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Beautiful-looking and functional windows are a great asset. They increase the home value, protect it from heat and cold while letting the daylight inside. Modern windows also have excellent energy efficiency characteristics that can help significantly reduce expenses on cooling or heating a home. If you're planning to replace one or more of your existing windows or have a window in a completely new place, have a look at how much it may cost.

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Window installation professionals work both in residential homes and on commercial properties. They can mount a new window from scratch by cutting a space in a wall, creating a new frame, and then install a window. They can also replace old windows with new ones. The final cost of window installation is dependent on a number of factors. Among them is the window material, size, and type, as well as how many windows need to be mounted, what floor they need to be installed on, and what additional features such as a security mechanism the homeowner desires a new window to have. On average, be prepared to spend from $2,600 to $7,550. The lowest price is $340. The highest value is $15,100.

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Price-related questions

What are the key factors that determine the final cost of window installation?

How many windows you wish to install

It's a no-brainer: the more new windows you want to have in your home, the more money you'll have to pay. Note, however, that with multiple windows, the total cost for one window installation will generally be lower. That's because a pro can use their working time more efficiently without having to "jump" from place to place. The exact discount size varies from provider to provider, but 5-10 percent is quite common.

Window sash material

There are several popular window materials available on the market, including steel, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. In general, be prepared to pay from as little as $140 to as much as $1,550. To learn about the prices of specific materials, refer to our guide on window replacement cost.

Glass and insulation

The type of glass for panes also matters in determining how much you'll pay for your new windows. Apart from the ordinary glass, panes can be made of laminated or tempered glass, costing up to $750. These have good impact-resistance and ultraviolet-resistance qualities. Gas insulation is also an important characteristic of a window. A three-pane window with argon between the panes will not only reduce noises from the outside, but will also help you save on the heating and cooling expenses up to a half. That benefit comes at a cost, though, as you'll have to pay more upfront – around 20 percent more than for a standard window that has the same dimensions.

Window design

The design of a window can also affect its price. For instance, a single-hung window in which only one pane opens by sliding upward, costs from $180 to $360. At the same time, a sliding window that opens horizontally and is usually bigger in size, can be purchased in the range $330-$1250. Other available types include a double-hung window, casement window, bow window, and others. More on the prices of windows depending on their design read our guide on window replacement cost.

Window dimensions

Obviously, windows that have larger dimensions cost more than smaller ones. However, if a window has a non-standard size (and shape), you may expect to pay more. That's because a window installation contractor may have to cut an opening of the corresponding size in a wall and adjust the frame for the window to fit in this opening. Sometimes, the price of a window with odd dimensions may go up 60-90 percent. As an example, a skylight window costs between $460 and $1,550 on average.

Ease of access

In general, windows located on one of the floors above the ground level will be priced higher. Reason: there is a risk of falling, plus a window installation professional has to use a ladder and other equipment to deliver necessary materials. The standard cost increment for hard-to-reach windows amounts to 10% and slightly more.

How much does labor cost?

Window installation professionals normally charge per window: between $110 and $210. For this money, the installer will take out an old window, prepare the frame for a new installation, install a new window, and seal the space between the frame and the window.

Can we help you find the window installation services?

Information to check


The contractor you hire must be experienced (3-5 years) in window installation, licensed, bonded, and insured. An initial deposit is a usual thing. Remember, however, that no reputable contractor will ask you for the whole sum in the quote before actually beginning to work.


In the majority, if not in all, cases window manufacturers provide warranties for their products. They may differ in length. Ask what's the duration of the warranty for the window you've selected for purchase.


Whenever some construction work is required to fit a window in an external (always load-bearing) wall, you might need to obtain a permit from your local building department. The contractor can assist you with this.

Other frequently asked questions

What's the cost of disposing of an old window?

As a rule, window installation specialists will help you to get rid of old windows for free. But this questions should be discussed separately as it may differ from company to company.

How can I save on a window installation project?

You can buy a window at a local home improvement store and deliver it to your home. Then, hire a local handyman (with experience and good references) to install a window. Installing a window as a DIY project is highly inadvisable since all measurements must be performed correctly and no gap must be left between the frame and the window. Otherwise, all kinds of issues may ensue, causing a health risk and sending up your utility bills. So, $100 you'll save will be quickly eaten up by expenses on window repair.

Bottom line

The window installation cost depends on such factors as the window dimensions, shape, and type, as well as on where the window is located and whether it’s replacement or a completely new construction project. On average, prepare to spend between $2,600 and $7,550.

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