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*Your coil may look like the one in this picture. Let us show you what we can do for you to make your air flow better and prevent future problems!*

Blizzard Air Conditioning: Serving Polk County and the Central Florida Area.

**WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY'S PRICES (and SIGNIFICANTLY less, usually by 40-50%, depending on what service and/or products you need)!!**

Is your air conditioner not blowing cool air, or is it not turning on at all? Whether you need your A/C serviced, or entirely replaced, you found the right post!

Certified HVAC Installer/Technician, with 13 years of experience. High quality work, using only the best products, and guaranteed to have the lowest prices around!

If you're in need of a new part or unit, but do not need to take advantage of our excellent installation services, we can also order what you need and at very reasonable prices.

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*We offer specials on maintenance plans, and discounted rates if you're in need of multiple services.