$50 - Windows 7 Installation - Drop off Service, Laptop/Desktop

  • Computer Services $50.00

Hi, I am an A+ Certified Computer Technician looking for extra work repairing computers.

I can wipe off your hard drive and load a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate back on.
This is the very best way to eliminate all viruses or malware and make an old computer run like new.

You get:
- Hard drive wipe
- Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate, activated - will download updates
- Install of Office 2007 - full version
- All drivers for your computer system installed - this is where most people find the value in my service, drivers are not usually easy to find and can be a real pain to get on there correctly.

Just drop the computer off to me and I will do all this and show it to you hooked up and working afterward.
I will be available throughout weekends or during the week after 6 PM, just call to get a drop off appointment. NOTE - Make sure to get all your needed files copied off of the hard drive.

I also do Windows XP installation and can work on hardware issues too.

Please call me, my name is John.
Thanks for looking at my post.