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Questions and Answers

Q: What do pool building services include?

A: Pool building services include every step of creating a pool in your backyard: from the mere planning and working with an architect to filling the reservoir with water. Pool building experts will first of all meet with you to discuss your preferences and wills about the new pool. Most often such a meeting will take place in your home to examine the backyard and take all measurements required for the planning. After that, you will be presented with a project and once every minor detail is agreed upon, the building will begin.

Pool builders will start by excavating the hole for your future swimming pool. They will ensure that no electricity or water utilities are harmed. After that, they will work with gunite to create the shape of your swimming pool. And, finally, the crew will decorate the pool with tiles and coping, create a pool deck around the unit, and in the end, they will clean up the construction site from any debris. Besides that, some pool builders also cooperate with landscape designers to transform the whole backyard completely.

Q: How do pool building companies charge?

A: All pool building companies charge per project in total. This cost includes all possible services a team provides: from project and labor to materials and special equipment rentals. This is a beneficial kind of charging because in this case you can address a pool building expert and explain that you have a particular budget. In such a case, your pool expert will be able to match the budget and needs to the possible options.

Q: What is the average cost of the pool building services?

A: People report spending on average between $11,500 to $37,000 for pool building services. However, since there can be no two projects alike, you can expect the price to be from $3,000 and up to $100,000. You can learn more about prices in the pool building industry from our pool building cost guide.

Q: What factors affect the cost of the pool building services?

A: There are numerous factors that may affect the final cost of your pool building project. Most of them are all project-specific. Some universal characteristics of your pool, however, will definitely have an impact.

  • Above- vs inground pools. Above ground pools usually cost less due to the absence of excavation works and the materials used.
  • Outside vs inside pools. Inside, or so-called covered, pools are likely to cost more because on top of the pool building cost you will need to pay for the constructions built around it, such as roofing and walls.
  • Material. Concrete pools are the most expensive yet most universal because any shape can be given to such a construction. Fiberglass pools are a more affordable option and are perfect for a long-time commitment. The cheapest version is vinyl pools.
  • Accessories. Slides, water heaters or coolers, handrails, covers, ladders, etc. are all additional accessories carefully customized for every pool. The more add-ons you will have, the higher will be the final bill.
  • Features. You may opt for a waterfall or add lights under the water, grow plants or use natural rocks for the bottom. These features also add up to the cost.

Q: How to avoid dealing with a scam pool building company?

A: If you don’t want to waste such big money for nothing, ensure you avoid pool building scams at all costs.

  • Hard selling. Good pool builders will try to match your demands to their offer and not push you into choosing what they want to sell.
  • Badmouthing the competitors. Yes, your company might be the best one in the market but no reliable expert will ever say bad things about the competition.
  • Alternative estimate. Even if you got some tip on working with a company, still shop around a little and get estimates from several companies. And then compare the data. If your chosen contractor offers an estimate for the project that is significantly different from the rest, then you should feel suspicious.
  • Unrealistic project dates. Be ready that pool building takes no less than 6 weeks. So anyone who plans to deliver it faster is an unreliable candidate for cooperation.