Big Stone Retaining Walls, Ponds and water features

  • Masonry Contractors

We design and install custom rock retaining walls. Using our own stone supply or we can order whatever you want in. We stack our stones tight and level with the proper backfill, woven textile and drainage material. A combined 60 years of American worker experience in this trade. Engineering is provided with any wall that requires it as well as any permits and drainage. Our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured for any scenario.

Our stone supply has geologist test results and it tests better than any other quality available stone out there so it won't crumble due to freezing. Plus it stands up to water where other rocks won't.

We own 4 excavators ranging in size from 7 tons to 30 tons to handle any project you need.
Don't want to hear that rock scratching noise installers make to make these walls tight? Hire us, we process all our stone off site so we are able to do the job quicker, tighter, on schedule and still make the neighbors happy!

Want to see or hear about our past projects from the customers? Let me know I have a reference list 20 jobs long. We work with several builders, other construction contractors and landscapers in the area.

Don't make a mistake and hire the other guys who claim they know how to do it but don't have the knowledge, jobs portfolio, several references or quality materials to do the job right. Only pay for the job once and do it right! We specialize in fixing the cheaper contractors mess ups ask our Customers!

Need dirt ? We can supply that as well.
Call Bob for more info or visit our website. We work the entire metro area and outlying areas even the Lake of the Ozarks and farther for the right project.