• Pet Sitting & Walking

Does your pet get really anxious when taken from your home?
Is your pet uncomfortable around other pets it does not know?
Do you dread dropping your pets off and picking them up at the boarding facility?
Do your pets have complicated feeding or medication requirements?
Does your pet have favorite toys or games to play at home?
Does your pet have a favorite place to go on walks?

Are you tired of asking friends and relatives, knowing they probably don't enjoy the job, are in a hurry and might feed and run with no snuggles, no play, and no exercise.
If so, a professional pet sitter in your home may be the best answer.
We try to keep to your pet's routine as much as possible to minimize their stress level.

Bonus! The pet sitter will watch over your home, making sure there is nothing leaking or other problems. Home services can be provided such as moving trash carts, picking up mail and newspapers, plant care, switching lights and curtains to make your home look lived in and more.

For more information call. I would be happy to meet you and your pets and discuss the best options available for you. There is no charge or obligation for this initial consultation. Gentle Guardian Pet Sitting-- for your peace of mind.