• Pet Sitting & Walking

If you need help with your pets, please call me.

I grew up with a veritable Noah's Ark, and have been dragging my own menagerie around the country to different bases, and I understand travel all too well! I am recently returned home from Pope Air Force Base, and find working with animals preferable to almost all other work.

My trustworthiness is without equal, and my references truly great. I am also licensed in EP, so when I tell you that animal is going to be safe, with me, you can believe it. I am near maniacal about animals never getting loose or lost!



p.s. for all those old school kids out there... mint shampoo (suave) works as well as most flea/tick repellents on the market. though, if you have a real situation at hand, consider using revolution. it doesn't seem to have the negative neural affects, and works without fail. I owned a combatives company on the beach in cape Canaveral, and my wire fox terrier was truly under assault! this product was the only product that really worked like a charm!