• Music Lessons

Openings available for new drum students
I am a professional drummer / playing and teaching for the last 20 years
Ive worked with male and female students, young and old

I teach in my home studio with 2 drum sets where I can play side by side with my students
Learning by example is an important part of the teaching process and is difficult to do sharing one set of drums
Most music studios share one set of drums for teaching

* I work with Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
* Teach Snare Drum and Drum Set Technique
* Teach techniques for reading drum music
* Teach ear training playing with music and cd's
* Work with multi styles of music including: Alternative, Rock, Metal, Funk, Country, Jazz, Classical
* Work with metronomes to develop a solid feel and tempo

14 Mile and Gratiot area
Half hour or hour lessons available
Contact me today to set up a lesson