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A burglary happens every 13 seconds in the US. However, if you install a security alarm system, the probability of a burglary is minimized by 300%! While security alarm installation cost may seem to be higher than expected, remember that your peace of mind is priceless. The market offers a large variety of security alarm systems for consideration. Make sure to cooperate with an installer to get a proper system for your particular home.

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Security alarm installation service is offered for home- and business owners who aim at protecting their property from burglars. Experts install special mechanisms that are designed to detect any unauthorized entry into a building or other area and then signal about it. The signal is connected to the protection agency which instantly reacts to protect client’s property from stealing. The average security alarm installation cost is $320-$1,300 for the project in total. The average hourly charge equals $80/hour with the lowest price being $60/hour and the higher end services reaching $85-$90/hour.

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Types of security alarm systems

Hardwired vs. wireless systems

Hardwired security alarm systems require professional assistance during the installation and setup. The cost of these systems is $800-$1,600 due to the high number of drilling and planning required.

Hardwired security alarm systems typically have significantly lower maintenance needs and their parts are much easier to replace. Among the downsides of hardwired systems, one can name higher installation costs and impossibility to relocate the unit after installation. However, these systems are much harder to break and so, they are more reliable.

Wireless security alarm systems are easier in terms of installation and can even be installed without a professional. Due to the absence of wires, they are easy to upgrade and relocate if needed. Wireless security alarms are advised as a part of home security measures for small homes and rentals.

Among the biggest disadvantages of wireless alarm systems is the easiness of their disabling and signal interference. Besides that, if the battery dies inside of a unit, it stops protecting your home.

Unmonitored security systems

These are typical DIY installations that don’t require professional assistance. These alarms are not connected to the safety agencies; instead, they alert a homeowner about any intrusion via a smartphone app. The main drawback of this system is that you might miss the signal on your phone and that after the burglary you will have to personally contact local authorities to inform them of the incident. The cost of such security systems varies between $200 and $680.

Monitored security systems

As the name suggests, monitored security alarm systems have 24/7 surveillance. They offer a significantly better level of security because there is a person watching your property all the time. The average cost of a monitored security system is $15-$65/month. Such systems can go beyond standard alerting procedure in case of a burglary; instead, they also react toward major сhanges in temperature, flooding risks, carbon monoxide and smoke detection.

Cost-related questions

Are there any activation fees?

Besides the standard installation fee, most security alarm systems also require a small activation fee. The fee may range from $0 to $200. If there is no activation fee, then be ready to pay more for a month depending on the company and service.

How do companies monitor my home?

Hardwired security alarm system companies use the existing phone landline to monitor the alarm systems. In this case, the cost of the monthly fee will equal the current cost of the landline service ($20-$35/month). As a rule, landline/hardwired security systems require lower monthly payments compared to wireless units. In case you don’t have a landline or you’re afraid that it might be cut off, many companies also provide cellular monitoring as a backup.

Another common monitoring possibility is via GSM chips. This is a wireless monitoring option through a GSM chip which is put inside the central control panel. The cost of such a monitoring practice is higher ($10-$65/month) because the initial price of the parts is more expensive.

How much does surveillance monitoring cost?

Apart from only signal monitoring, many security alarm installation companies also provide video surveillance services. This means that your home will be monitored 24/7 via cameras. Some services offer cameras as a part of a package, while others need you to purchase cameras separately. The cost of services is about $40-$65/month while a camera may cost anywhere from $50 to $300 per one unit.

Can we help you find the security alarm installation services?

Other frequently asked questions

How soon will the police arrive after the alarm goes off?

When the alarm system goes off, it doesn’t mean that the police will come instantly. The process is a little more complicated.

Once the system is activated, a siren will be heard. If you’re home and put in the security code within an approximately 30-second window, then the system will disarm and no signal will be sent anywhere. If the security code is not put in, then the system will go into alarm. Once the alarm is set, it instantly notifies the response center. A responsible person will then contact the site and you or the 1st person on your contact list to verify the situation. Let's say you don’t pick up and the 1st responsible person is not answering as well, in this case, the response center will contact the police for further checks of your premises.

Of course, this process doesn’t take much time, but you should understand that the police will arrive only 10-15 minutes after the initial signal is in action.

Do I need an alarm permit to install a security system in my home?

Technically, you don’t, yet if you plan to install any kind of remote monitoring or emergency response features (loud alarm), then local governments may require you to have an alarm permit. In major cities, all residents must obtain a home alarm permit in order to address the issue of false alarms. Some counties differentiate among alarm types and require you to obtain a particular permit; others have a one-fits-all permit that is renewed on a yearly basis.

In case you decide to try your luck and not obtain a permit, then be ready that if the alarm goes off and the noise attracts the police, you will have to pay a fine for public disturbance.

Bottom line

Security alarms can guarantee safety for your property and a peace of mind for you. They ensure that in case of burglary, they set off to make the law enforcement officers come and protect your premises. The average security alarm installation cost is $320-$1,300 but may vary depending on the type of system and service package you choose.

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