• Music Lessons

Are you looking for an experienced piano teacher to teach your child or yourself? I am a highly-motivated, non-critical private piano teacher that has been teaching students from the age of three to adult since 2002 and have loved played piano myself for the past 25 years.

For your convenience, I drive right to your home for each lesson! Private classes allow you or your child to totally relax while learning within your own home instead of having to drive to that music studio across town on those dangerous winter nights or during that heavy city traffic. Plus, you won't have to wait for the class to finish which is a real "time-killer" too!

I am very well-known and highly-respected in the cities of Plymouth, Northville, Canton, Novi, Belleville and Downriver cities having taught hundreds of children and adults over my teaching career.

I provide a strong foundation of the basics while teaching reading and key location, piano-playing techniques, chords, proper fingering, music theory (I make it fun!), and improvisation! Keep in mind that as I am teaching you or your child, I make it fun and challenging in each and every class! My goal as their piano teacher is to build their skill level while helping them develop their God-given inner musical talents so they can one day play whatever their heart desires!

Since I believe that piano recitals are a great way of instilling confidence and pride in my students' musical milestone, I have annual recitals. They are always an exciting family event that my students along with their family and friends love attending! And, I always encourage everyone to bring their cameras, video cams or cell phones to capture those special "Kodak moments"!

Lastly, I can offer you flexible scheduling which is very important for the busy piano parent!

I am currently accepting new students right now! So, don't let the dream of becoming a wonderful pianist slip away! Call TERRI and get started playing piano today!