• Pet Daycare & Boarding $10.00

Hello,! I am offering my home to board your pet(s) while you are on vacation, a business trip, holidays or any time you are needing. Your pet will never feel alone. I have pets of my own so I understand the stress of leaving ones pet.

My fees "start" at $10.00. I am usually available on a moments notice if you need someone in emergency situations or just to set up an appointment. I have raised rough collies and horses, trained dogs, helped in difficult births of cats and dogs, groomed dogs, taken care of the sick and saved dogs and cats all my life.

Please contact by "CALLING me first". I do hope to hear from you soon.
NOTICE: I take care of one client's pet(s) at a time and if you leave your dog(s) and then change your mind I have a $20.00 cancel fee as you will have interfered in my taking another client on the days you have booked...