Doors installation cost guide

Doors installation and replacement are very common among house improvement projects the Americans perform annually. Whether you would like to renovate your doors, install the new units, or simply fix the broken handle, door services experts will be happy to help you.

Here you will learn about:

Door services include a number of possible variations, namely repairs, replacement, and installation. The repairs include everything from the minor fixes of hinges to the more complicated door lock repairs. Installation service is performed in two main ways: new installation that requires the complete design of the installation and preparation of the door frame in advance; and installation of the new doors into the existing frame. The latter case usually costs much less provided that no frame repairs are needed. Doors replacement is basically installation of a new door into the existing frame. The most influencing cost factor for door services is the materials used as well as the amount of work required.

Average door services cost

On average, door services cost about $290-$1,500 per project where the lower end corresponds to the repairs and the higher end to the installations. The cost of your particular door service will be evaluated by the crew arriving at your home to give you an estimate.

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Cost-related questions

What does the average door services price include?

Door services price almost always includes the cost of labor, materials, and supplies. However, some companies may charge for the labor per hour of work and then create a bill for the materials and supplies needed for the project individually. Here is a tentative list of services and their costs that you can expect to pay for the door services:

  1. Labor $150-$300
  2. Slab $50-$400
  3. Supplies $100-$300
  4. Jamb and stop $150-$300
  5. Frame and construction $200-$650

What factors may change the price?

There is a very wide range of cost-influencing factors for door services. Some are universal, while others are specific for replacement projects or for the repair services. Below are those universal cost factors that any homeowner is likely to face:

  • Number of doors. The rule of thumb says the more doors, the higher price. However, if you install many doors, you are likely to get discounts for every door individually and save several hundred on bulk installations and replacements.
  • Door size. Standard doors are charged by the standard. However, taller, wider, thicker doors with several sections will cost more since they require more work and preparation. Furthermore, bigger doors are also heavier which increases the complexity of the service.
  • Materials. The cost of materials is one of the fundamental cost-influencing factors. Screens, hinges, locking mechanisms, glass, frames, and many other door parts may cost enormously a lot! The quality and material of these parts will increase the final door services cost tremendously. Furthermore, the door material itself also influences the final bill a lot. Wrought iron doors cost the most and so their repairs and replacements also require the biggest investment. On average, wrought iron doors cost almost 2 times more than fiberglass units. However strange it may sound, composite wood doors cost the least of all.
  • Door type. Custom-made doors cost twice and even three times more than standard-shaped units. It is explained by the amount of work required for their installation as well as the amount of work needed for their production.

What other considerations are related to the door services cost?

Here are additional considerations one needs to think of when hiring door services:

  • Slab doors can be easily used if the existing door frame. This option can save you money since the alternative pre-hung doors add up about $100-$150.
  • Hollow-core doors cost much less than solid-core doors. They are, however less sturdy and reliable if compared to solid-core counterparts. The cost of hollow-core units begins at $30.
  • In the case of replacement and repair projects, the need to reconstruct or repair of a door frame, you will have to pay an additional $300-$700 fee for this service.
  • Door removal and disposal is also an additional service that costs about $100.
  • If you have a limited budget, then you can save by choosing and buying a door on your own.
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Do exterior and interior doors cost different?

Yes, while interior door services cost about $75-$125, exterior door repairs and installations cost on average $500-$2,000 where some installations exceed $10,000. The higher costs add up from a number of additional items an exterior door needs, such as sidelights, transom, reliable insulation, weather and fire resistance, as well as higher security measures.

How much do most common door repairs cost?

Here is the list of the top door repairs:

  • Door handles $70-$90 each
  • Door hinges $45 each
  • Letterbox $70
  • Door restrictors $45
  • Door cylinder/barrels standard $60
  • Door multipoint locks rare $230-$290
  • Sliding door handles $80
  • Replace glass units in patio door with upgraded glass units $630

What is the average cost of replacement projects?

The average door replacement cost is $70/hour. Besides that, you will also need to cover debris and construction materials disposal fees of at least $25/hour. Be ready that exterior door replacement will cost significantly more than interior door projects. Among the most common door replacement projects one can name:

  • Interior door frame replacement $150-$250 (plus additional $7-$16/square foot in case of wall reframing)
  • Exterior door reframing $7-$16/square foot (plus siding, house wrap, insulation, and electrical rewiring for about $75/hour)

Door services red flags

The easiest way to avoid unreliable companies is to know the most common red flags. Read below five of them to identify a bad service from the very beginning.

  • Unknown/no address. Hire a company that has a local address that you can identify and verify. Fraudulent businesses can post different phone numbers without a physical address so that when you have any complaint, you won’t have a way of reaching them.
  • High-pressure tactics. Never ever reliable door services providers will push you into buying a particular door type or door part. Don’t listen to the technicians’ claims about your home being in danger unless you perform a particular repair, replacement or choose their doors. Yet, think carefully if several different companies draw your attention to the same problems.
  • Surprise visits. Good companies with the white complaints register and reliable services won’t be knocking on everybody’s doors in search for the new clients. Be wary of the experts who claim to have a special deal.
  • No-name phone ID. When you call a company, the manager on the other side has to use the company’s name when responding to you. Be careful with businesses that use generic responses like “door services.”
  • Prepayment. Prepayments are ordinary unless they exceed the 30% threshold. If someone asks you to pay 100% of the price in advance, this is the sure sign of a scam. Never ever should you pay for the entire job in advance.

Other frequently asked questions

Can I turn a window into a door?

Door replacement and window replacement services cost the same as turning a window into a door. Usually, it costs about $300-$1,500. However, this service will cost the same only provided that the door frame is of the same size as the old window. In case additional wall breaking is required, be ready to pay a lot of extras for drywall building (about $10/square foot), wall restructuring ($15/hour), and sometimes electrician services as well. All in all, you might end up paying about $1,000-$4,000 more.

Do door services offer garage door replacement and repair?

Some companies offer any kind of door repair, replacement, and installation services including any manipulations with garage doors. However, most often these are special services that require a lot of additional knowledge and certification. You can learn more about garage door services in our garage repair cost guide.

Can I expect to get any warranty?

Yes, installation, replacement, and repair door experts provide warranty for both their work and the product(s) they install/replace/repair. The final product, namely, doors usually have about a year warranty on both material and workmanship. In the case of replacements and repairs, you can expect to receive about 90-days warranty on parts and 30-days warranty on labor.

Bottom line

Door services include any door-related assistance from the major installations to the minor crack fixing. The average door services cost is $290-$1,500 with the smallest charges ranging from $50 to the highest prices for installations reaching $4,800 and even more.

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