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Questions and Answers

Q: What do window repair services include?

A: Window repair companies help home and business owners to tackle any issues related to their windows. You may call these experts if you have a crack in the framing or sashes, seek advice related to the broken seals, and simply approach them with the basic broken glass. Window repair services deal with all kinds of frames and window types: from the old wooden frames with a single glass to the new vacuum vinyl windows. Professionals can also fix all kinds of windows, from the basic casement and double-hang to a uniquely built and round ones.

Besides the structural problems with window components, window repair services also help with repairs of exterior blinds. Some companies even offer repainting services on demand.

Q: How do window repair companies charge?

A: The number a company names to you is usually the encompassing price for everything related to the repairs, namely labor, materials, and time. While the charging method is universal in this business, the price will vary heavily depending on the scope of the problem and the number of additional services you request. Some teams may offer discounts if you’re in need of repairs for all windows in your home.

Q: What is the average cost of the window repair services?

A: The average cost of the window repairs equals $160-$510, however, the top end price is about $1,000 per project. You can find more numbers and details about the prices for window repairs in our window repair cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the window repairs?

A: Every single part of a window may increase or lower the cost of your window repair project. Experts, additionally, may name you a couple of other cost-influencing factors, such as:

  • Number of windows. The more broken or cracked windows you have, the more time a crew will spend in your home or office. So the more you will pay for the service. Yet keep in mind, that if you have issues with all windows in your home, some companies may offer a discount for a full-house service.
  • Type of damage. Little cracks are much easier and faster to tackle than a broken seal, which frequently requires a complete replacement of a unit. The more complex and unusual your case is, the more money the fixing will cost.
  • Insulation problems. If your windows lack insulation or it is a side effect of the primary problem, then with the old units these problems are easy to fix. If you, however, have new windows with several panes, then your repairs will cost much more. In such cases, window repair contractors have to restore the insulation and also fill in space between the panes with a gas-filler which also costs a lot.
  • Location. Regular windows are easy to repair and replace. Roof windows are harder to reach, not even mentioning the safety risks. The further and higher your problematic windows are, the more you will pay for the repairs.
  • Window material. Modern vinyl windows are much easier and cheaper to fix than the same units made of natural wood. The higher the cost of your window material, the higher will be the final cost of the repairs.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam window repair company?

A: Falling a victim to a window repair company is definitely not something you would like to experience. Below is the list of the most common signs of a window repair scam.

  • Aggressive sales pitch. Professional companies never push on their customers to start the works immediately. They rather explain all problems and leave you time for thinking. If you feel uncomfortable and oppressed by a company, it’s better to avoid such a cooperation.
  • Immediate downpayment. Never ever will experts require any downpayment, especially cash ones, right on your first visit. You might be asked for some deposit after the agreement or contract for the repairs is signed. However, even in such cases, you will always have a possibility to make a bank transfer rather than leaving cash deposits only.
  • No written bid or contract. The absence of a written estimate and no offer to sign a contract is the most common scam in this business. You must always receive a written confirmation of all services and prices signed by the company: whether it’s a bid or an agreement for the service. Always!
  • No references. Reputable window repair companies always can and are willing to provide you a list of references. Inability or reluctance to do so should alert you right away.