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Home remodeling can help spruce your home with some fresh air and improve the quality of the tenants' life. Some minor projects, like repainting a wall, can be tackled on your own, but major remodeling ideas always require professional assistance from home remodeling contractors. Over the past years, more and more Americans have made a decision of improving their home, so currently, the market is at its peak in terms of materials and ideas for remodels.

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Home remodeling is a wide range of services related to home improvement and renovation. These can be minor fixes around the house as well as major reconstruction of a room or building of an extra space to your home. Most often home remodeling projects are related to the renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc. The average home remodeling cost is $12,000-$48,000, however, smaller remodels may cost as little as $1,900. The cost of your project significantly depends on the project scope, manpower required, and materials you choose.

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Common remodeling projects and their cost

Among the most common home remodeling projects are so-called big-area spaces, namely kitchen, bathroom, basement, roofing, HVAC system, and general exterior renovations. Here are the tentative costs of these projects and a basic description of particular services.


Kitchen remodeling project is one of the most common ones simply because it’s a room that’s used the most. The average kitchen remodeling cost is $25,00-$50,000 and can vary significantly. You can manage to make a small refining of the kitchen with a budget under $8,000 while a high-end project may cost you as much as $55,000. The price is based on the type of flooring and wall material you choose, the quality of countertops and cabinets, as well as appliances for the cooking space. You can read our more detailed kitchen remodeling cost guide to get the insight idea of this project.


The average bathroom remodeling cost is $5,400-$18,000. The price significantly varies depending on the materials you choose, hours of manpower you need for the project completion, as well as on the price of minor details (such as accessories) you want to have. You can read our complete bathroom remodeling cost guide with detailed pricing and project characteristics.


Basement remodeling projects vary from just wall repainting to the complete fixing of the space and turning it into a living one. It may include major plumbing and HVAC renovation as well. The average basement remodeling cost is $10,550- $27,000, while the top-end price reaches more than $40,000. Keep in mind that some part of the job you can complete yourself to save on the overall remodeling.


Roof remodeling projects are required once in 20-50 years depending on the quality of the materials. On average homeowners spend about $9,800 for such remodeling projects, however, the type of material heavily influences the final estimated cost.

  • Asphalt $1,600-$8,400
  • Wood $6,900-$20,000
  • Metal $5,000-$40,600
  • Tile $7,400-$62,000
  • Slate $17,300-$130,000


HVAC systems include vital elements of a home, namely heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Basic replacement of these old units with the modern ones can significantly improve the quality of life as well as energy efficiency of a home. Replacement of a complete system costs between $1,900 and $4,900, while additions like a heat pump or furnace installation may add $1,050-$5,000 more.

You may also consider switching over to solar power. The cost of such a remodel is about $20,000 but many states offer incentives for such projects.


Exterior renovations is an umbrella term for exterior painting, windows replacement, gutter fixing, fence installation, garage building or renovation, etc. As the scope of works can be of different complexity, the cost of the exterior home renovations varies from $3,500 to $37,000. For example, windows replacement costs about $610/window while garage building project price reaches $37,000.

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Additional costs related to home improvement

What costs should I account for?

If you’re planning a large home remodeling project, then you will need additional experts involved. Bathroom and kitchen remodel projects require plumbers at all times, all rooms need an electrician to verify the current layout of the electric work, and structural engineers can help in planning the new layout of your home.

  • Plumbers

    The average plumbing cost is $125-$450 for a visit. However, if you only need to consult a plumber on several issues, then you may pay for this service on an hourly basis. The average hourly charge for plumbers is $45-$150/hour. You can read more about plumbers' charges in our plumbing cost guide.
  • Electricians

    Electrician services cost between $165 and $510 for a visit. However, a lot of electricians charge on an hourly basis just like plumbers about $125-$175/hour. The cost depends on the experience and project complexity. Read more on electricians' charges in our electrician cost guide.
  • Structural engineers

    Additional structures or removal of some inner walls require professional help of a structural engineer. On average, the service costs about $500 but you can find a more detailed description in the demolition cost guide.

Do I need to obtain any permits?

Any major home remodeling project requires permits. Most states require a building permit, but if you’re aiming to change the floor plan of your home, then you need to obtain a permit for that as well. Additional documents might be required based on the local regulations. Building permits on average cost around $900.

How much does it cost to change walls layout?

Cutting off the living space always costs significantly lower than adding it. Most often, you can enlarge the space by breaking a wall. Unless it’s a bearing wall, removal of a wall will cost about $300-$500. If you have a bearing wall, then professional help of a structural engineer is a must-have for you.

When you’re aiming to add up some living space to your home, be ready to pay for such an addition $7,000-$100,000 for the project in total. Most homeowners, however, spend about $40,900 for this service.

Other frequently asked questions

When should I begin a home remodeling project?

Most home remodels are handled during the summer months. It's obvious since this is the time when the paint dries faster and homeowners are able to live without, let’s say, hot water for several days. For this reason, most home remodeling experts advise proceeding with the ideas exactly in summer. Yet, remember that as summer is a peak season for contractors, you are likely to experience difficulties with finding the best one. For this reason, either book your contractor far in advance or wait for them to have some spare time.

The flip side of the coin is pricing. During the high season, all services will cost about 30%-40% higher. So if you choose late fall, you can avoid a price markup.

Do home remodeling companies offer design service?

Not all, but many companies provide design services for their customers. This means that you only describe tentative ideas about the remodel and then receive a detailed plan and colorful presentation of how your final room, for instance, will look like. You can find more information about designing costs in our article about interior designer costs.

Bottom line

Home remodeling projects can improve the visual appeal of your home and also increase its comfort level for all the tenants. Depending on the size and complexity, home remodels may cost from $1,900 and up to $100,000, but on average homeowners spend about $12,000-$48,000.

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