Roof repair cost guide

The roof is one of the most essential parts of your home that guards it against the merciless forces of nature. Ignoring any issues with a roof is like playing with fire. If you don't detect a problem early, it may have a domino effect. Then, instead of a hundred dollars, you'll have to pay thousands to have a new roof installed. Below, you'll find the most common roof "ailments" along with the rough costs of treating them.

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Roof repairs are normally required when shingles have been lifted by the wind and carried off the roof or when they've lost their top layer and can no longer resist the elements effectively. Faulty chimney, skylight, or valley flashing also requires attention, as well as rotting decking and leaky gutters. Many smaller jobs like sealing cracks or replacing a couple of shingles can be tackled by homeowners who are not afraid to climb up onto the roof. Others, such as replacing plywood under the shingles should be entrusted to roof repair professionals as they require special skills and equipment.

The overall cost of roof repairs is determined by such factors as the type and extent of the damage, shingle material, roof pitch and number of planes, plus some other considerations. On average, paying from $340 to $1,240 is common. The maximum reported price is $4,350. The lowest amount is $160.

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Price-related questions

How much does it cost to replace different types of shingles/coverings?

Some shingle materials may be more susceptible to strong winds and harsh weather conditions and correspondingly may require repair or replacement more often. Here are the most popular kinds of roof coverings, problems that may occur to them, and costs to repair them.


This is the least expensive type. Asphalt shingles are quite heavy, but a very strong wind (over 115 miles per hour) can dislodge even the sturdiest of them. If you hire a contractor to replace a few shingles of this type, the job will cost between $150 and $300. A handyman will do it for a lower fee: $100-$130.

Roof repair professionals recommend replacing asphalt shingles when the temperature is moderate and avoid doing it when it's extremely hot. Reason: the material gets soft under heat.


Tiles often crack or slide. That will let the rainwater reach the underlying roof material. As a consequence, plywood will rot, the metal will get rusty, and finally, water will start dripping from the attic ceiling, causing all kinds of issues. Getting a tile roof back to order will cost you from $300 to $370 on average.


Termites and other timber-adoring insects are a big threat to wood shakes. Besides, if there are tall trees growing near the house, they cast shade on the roof. That may cause moss to grow on the shingles, gradually wearing them out and leading to disastrous effects. Also, unlike some other materials, wood contributes to ice build-up in winter months, clogging gutters and increasing pressure on the rooftop. $340-$370 is a typical price range for having roof repair professionals replace wood shakes. A handyman will charge between $140 and $180.


Bolts or nails that have come off metal sheets or shingles or simply not tightly fixed will leave space for water to seep into. In addition, a homeowner or a roof repair professional may have incorrectly repaired the roof previously, leaving water-inviting loose seams. The average cost of repairing a metal roof is from $280 to $310.


This material, like wood, is prone to accumulating ice and snow. Slate tiles nailed too hard may let water reach the underlayment. Another threat to slate roofs is hail, which may leave holes in them. Finally, if you have trees growing close to your home, they may damage slate tiles when falling on them. Depending on the kind of slate (natural or synthetic), expect to pay from $920 to $4,100 for repairing one square (ten feet by ten feet), labor and materials included.

What other issues are common for roofs and how much does it cost to fix them/have them fixed?


Although skylights don't occupy much space, they can be quite costly to repair. Here is what may happen to this type of window:

  • The flashing (metal or vinyl material around a skylight that separates it from the rest of the roof) may be torn off by strong gusts of wind or start corroding due to frequent exposure to water or old age. That will cause water to seep through the skylight inside the building.
  • A skylight frame may develop cracks and the sealant strip may get broken.

To fix these issues, roof repair professionals will have to do quite a bit of work:

  • Take off the shingles around the window, as well as the old flashing.
  • Clean the area thoroughly.
  • Replace the old sealant.
  • Put new flashing in place.
  • Install new shingles.

Expect to pay from $440 to $470 for fixing problems with a skylight.


The flashing around chimneys may also be blown off by winds or start corroding. If you see that the flashing is not tightly attached to the chimney, simply caulking it is not enough. If it’s been in this state for a long time, it may have already started to rust. Depending on the extent of the damage, professionals will charge from $210 to $510 for solving problems with the chimney flashing.


These are narrow areas between two roof slopes. If certain shingles in these areas don't fit well, water will find its way inside the home. Another problem may be the valley flashing that is not sealed properly or damaged by a dislodged shingle. Prepare to pay between $20 and $30 to repair one linear foot of valley flashing.

Plywood decking

The plywood beneath the shingles, called decking, may need to be replaced if water has reached it or a fallen tree branch has seriously damaged it. One plywood sheet will cost you around $21 (one-fourth of an inch thick). You may also need galvanized roofing nails ($67 for one roll), plus roof cement ($23 for one gal). Roof repair professionals don't recommend homeowners to replace plywood sheets on their own. It's a lot of work including replacing the shingles around the window and sealing everything properly. A contractor will charge $510–$610 for installing one new square (ten by ten feet) of decking.

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How much does it cost to reseal the entire roof?

This service will cost from $860 to $1,100 for a common-sized roof.

What other factors influence the final roof repair cost?

Roof square footage and configuration

The larger is the area of the roof, the more effort is required to fix it. The roof design matters too. A roof with 6 planes will cost less to repair than one with ten planes. Additional features such as skylights also add to the total price.

Roof height and pitch

High and steep roofs are the most expensive to repair. Professionals need special equipment to get to the damaged spot and deliver the required material.

Time of year

Sometimes, homeowners call roof repair contractors to perform urgent work when the weather conditions are unfavorable. The cost will be higher in this case. In general, the optimal temperature for repairing a roof is from 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn't be raining and the roof shouldn't be wet or slippery.

Information to check


Make sure the contractor is appropriately licensed and insured as roof repairs are not safe. The contractor must also be experienced.

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Before actually getting down to work, have one of the roof repair professionals inspect the entire roof. There could be other problems apart from the one you've noticed. That's especially important after a heavy storm.


Certain companies provide their services at reduced prices. For instance, there could be a discount of up to 30 percent for seniors. Find it out when hiring a contractor.

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Other frequently asked questions

I've noticed that one gutter section on my roof is leaky and seems to be in need of replacement. How much may roof repair professionals charge for this?

Read our cost guide on gutter installation to learn about average prices of this service.

I am thinking of installing a second layer of shingles over the existing ones. How much will that cost on average?

It depends on the material. For example, for installing asphalt shingles expect to pay from $1.20 to $2.10 per square foot.

Bottom line

Roof repair professionals replace old or broken shingles, repair chimney, skylight, and valley flashing, replace leaky gutters and rotting decking, reseal the entire roof, and provide other services to restore roofs back to the norm. On average, their services cost from $340 to $1,240.