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Denver, CO

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(646) 506-3151 PIN: 506

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Chris Schultz Golf Instruction, has given 35,000+ quality golf lessons in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Ohio. Chris is a PGA Master Professional(One of 350 in The United States), and has worked with John Jacobs, Golf Digest, and Nike Golf Schools. "The Most Patient, Personable, and Productive Golf Instructor in Denver, Colorado".


Denver, CO

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    10315 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80260
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    (646) 506-3151 PIN: 506
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Reviews (3)

06 May 2016

I found Chris on Craiglist which always makes me a little nervous since we all know how legit everyone is one Craiglist. He insisted that I pay for 3 months of service and then basically refused to even meet me in person. Red flag all the way!!!

In full disclosure I have copied and pasted our exact communication so you can determine your opinion:


I am as "legit" as they come, and again do not have to "prove myself" to any one......

Being fortunate that my business model works very well, and I have many happy students, that do not require me to "jump through hoops".

"Good Luck" with your golf instructor search, with your attitude, you are going to need luck, to get someone to work with you...



Thanks anyway, your obviously not legit if your not willing to just come over and meet with my wife and kids. All we asked is that you come over and meet us. If that is "too sketchy" then we will take our business else where.

Thank you,




Thanks for the message....

Yes, you found me on Craigslist, but, you can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, my website, or you could have
just "GOOGLE searched" me and you could see my background. I previously sent you references. After 36 years of teaching golf all
over the country, and the greatest thing about working basically for myself, is that I do not have to work with everyone, and I am pretty
much done with "proving myself" to anyone.....I am a risk to no one.......

My reputation and my 36 years in The Golf Business, is worth far more to me than any money that you could give me, let along
thinking that I would "scam" you out of $285.00....We are not a good fit at all for each other.

"Good Luck" with your search for a Golf Instructor, but, after you basically "insulting" me.....I am not the one for you.....

Chris Schultz
PGA Master Professional



Thanks for the follow up.

So here is my issue… I found you on Craigslist which is very well known for having scammers and that is my major concern. I pay you this $285 for 3 months of service and then you are gone like the wind. Please don’t get me wrong, I am completely willing to pay you at a price that is beyond reasonable, but I am also smart enough to be aware of my risk. So, maybe you can at least come by my place and we can shake hands and let me see that you can swing a golf club. Then, I will feel a lot more comfortable with working with you… is my resistance making sense to you now?




Thanks for the email....

I hope you understand, but, the only way that I can offer this special price for this lesson program with a minimum of a three-month commitment, and this is one thing that I do not waiver on...

If this is a "deal breaker" for you....I understand, but, must have that 3-month commitment to this program...

This is my 36th of teaching golf, and have given 35,000+ golf lessons, all across the country, and I am sure that your kids and I will get along great, and they will learn golf...

Let me know your thoughts....

Please advise...




Thanks for the follow up. I am not completely comfortable with a 3 month commitment until we see how things go. Would you be open to $95 for the first month and then if all goes well, we will then give cover for either 3 months or a year.

Once above is confirmed, I will email you the times we would request for lessons. We are thinking twice a week sometime M-F, likely around 4-6 pm if that might work



01 May 2016

I've gone through about four lessons with Chris, and even with that relatively small amount of teaching, my swing is hugely improved. He is a great teacher. He helped me straighten out my nasty slice and get consistent, solid contact on balls. I would highly recommend Chris Schultz for those who want to improve their golf game.

06 Apr 2016

First and foremost the staff is super helpful. Secondly it is very easy to deal with, great facility and great lesson. Major game improvement. Great teaching skills. Will definitely be back.