Appliance repair cost guide

It's hard to imagine our life without many household appliances such as fridges, washing machines, microwave ovens, or dishwashers. They help us preserve and prepare food, keep our clothes clean, and save us the drudgery of washing crockery and cutlery by hand after every meal. While modern appliances are smarter and more energy efficient than their previous versions, they still occasionally get out of order and need repair. If that has never happened before or you haven't repaired anything in your home for a long time, you might wonder how much you will have to pay for this service.

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Appliance repair professionals are called by homeowners to fix problems with washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, and other household equipment, both major and small. There are two basic payment structures these specialists use: per hour and per project. The former is more common, especially as regards large items such as a fridge. In addition, you may have to cover a repairman's (or repairwoman's) travel expenses and pay a fee for performing the diagnostic work. The exact amount will be determined by several factors. Those include problem difficulty, professional's experience and independence (self-employed contractors normally cost less), appliance powering principle (electricity or gas), availability and ease of finding the required parts, how quickly the appliance can be accessed, and others. On average, be prepared to spend from $110 to $250 for bringing your electronic home helper back to life. The lowest price is $60 and the maximum cost is $370.

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Price-related questions

What are the key factors that affect the total appliance repair cost?

New components

One of the major price determiners is the availability of new components instead of those that have stopped working. If the appliance was produced in the days of yore or it's non-standard, the contractor may have a hard time finding the required part. Modern machines are very "clever." However, the electronic parts used in them can be expensive. You might have thought that using parts from similar used appliances could save you money. In reality, though, this option may turn out to be costlier in the long run if a new part doesn't fit in and malfunction. The type of a new component also matters. For instance, a heating element of a dryer may cost as much as $190, or more.

Powering method

The "fuel" the appliance operates on is important, too. If it's a gas-powered machine, a professional will take a larger fee from you. That's because working with such an appliance may present a hazard to the specialist's health or even life owing to a dangerous gas that may emit from an oven or water heater. In addition, connecting the lines incorrectly may cause a fire.

How easy the appliance is to reach

These days, many homeowners prefer built-in household appliances with all the wiring or pipes out of sight. While this is good from the point of view of aesthetics, it may put a difficult task before a repairman. They will need to get to the root of the problem by overcoming some obstructions. The harder this task is, the more you'll have to pay.

Problem difficulty

Even with one and the same piece of equipment, different jobs can be estimated at different prices. For example, when repairing a fridge, the price range can be as wide as $25-$210.

How much does repairing major appliances cost?

Let's review the fees that professionals normally charge for fixing a fridge, washing machine, dryer, and oven range.


When this kitchen giant suddenly refuses to perform its functions as it should, this is often regarded as a major disaster, especially in hot places. Depending on the type of the issue and the age of the appliance, a repairman may spend from 60 minutes to 3 hours putting things right and will take an average fee of $190-$410. In what ways can a fridge malfunction?

  • The freezer may start showing the signs of "illness," producing highly unusual noises. If it's something serious, a new motor may be required. Expect to pay $210-$260.
  • The defroster may become excessively noisy too. Just like the freezer, the old defroster motor may have to go, with a new one taking its place. In this case, spending around $190 is common.
  • The ice maker may join the choir and loudly voice its complaint whenever it receives water. As a result, it may cost you between $260 and $340 to fix this part of the fridge.
  • The clattering from the drip pan may mean its supports are not functional any more and need to be repaired or replaced. Price: $10 - $55.
Washing machine

This is an indispensable appliance in any household, particularly in homes with small children, who can play in any place and in any weather. Result: dirty clothes all of the time. If you've noticed the washing machine behaving in a strange way or stopping when it shouldn't, it's time to invite a professional to have a look at it. On average, this service will amount between $130 and $490. What can go wrong?

Symptom. The machine may shake violently during operation.

Remedy. The four stands need to be balanced or replaced.

Symptom. There ’s a water pool near the machine.

Remedy. The hose connections must be adjusted or hoses replaced.

Symptom. There’s no water flowing into the machine.

Remedy. Check the inlet valve or remove blockage from the hoses.

There could also be problems with the pump, agitator, or drive belts.

Can we help you find the appliance repair services?

This appliance is for the impatient, those who don't like waiting for their clothes to dry in the sun. Depending on the type of the dryer and the specific issue with it, expect the repair price range to be from $110 to $410.

A few typical problems and approximate costs to solve them.

Symptom. The temperature is not high enough.

Remedy. Replacing the timer, fuses, or thermostat is necessary. Money to prepare: $90 - $190.

Symptom. The temperature is abnormally high.

Remedy. Bad coils or the thermostat is out of order – replacement required. Money to prepare: $60 - $110.

Symptom. The appliance is not operational.

Remedy. New thermostat, starter, or even terminal block may be required.

Money to prepare. As little as $60 to as much as $900.

Oven range

If you like having freshly cooked and hot food, the breaking down of the oven must be a very unpleasant event. There are so many things that can go wrong with this appliance, starting from faulty indicator lights, the door that fails to open, a burner with an abnormally high temperature and ending with the main controller failure or completely dead unit. While some of these problems may seem hard to solve, a pro usually spends less than 60 minutes to get to the root of the evil and make you happy again. That's the reason why fixing an oven is normally estimated per project in the range $60 - $110.

How much does it cost to fix a smaller appliance like a microwave oven?

Repairing such appliances may cost you between $90 and $190, depending on how big the unit is. The exact cost is determined to a large extent by the price of new components.

Information to check


It's common for an appliance manufacturer to give a warranty for the item. The standard length is from one to two years. So, once your fridge or washing machine breaks down, have a look at the documentation that comes with it. Perhaps, the warranty is still valid. Then, you don't have to spend a dime on repairs.


It's recommended to find an independent contractor. A corporate handyman will cost you more or will not be as flexible in their pricing policy. Signs of a good contractor:

  • Not only cash payments – credit cards are accepted
  • Can provide references from previous customers
  • Vouches for the result in the written form
  • Tells you exactly what the problem is, without unclear technical terms

Make sure to have a written itemized quote before the work begins.

Other frequently asked questions

Do repairmen charge a minimum fee for their services?

Yes, expect to pay around $70 for a professional to come to your place to perform the diagnostics, as well as to cover their travel expenses. No fee is taken if the pro has to return to your home the following day.

How can I save money on appliance repair?

If possible, give a professional several jobs at once. For example, if your washer is out of order, recall that there's something with the dishwasher, too. As many handymen charge by the hour, you can save a little this way.

When should I prefer replacement over repairs?

When an appliance gets out of order, search for a new one online. If the cost of the faulty item exceeds 50% of the new one's price, replacing it is the way to go.

Bottom line

The cost of appliance repair services depends on a number of factors such as the complexity of the job, type of the appliance and its age, ease of access, and others. On average, be prepared to pay between $110 and $250.

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