ATY Computers - CERTIFIED & LICENSED Computer Repair $50 per computer.

  • Computer Repair $50.00

A REAL Computer Repair Company with REAL Computer Technicians = REAL Customer Satisfaction! NOTE: We do not only specialize in expert Virus removal we specialize in ALL facets of PC repair.

There is many things you can sit and wait on with our repair, but Most take 4 to 5 hours (including virus scans) to do them correctly. Note: remote virus scans are 100% scams! It is impossible for anyone to do a REAL virus scan, remotely!

We do NOT specialize in QUICK Repair such as so many other technicians do.. Since there is no such thing unless you wish the problem back in a few days after bringing it home. We do try to have your system back to you within 12 to 24 hours, depending on issue.

We DO SPECIALIZE IN fixing your computer - RIGHT the FIRST Time!
Hire certified only!!

ATY COMPUTERS. References upon request.
Over 3000 served. 100% satisfaction rating.