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A visually attractive and functional driveway is one of the things that can considerably boost a home value. While driveway materials these days are of a better quality and more durable than they used to be in the past, harsh weather conditions and everyday movement of heavy vehicles over asphalt, concrete, or brick gradually ruin the surface. If you neglect any issues with your driveway, they may turn into big problems over time. That's why homeowners should take driveway repairs very seriously.

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Unlike most home projects, many driveway repair tasks like sealing cracks or filling potholes can be tackled by homeowners themselves. If it's something more fundamental, though, such as a fault in a heated driveway system, professional help from driveway repair specialists is a wiser and often the only solution. Among the most common issues with driveways are cracks, holes, sinking, standing water, crumbling, scaling, mold growth, and some others. Possible causes include considerable temperature fluctuations, excessive load on the surface, poor drainage, road chemicals, or aging. Depending on whether you're going to fix driveway issues on your own or hire a handyman or contractor, expect to spend between $790 and $2,360. The maximum reported amount is $4,550. The minimum cost is $320.

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Price-related questions

What problems are common for concrete driveways and how much does it cost to fix them/have them fixed?


This problem is widespread in places where a driveway joins a common road. The principal cause of crumbling is an excessively slim uppermost layer. Homeowners can fix this issue themselves by cutting away the damaged section and placing there a border made of concrete or cobblestone. New concrete will cost $3.50-$4.50 per square foot.


Those are typical for locations where the temperature intermittently hovers slightly below and above the freezing point. Concrete expands and contracts with water turning into ice and thawing all of the time. As a result, cracks form. You can eliminate cracks below 1/4 of an inch in width by using special fillers ($11-$16 for one bottle). However, if a crack exceeds that size, using a filler will only temporarily solve the problem and may lead to complications down the line. A driveway repair professional's consultation is advisable in this case.


A flaking and pitted concrete driveway can be an immediate turnoff for any potential property buyer. This damage stems from temperature fluctuations too, as well as from the application of road salt and other ice-melting agents. The standard cost of spalling removal is $3.50-5.50 for one square foot.


Sinking is most commonly caused by the ground failing to support the weight of concrete. To put things right, you can lift the affected concrete block and place small stones or gravel under it. Another method suggests assistance from driveway repair professionals. They will make apertures in the sunk blocks and through them, fill the space underneath. That way the blocks will be level with the rest of the driveway again.

On average, expect to pay between $3.50 and $5.50 for one square foot. If the problem with the underlying layer is more serious, you may have to replace the complete system.

What type of damage is typical for an asphalt driveway?

Cracks, alligator cracks

Asphalt, like concrete, can develop separate cracks or so-called alligator cracks (networks of fine cracks localized in one section of a driveway). They are also most frequently caused by freezing temperatures changing to above freezing-point conditions. Again, if the width of a crack doesn't exceed ¼ of an inch, using fillers will fix the problem. A bottle of filler will cost you $11-$16. As for alligator cracks, those can be eliminated by applying a patch material and adding a layer of a sealing agent. Paying $2.50-$3.50 for these “remedies” is normal. If you have no squeegee, purchase one as well ($27-$57).


These are not mere appearance spoilers. They represent a functional issue that may even cause damage to your vehicle. Why do they occur?

  • The driveway underlayment is faulty.
  • You’ve neglected the spot with alligator cracks for too long.
  • There is standing water under the driveway.

You can fill a pothole with a patching material and tamp it down with something like a plywood sheet. Prepare to spend $6-$10 on a bag of patching material 60 pounds in weight. A driveway repair specialist normally charges between $7 and $7.50 per square foot for this kind of work. Note, however, that this is not a permanent solution. You can expect an even bigger pothole in the long run: water will eventually find its way where an old asphalt joins a new material.

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What issues are common for a gravel driveway?

You may see portholes after a prolonged period of rain when water accumulates under the gravel layer. This can be fixed by thoroughly cleaning the spot and putting new gravel in the hole. Expect to pay around $50 for one ton of gravel. As prevention is better than cure, you can also keep away the unwanted water from around the driveway by placing borders along its edges.

How much does repairing a brick driveway cost?

This maintenance-loving material is prone to all kinds of damage, starting from being broken by falling tree branches and ending with a poor quality of installation work. You can replace damaged bricks with new ones, but note that only bricks from one batch will look identical. One brick costs between $0.50 and $0.70. You may also need sand. Expect to pay $23-$33 for a pack that weighs 50 pounds.

Another trouble a brick driveway may suffer from is a tree growing nearby. Its rooting system may turn out to be stronger than a couple of bricks and you may soon discover them lying loose on the surface. You can either have the tree cut down ($660), or rebuild the driveway section so that the tree will not affect it. Professionals will take from $650 to $840 for this kind of work, materials included.

What factors may affect the final price of the driveway repair?

Number and gravity of issues

A couple of narrow cracks here and there can be quickly fixed by using cheap filling agents. It's a different matter if the driveway has been neglected for too long and developed all types of problems: from alligator cracks to sinking and potholes. That will cost you much more. You may even have to resurface the driveway.

Driveway length, width, and design

A driveway that looks like an avenue is likely to be more labor-intensive and thus more expensive to repair. What surrounds the driveway also matters as tree leaves and other debris will need to be cleaned before a contractor can do anything. Another problem is a bad driveway design which causes standing water. A driveway repair company may take as much as $3,100 to make your driveway water-free again.

Information to check


If you're going to rebuild something along the length of a driveway, you may have to obtain a permit from your local building department. If you hire professionals, they may do that for you.

Repair or replacement

Depending on the current state of your driveway, you may consider its inspection by a professional. Oftentimes, replacing a driveway is more cost-effective than repairing it. Some of the most important factors in this respect include the number of issues and their size, problems with drainage, and how long the driveway has already served.

Other frequently asked questions

What is resurfacing and how much does it cost?

Resurfacing is a cheaper alternative to repaving. Professionals will simply remove the uppermost surface layer and replace it with fresh material. Thus, you save on having to completely overhaul your driveway, provided the underlayment is in order. To resurface a driveway of around 750 sf, homeowners typically pay $1,690.

How much does resealing a driveway cost?

If you decide to do it yourself, it will cost you $0.11-$0.17 for one square foot. Hiring a contractor is more expensive – up to $110 for one thousand square feet.

Bottom line

Depending on the extent of the problems, homeowners can either repair their driveway on their own or hire professionals. The overall cost of a project depends on such factors as the driveway material, size, and design. On average, be prepared to spend from $790 to $2,360.

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