Midwest Porta-blast. Dustless Sand & Media Blasting

  • Auto Repair Services

Have a car or truck that you've been wanting to get ready for primer and paint but lack the time for sanding? Or maybe you have a car/truck frame, trailer, farm equipment that needs to be cleaned and prep'd for paint or powder coating? The whole idea can seem overwhelming with the amount of work involved to get that stalled project going again but, Midwest Porta-blast can help.

We have the latest technology and equipment to prepare almost any surface for painting or coating. Our system will remove all rust, undercoating, bondo, and old paint without warping sheet metal that traditional sandblasting can do. And it does not create paint adhesion problems like sodablasting can due to the residue it leaves. It is gentle enough for fiberglass bodies like Corvettes and boats. We can also remove paint, graffiti and coatings from brick, concrete, and even wood. Most importantly, we are mobile and come to you to get the job done!

References available upon request.