Sprinkler system repair cost guide

Having a properly maintained garden and lawn is not a privilege today. Most homeowners decide to renovate their backyard to add comfort to their homes and comply with the curb appeal of the neighborhood. But daily watering can be a painful and time-consuming event. Sprinkler systems help with a proper lawn maintenance. They not only provide guaranteed water to your garden but with the right settings can also help save on water and energy bills over time. However, all the perks are available only if the system is working correctly and repaired on time.

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Sprinkler system repair service includes a wide variety of repairs from nozzle replacement to water pipes fixing. Some of the repairs can easily be handled as a DIY project, while major problems frequently require professional assistance from sprinkler system repair services. The average cost of sprinkler system repairs is hard to tackle because of the scope of work. The rough estimated sprinkler system repair cost equals $120-$290 while most homeowners spend about $240.

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Most common repairs and their costs

Sprinklers repair range from minor issues related to the replacement of some parts to the complete pipes repairs related to the leaks and their overall state. For this reason, the cost you receive significantly depends on the kind of issue you have. Besides the kind of problem, be ready that the age of your system defines the final check as well. Older sprinkler systems may require replacement of parts that are no longer available on the market; in this case be ready that partial system replacement or a completely new sprinkler system installation might be required.

Tentative cost of materials for repairs

  • Standard head $5-$9
  • Broadcast head $10-$17
  • Pipe $5-$7
  • PVC schedule-40 pipe $1.50/foot of 1-inch pipe; $1/foot of ¾-inch pipe
  • Valve $15-$23
  • Timer $50-$65 for a 6-zone timer, $75-$100 for a 9-zone timer

Most common repairs and their costs (with both parts and labor)

  • Replacement of one broken head $60-$85
  • Replacement of a valve $105-$130
  • Full system check + a broken pipe $80-$120

Cost-related questions

What are the average hourly rates?

The average rates for man-hour in the sprinklers repair business are $60-$90/hour. Keep in mind that man-hour rates don’t include the cost of parts. Generally, the sprinkler repair companies are fair and won’t charge you for the whole hour if you had services for, say, 2 hours and 10 minutes. However, this additional timing does have a price as well. Be ready to pay $10-$20/15 minutes.

Is there a minimum service rate?

Yes, there is. Even the smallest problem can be solved by a professional sprinklers system repair service. However, be ready that most frequently a small fix (that requires 10-15 minutes of an expert’s time) will cost you much more than one-quarter of the pro's hourly rate. The minimum cost varies from state to state, however, it usually equals about an hourly rate to ensure that the professional doesn’t travel in vain. So, the cost of a minimum service equals $60-$90.

Are there any discounts available?

Most sprinkler repair companies will offer discounts to clients who are willing to hire them for regular maintenance services. Besides that, seniors and military service veterans also usually get a 10-15% discount. First-time clients can also expect to receive a 10% discount on all services.

Can we help you find the sprinkler system repair services?

Information to check


First of all, research the possible options available in your city. When you hire a company from your area, you can save on additional travel fees. Besides that, a local company has a profound knowledge of the local market for sprinklers and so can offer a faster and cheaper repairs service if compared to non-local businesses.

It's also a good practice to check the company website and the essential information such as contacts, portfolio if any, physical address and the like.


Once the initial market research is done, look for the businesses that have been offering the service you need for at least five years. In the sprinklers business, it guarantees knowledge of the latest systems and news in the industry and so a more qualitative service. Furthermore, the longer a company has been active, the easier it will identify and fix your problem.

Recommendations and references

Recommendations and references are the sign of a good service. In the era of the online world, you can easily check this information from your home. Read reviews of a company in different local directories and check references available on the company website. Hire only a service that has more than 70% of positive reviews.


Before you even call in for a consultation, ensure that the company of your choice actually provides the service you need. If you have a standard issue this point shouldn’t be a problem, but in more complex and unidentified problems this is an essential step.

License and insurance

A license is required for sprinkler repair services in most states. Always verify the number of a company’s license and check if it’s active. Insurance is also an additional asset because it protects you from major damages and guarantees that you won’t be kept responsible should anything happen on your property to the repairs crew.

Other frequently asked questions

Are travel fees included in the cost of services?

Most often sprinkler system repair companies don’t charge any additional travel fees if your address is within their range of service. For instance, businesses in small towns don’t ask for travel fees, while small businesses in New York or Los Angeles may require it due to the vast square footage of a big city. You can expect to pay an additional $10-$25 for sprinkler repair services.

Does urgent case require higher payment?

It’s a rare case when homeowners call for sprinkler repair services far in advance of a problem. This means that basically, most repairs in this business are urgent. However, an additional emergency fee may apply for calls made on late Friday night or on weekends. You can expect either an additional fee defined by every particular service or an elevated by 15-25% total cost for the service.

Bottom line

Sprinkler system is a perfect addition to any home with a garden or a yard. It can cut water and energy costs while making your home a cozier place with a better curb appeal. The average sprinkler system repair cost is $120-$290 for a package with labor and parts included. However, more complex cases may rise up to $700 and even require professional plumbing services.

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