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Apart from plumbing, there's probably no other household repair job so urgent as that of fixing windows. These wall structures let the sunlight into our homes, while also protecting the interior from the relentless forces of nature: rain, snow, cold, heat, and wind. If something goes wrong with a window, we must act immediately. However, window repair is not something that many laymen can handle on their own. Thus, it should be entrusted to professionals, who have the required experience and tools.

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Window repair professionals perform any tasks related to fixing windows in residential homes and commercial buildings. The most common issues they tackle include window panes that have been broken, windows that are stuck and don't close to the full, faulty window locks and squealing hinges, failed window insulation, and others. The cost of hiring these specialists varies depending on several factors. Among them is the number of windows to be fixed, their types (material of the glass and casing, number of panes, insulation, shape), the location of the windows, extent of the job, and time it will take to solve the problem. On average, homeowners report spending from $160 to $510. The maximum price is $1,010 while the minimum one falls to $70.

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Price-related questions

What factors affect the window repair cost?

Number of windows

The more windows you need to be fixed, the more labor-intensive the project will be and the more materials you'll need. However, many window repair providers charge less for a window if there are several windows to be repaired in one home.

Damage type and extent

You'll pay less for replacing a glass pane or hinges than for repairing the entire frame, which might be as much as $950.

Window type

There is a wide range of window types including picture, skylights, single hung, double hung, glass block, bay, bow, casement, and numerous others. They differ in the number of panes and their internal structure. Correspondingly, the more panes the window has and the more complex is the organization of its components, the harder and more time-consuming it is to fix it.


Many modern windows with several panes have gas insulation. If this gas escapes from the space between the panes, it needs to be restored. That adds money to the project cost.

Window location

If your second-floor window is out of order, a window repair professional will charge you more than for a window on the ground level. That's because of the risk of incidentally falling out, especially when the repair person has to access the window from the outside.

My little son broke a window in the kitchen. How much may it cost me to have the pane replaced?

Fixing broken panes is one of the most typical jobs that window repair professionals are called to perform. Its price is determined by the cost of materials and labor.

Cost of materials

The cost of window panes depends on their number. Most commonly, prepare to pay between $4 and $15 for one piece of glass. The exact price is determined by the window type: you'll spend more on a double-pane window than on a single-pane one, and even more on a window with gas insulation. So, expect the range to be $15-$180. If you have a vinyl window with several panes, a completely new sash may be needed. Then, the project may cost you from $50 to $260. The better the brand and the larger the window, the more banknotes you will hand to the vendor.

Cost of labor

As replacing a window pane is rarely performed by homeowners themselves, you'll most likely need to hire a contractor or handyman. Fees that professionals charge for replacing window panes vary greatly: from $60 to $510 and even more – determined by how big the pane is and what glass it's made from. On average, be prepared to spend between $110 and $310. Here are some examples (materials included):

  • One window with one pane: $60
  • Two windows with two panes each: $360 - $410
  • 3-pane bay window: $550 - $1,050
  • 5-pane bow window: $1,050.00 to $3,050

One way to pay less is to deliver your damaged pane to the glass shop if the type of the window allows you to take it off the frame. Then, you can expect the following rates:

  • One-pane window: $3.50 per square foot
  • Double-pane window: $4 per square foot
  • Window with gas insulation: $11.70 per square foot
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I've noticed "mist" on the panes of my insulated window. I've heard it has something to do with the integrity of the seal? What's the cost of resealing a window like this?

Many modern windows with several panes have gas insulation. An inert gas like argon added between the panes is an effective method of keeping the heat or cold away from the room. This window insulation also helps homeowners save on their utility bills. Sometimes, however, the seal may break and the gas may escape from the space between the panes. This is when you see this mist on the glass. There are two main approaches to repairing a window where insulation has failed: defogging and sash replacement.


This method is intended to prevent the panes from developing stains owing to the moisture accumulating on them after the seal has broken. The insulation will not work as effectively as before since no gas will be restored. However, any visual problems will be gone. This is how a window repair professional does it:

  • 1. A small aperture in the pane is made.
  • 2. The space between the panes is cleaned and the condensation is eliminated.
  • 3. The aperture is hermetically sealed.

The standard defogging cost ranges from $75 to a couple hundred dollars. The exact figure depends on the number and size of panes.

Sash replacement

If you're interested in restoring the insulation properties of your window, the best way to achieve that is to replace the whole sash. It means all of the components inside the window frame such as gasket and panes. As an example, you'll pay around $280 for replacing one sash in a standard double-hung vinyl window.

How much does it cost to replace the hinges and lock on a window?

Replacing these window elements is not a very complicated task that an expert can handle in a matter of minutes. On average, this will cost you up to $100. For repairing a broken lock you will pay more – around $190.

What's the price difference between ordinary window glass and its special varieties such as tinting and tempered glass?

  • Tempered glass (keeps the pane from being damaged): $2.5 extra per square foot
  • Tinting glass (blocks ultraviolet radiation from the outside): $8 extra per square foot

Information to check


Many window manufacturing companies give warranties for free replacement of window panes regardless of whether the damage was caused by natural forces or by the homeowner. So, if you bought the window not long ago (5 years or less), review the documentation to see if this applies to you. Note, however, that if you purchased the house when the window was already in place, you may not be entitled to such a warranty. Contact the manufacturer to know it exactly.

Detailed information about the window

Before you contact a contractor, describe the window and problem in writing. That will help the professional give you a more precise estimate. Consider including the following details:

  • Frame material
  • Window type
  • Number of panes
  • Type of glass
  • When the window was installed
  • Manufacturer
  • Insulation (if any)
  • Exact dimensions (width, height, thickness)
  • Problem
  • Any replacement parts you have

Make sure the contractor also provides a written itemized estimate of the service.

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Other frequently asked questions

What's the difference between repairing and restoring a window?

Repairing a window suggests fixing specific problems with it without the need to dismantle it or take it apart.

Restoring a window is a more complicated process. The window is taken to a workshop, where it is taken apart, each component is reviewed and fixed if necessary, and improvements are made. Then, the window is assembled and delivered back to the owner.

A window in my home is only chipped? Can it be fixed somehow?

The only solution in this case is to replace the whole glass pane. Otherwise, the window will provide no insulation, which will soon negatively reflect on your utility bills. So, rather than ignoring the issue, invite a window repair professional, who will fix it in a couple of hours at the most.

Bottom line

The cost of repairing a window is based on a number of factors including the type and size of the window, complexity of the problem, window location, number of windows, and others. On average, expect to pay from $160 to $510.

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