Garage door installation cost guide

Installing a new garage door is a wise decision. It greatly boosts the resale value, up to 85 percent by some estimates. A well-insulated garage door also reduces noises and serves as a barrier against harsh weather, conserving heat in winter and cool air in summer. It also becomes an additional security layer for your home. If you need a new door for your garage, you'd better get ready for the costs you'll have to fork over for this project.

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Installing a new garage door is typically a complicated affair that requires professional expertise. The old door needs to be removed (and it's usually heavy and hard to take off), the new one has to be mounted, the opener needs to be adjusted, and other tasks have to be performed, especially if the homeowner decides to customize the door. So, this is rarely a DIY project, unless it's a single door that has rather a decorative value.

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The total cost of the project depends on many factors, starting from the door material, style, width, and insulation and ending with the professionals' fees, windows, lights, opener, and other details. The prices may range from $250 for one door up to $4,200 for 2+ doors. On average, homeowners spend from $800 to $1,500. The most frequently reported budget is $1,100, which includes both the cost of the labor and the materials.

Price-related questions

What main factors shape the total price of a garage door installation?

Door material

This feature has the largest share in the final bill. Here, you need to find a balance between longevity and price. If you choose a cheaper material, it may last for a short time and you will soon have to replace your door again. Find a door that will serve from 5 to 10 years.

The most common materials for garage doors offered on the market are as follows:

  • Steel. Most homeowners opt for this material since it's long-lasting and doesn't cost as much as other options. A downside of steel is its high heat and cold conductivity. So, a door made of steel must be well-insulated in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a garage. In addition, steel is vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Vinyl. Doors made of this material are easy to install and look aesthetically attractive. They also don't dent or rust. However, if you live in a colder climate, vinyl may break over time.
  • Custom wood. If money is not a concern to you, go for this option. A custom wood door usually made of mahogany or cedar can last very long and enriches the street look of your house.
  • Aluminum. It's a light, rust-resistant material that can imitate natural wood. However, aluminum dents easily, which makes it a bad option for families with small children.
  • Wood composite. A relatively cheap and environmentally friendly material. You can paint it using any color or design to match the style of your home.

Note that each of these materials come in four grades according to the number of layers. The higher the grade, the higher the price.

Door style

The style you choose for your garage door is also an important factor that affects the price. Consider the following options:

  • Single tilt up or swing up model. This is one door that goes up from the floor. Normally costs from $450 to $750 to be installed
  • Single roll-up model or sectional door. Costs from $800 to $1000 to be installed. Preferred by the majority of homeowners, who can easily open and close it remotely.
  • Swing out model. Consists of two doors that open left and right. Costs around $2000.
  • Sliding mode. Two doors that open by using a top track to slide. Depending on the material, may cost from $1000 to $2000.
Can we help you find the garage door installation services?
Door width and height

Doors can also be single-width or double-width (in the range 8-18 feet). The height is also important. A garage door may range from 6’3” to 8’ in height.


Saving on insulation is not recommended as it will negatively reflect on your household expenses. It gains a particular importance if you have a garage that shares a wall with an external wall of your house. To measure how much heat a garage door can retain inside, the so-called R-value is used. The higher this value is, the better insulated the door is and more banknotes you'll have to part with. The options include polyurethane (dense, costly, with excellent sound-proofing properties), polystyrene (the cheapest option, almost weightless), and polystyrene (sheets of varied thickness).


If you think it can be a DIY project, think twice. Replacing a heavy door is a job minimum for two people. Even if your neighbor agreed to help you, though, you may incidentally drop the door and injure yourself. Moreover, you may install something incorrectly, which will cost you dearly in the long run due to expensive repairs. It's true that hiring professionals is not cheap. However, it always pays off. Professionals are skilled in carpentry, electrical work, have experience, and know all the niceties of the job. So, by hiring a service provider, you actually save your money in the long-term perspective.

Do I have to pay for hardware as well?

Yes, the mechanical parts used for closing and opening the door (tracks, springs, and other elements) plus the decorative items such as handles are included in the bill. Professionals recommend investing more in high-quality mechanical components. That will considerably prolong the service life of the door.

What other factors can impact the price?

Location. The cost of labor and materials in the place where you live may differ greatly from that in another location. A garage door in a large city is costlier than in a small town due to such factors as more expensive warehouse space. Even within the limits of one city prices may vary owing to different architectural styles of homes, for instance.

Opener. A new opener may cost you from $140 to $350.


  • Windows. The type of glass used in the windows, for instance, frosted glass, will definitely raise the price.
  • Finish and color to match the style of your home. If you need a fully custom door, you may select any color and finish you desire, as well as special kind of insulation.

Information to check

Of course, finding a reliable contractor with appropriate expertise is the top priority. Consider at least three bids before you make a final decision. Conduct a thorough online search, read reviews from other customers, or ask your friends and neighbors about qualified professionals. A good contractor should be certified, for example by the International Door Association (IDA).

Other frequently asked questions

Do I need a new opener or can I use the opener from my old door?

The answer to this question depends on the weight of the doors and their styles. If they match, a new opener is not required.

How can I reduce the overall cost of the project?

One of the ways to save on the cost of installing a garage door is to order several additional services. For instance, apart from the basic removal and mounting work, you can decide to install exterior/interior lighting or add weather-stripping along the bottom of the door as a supplementary insulation layer. But first, ask the contractor if this qualifies you for a discount.

Bottom line

The price you’ll pay for the installation of a new garage door depends on several variables including its material, size, and style plus the cost of labor and extra features you could desire such as external lights. The average cost falls within the range between $800 and $1,500.

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