.

How often should I get my house washed?

The rule of the thumb is to pressure wash all exterior surfaces on the premises every two years. However, if you have a light colored house or your climate is prone to dust and dirt, you may consider performing power washing even annually.

Do I have to be home on the day of service?

Most power washing companies don’t require homeowners to be present during the cleaning. Of course, no one will prohibit you from doing so if you are willing to see how the process is conducted. In any case, you need to ensure that your home is ready for the visit of professional washers. This means closing all windows, clearing the driveway (re-parking the vehicles), removing any tools, furniture, and other items from the patio, etc. If you fail to do so, some companies might not perform the service since they may have strict regulations regarding touching non-job-related objects.

Bottom line

Pressure washing services include cleaning of the house exterior, driveways, patio, and even the roof. This service is usually performed once in two years and on average costs between $60 and $630 in total with the average price being $280.

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