Window replacement cost guide

Why did you decide to replace your old window? Homeowners answer this question in a variety of ways. Someone was tired of having to window repair it far too often. Others needed to boost the home value. Some installed a well-insulated modern window to save on utility bills. Still, others simply wanted a better view of their beautiful garden. Whichever is your reason, you are likely to wonder how much people pay for window replacement on average.

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Average window replacement cost

Window replacement is rarely a DIY project. If a homeowner doesn't install a window correctly, all kinds of problems may arise, starting from the violation of structural integrity and ending with hazardous mold growth. That's why hiring a reputable window contractor is the best approach to window replacement.

The total cost of such a project depends on a number of considerations. Among them is the window type, size, material, and shape, insulation, difficulty of the job, need to rebuild the frame, type of glass, number of windows, and others. Window replacement professionals are normally responsible for taking the old window out, installing a new one, cleaning the site, and disposing of the debris and removed window if the customer wants it. On average, prepare to pay from $510 to $710 for the replacement of one window. The maximum amount is $1,500. The minimum value is $320.

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Price-related questions

What key factors affect the overall price of window replacement?

Panes and glass

The number of panes and type of glass can significantly influence the final figure in the bill. Here are some common options:

  • Single: $50. No insulation.
  • Double: $100. Better insulation.
  • Triple: $130. Excellent insulation.
Type of glass
  • Tempered: $760. Strong owing to being treated under very high temperature.
  • Laminated: $760. Good for big windows. Great noise-killing characteristics.
  • Gas-filled: $45-$60 for one square foot. Contains gas between several panes, providing a higher level of insulation.

New construction versus ordinary replacement

In many cases, simply replacing a window is not enough. A new frame also needs to be installed if it's too old, damaged, and unable to sustain the weight of a new window. Rebuilding a frame will considerably increase the overall cost of a window replacement project. Oftentimes, you have to multiply the price by two. For instance, if simply replacing ten windows in your home will cost between $3,050 and $7,050, this price will grow to 5,050-$39,500 if the frames will have to be replaced as well.

Size and shape

How big the window is also matters. Windows are measured by so-called united inches. Those are derived by adding the height and width values of a window. The more united inches a window has, the costlier it is. Additionally, a non-standard shape of a window can play its role in forming the final cost. For instance, the price of a skylight window will be heftier than that of an ordinary one: $460-$1,550.

Window type

There are several types of windows. Some are simpler and thus cost less, others have a more elaborate design and are sold at a higher price. Here's a list of the most popular types.

Casement window

This is commonly installed in basements. Its principal function is to let the outside air into the room and inside air out of it. A casement window has the operation principle like that of a door. There are two main varieties: a hopper (hinges are located at the bottom) and an awning (hinges are located in the upper part). The price of one casement window ranges from $280 to $760.

Single-hung window

You can see these mostly ground-floor windows in many old homes. You open them by sliding the bottom pane upward. The upper part of the window is unmovable. Expect to pay $180-$360.


The operation principle of this type is similar to that of a single-hung window: one fixed and one movable pane. The only difference is that the movable pane opens horizontally instead of vertically. Sliding windows are often big and allow for a good view. Spending $330-$1250 on one slider is normal.

Double-hung window

Unlike the single-hung variety, both panes in a double-hung window can open. A typical price range is $310-$810.


Here are some of the most popular window materials:

  • Vinyl: requires little care, but the list of available colors is rather short. Price range: $140-$520.
  • Steel: high-end option. Characterized by good fireproof qualities and durability. Price range: $310-$1,550.
  • Wood: requires great maintenance effort, but has an appealing natural look. Price range: $160-$820.
  • Aluminum: corrosion-free material that weighs less than other materials, but prone to denting. Price range: $80-$320.
  • Fiberglass: strong, good insulation properties, but very costly. Price range: $760-$1,550.

How much does labor cost on average?

Depending on the type of the window and the extent of work, you may pay a window replacement professional from $110 to $210 for one window. For this money, a contractor or a handyman will take the old window out, fix any frame issues, install a new window and seal the space between the window and the frame. This last operation normally costs $35 per project. If the window is located on one of the upper floors and is hard to get to, the cost of labor will grow up to 10% and more.

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Information to check


The contractor must be licensed and insured. Check it before you sign any papers. You may be required to make an initial deposit. However, be aware when you're asked to cover the full cost of the project before the professional has lifted a finger. That can be a sign of a scam.


Depending on the local regulations, you may need to find out if you're allowed to install specific types of windows. For instance, if you're going to replace a small window with a much larger one, the changes to the main structure are unavoidable. Or, if you're going to install a window or several windows that differ in shape from those the surrounding homes have, that may raise objections from your neighbors and local authorities.

Tax reduction

If you decide to install an energy-efficient window, you can be entitled to a tax rebate. Contact your municipality to learn about it.

Other frequently asked questions

Can I install a window on my own?

In theory, you can. In practice, however, this is highly inadvisable. There are so many things to be considered. For instance, if you leave a space between the frame and the window, that will cause mold growth. You may also violate the structural integrity as external walls always bear the load. So, while you can save a hundred dollars, it may cost you dearly down the line.

Do I have to pay for disposing of the old window?

Most window replacement contractors will dispose of old windows for free. If, for some reason, you don't want to part with the removed window, discuss it with the professional in advance.

Bottom line

Window replacement is a project that should be left to contractors. Its total cost is determined by the window size, type, and material, kind of pane glass, number of windows to be replaced, necessity to rebuild the frame, and other factors. On average, expect to spend between $510 and $710 on replacing one window.

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