• Auto Repair Services

Hi, my name is Darin. I'm a certified automotive and AutoBody Mechanic. I charge a $15 travel and diagnostic fee.
I am out to help save you money and the best way possible, I'm not out to break anyone's pockets hopefully help if anything however I will not accept anyone putting a price on my work I can absolutely assure you that my prices are the best around if not there are plenty of people to mess up what you work hard for.

I specialize in Breaks, Alternators, wheel bearings, axles, sensors, sparkplugs, oil changes, starters,water pumps, AC compressors, fuel pumps,body work, rocker panels, rocker panel cut outs and welds, any wrecked cars front end work, etc. I'm free on weekends I work Saturdays and Sundays on cars that is weekdays any time after 5 p.m.