Exterior painting cost guide

Curb appeal is essential for homes in small neighborhoods. And if your house looks shabby, then there is no better way to get it back in the game than to repaint its exterior. Statistics say that house exterior repainting is one of the most common requirements that house communities have towards the new members. Consider hiring a professional crew to get the job done fast and efficiently within only a week.

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Exterior painting projects involve repainting of the home walls, sashes, doors, windows, and other exterior elements. The cost significantly depends on the siding type, square footage of the building, and additional small elements that require repainting. The average exterior painting cost is $1,700-$3,700 where most homeowners spend about $2,580.

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Cost-related questions

What is included in the cost?

Every exterior painting project includes the need for labor, materials, and clean-up.


Labor costs are the highest in any exterior painting project. The average cost is $20-$35/hour for one painter. However, generally, you will pay for a crew of people working together. So the average labor cost is about $2000.


In terms of materials, you will need not only paint, but also a primer, rollers, sprayers, and scaffolding. The paint typically costs $400-$600 for 15 gallons required for a 1,500 square foot home painting. Should your home require some minor fixing, you will also need to cover such expenses.

Removal and disposal

Removal and disposal of damaged shutters or trim, as well as painting materials, costs $20-$35/hour.

How much does siding painting cost?

Siding material influences not only the cost of an exterior painting project but also its duration and preparation works required.

  • Concrete siding. Concrete always requires thorough preparation before painting. Additionally, special primers, sealants, and paints are frequently applied. The estimated cost is $500-$2,000 for 250-1,000 sq. ft.
  • Metal siding. Metal is usually understood in terms of aluminum and galvanized steel. The final bill will be about $400-$1,500 for 250-1,000 square feet. Be ready that metal siding frequently includes extensive and long-lasting preparation works because the old finish and paint should first be stripped and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Stucco siding. Cleaning, caulking, crack filling, and other preparation works are common for stucco siding. This siding also requires special paint varieties. For this reason, stucco siding is among the most expensive siding materials to cover. The average cost is $900-$3,000 for 500-1,500 square feet.
  • Vinyl siding. Contrary to stucco, vinyl siding is the most affordable option due to the low maintenance and repainting costs. Paint is applied fast and easily just like an interior paint job. However, high-quality finish is needed coupled with careful and regular maintenance. The average vinyl siding repainting cost is $600-$2,000 for 250-1,000 square feet.
  • Wood siding. Wood siding can be stained or repainted especially if defenses against the sun or extreme humidity are required. Due to the expensive maintenance needs, wood siding costs about $700-$2,200 for 250-1,000 square feet.

What factors can increase the cost?

Very often exterior painting includes the use of multiple colors for the walls and their elements. Small accent colors add an extra $1,000/1,500 square feet. Smaller elements painting, such as shutters and doors, also require additional expenses. Here’s a list of tentative prices for the painting of additional elements:

  • Doors $70-$150/door
  • Fascia $500-$1,000
  • Gutters and downspouts $200-$800
  • Porch $500-$2,000
  • Shutters $60-$80/shutter
  • Window sashes $100-$200

Unforeseen issues also frequently add up to the total cost. For instance, the painters may discover significant water damage or rusty nails. Professionals won’t proceed with painting until you resolve these issues. So it’s highly advised to have additional money set aside for unexpected problems.

Can we help you find the exterior painting services?

Additional considerations and costs

Unique architectural features

Such features as steep roof lines, mismatched windows, or an increased number of ending will require much more prep work. As a result, your exterior painting labor cost will go up. For example, if the average trim painting cost is $1/square foot then with the increased number of trim the cost may raise to $1.5-$2.5/square foot.

Special paint

Some siding, such as vinyl or aluminum, requires special paint type. As a rule, it increases project cost by 10%-20%.

Siding cleaning

Even if your home is in good condition, additional siding cleaning is often required to get rid of mildew and dirt. This adds up an additional day for prep work, and so increased labor costs.


Homes built before 1978 may have lead in the current paint on the siding. Lead removal needs extra scrupulous work to scrape and remove the paint. As this job is toxic and requires additional training and license, be ready to hire an additional professional to complete the job.


Most often homeowners consider only square footage of their home when calculating the exterior painting cost. However, home height also influences the overall cost. Higher homes require the use of ladders and increase the possibility of accidents. Be ready to pay additional fees for the complexity of such work. And don’t be surprised that a one-story home painting may cost more than a three-story home with the total of 2,000 square feet.

Other frequently asked questions

Do I pay for the site preparation separately?

Yes, preparation works are often paid for as a separate service. This service usually includes heavy-duty exterior cleaning, hot water power washing or cold water pressure washing for heavily dirty cases. The average preparation works cost is $470-$690.

How long does exterior painting take?

Project length depends a lot on the home size and the amount of preparation work required. Generally, exterior painting lasts about a week but can be prolonged up to two weeks for extensive projects.

How often should I repaint home exterior?

Exterior repainting depends on the material of your home. Most professional painters advise repainting wooden elements every five years, stained elements should be recoated every three years, and stucco elements every decade unless you notice vast paint cracking.

Bottom line

Home exterior painting is one of the most common projects of American homeowners. Repainting usually takes about a week time and can transform home exterior and bring its curb appeal back. The average exterior painting cost is $1,700-$3,700 while the most homeowners spend around $2,580.

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