Security Alarm Repair cost guide

Security alarm systems are installed in every 5th home in the US. With the rising criminal activity throughout the country, it’s essential to keep the security system in good condition. Security alarm repair and maintenance experts can help with the examination of the system and further identification as well as solution of the problem. While it may be frustrating to get the non-working system one day, most fixes have a fair price and a short period for completion.

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Security alarm repair services provide a number of activities that aim at maintaining proper system functionality. Most often, these are services related to the replacement of batteries and out-of-date parts in alarm systems; however, the scope of services may be significantly wider depending on the problem that occurs. The average security alarm repair cost is $70-$360. The replacement of particular parts may cost up to $200 for parts only, while the major or complete system repair may reach the figures of $800-$1,600.

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Most common problems and their repairs

What are the reasons of security alarm failures?

The most common signs of a security alarm fail include continual beeping, constant false alarms, and overall system malfunction. Before proceeding to the problems these signs tell you about, here are the reasons why such situations may occur:

  1. Power failure (including battery failure)
  2. Connection trouble (most common for wireless alarm systems; happens when system parts cannot connect to each other and thus, don't provide proper protection coverage)
  3. Incompatibility of system parts (usually happens after the replacement and fixing of the parts)
  4. Improper installation or programming
  5. Deficiency of the detector
  6. Inadequate maintenance

What are the most common problems with security alarm systems and their solutions?

Some problems you will be able to fix yourself, while others usually require professional assistance of a security alarm repair expert. The table below has common fixes for security system problems and their average cost.

Problem Fix Cost
Power failure Reboot power supply for hardware systems or replace the power supply for wireless systems. Then ensure products with new batteries. $15-$25/battery, $20-$170/new wires $70-$90/service (with a higher cost for a complex rebooting process)
Battery failure/beeping Replace the battery $15-$25/battery $70-$90/service
Connection trouble Only pro wire (programming for wireless) testing and replacement if needed $170-$280
Equipment incompatibility Replacement of the incompatible parts or the entire system $20-$1,300 (lower cost for the replacement of parts and higher for system replacement)
Improper installation or programming Inspection of the existing system condition, reinstallation, or reprogramming $150-$420
Deficiency of the detector Installation of additional sensors to reach complete coverage $70-$300
Inadequate maintenance Inspection and further fixing of defects $60-$360

Cost-related questions

How do security alarm repair experts charge?

Most often, security alarm repair experts get the biggest income from service calls. Generally, the cost is about 20% of the initial installation cost. On average, you can expect to pay about $125-$175 for a regular battery replacement. The common inspection cost is $80-$130 plus additional services such as wires connection check or replacement.

Why do maintenance costs matter for security alarm repairs?

In terms of security alarm repairs, the maintenance costs are required monthly. This is a fee you pay to the security company for maintaining your system and also for responding to the activated alarm system should anything happen. The security alarm repair cost, in this case, can be described from two positions: landline and wireless systems.

Hardwired (landline) security alarm repair cost

Hardwired security alarm systems operate by means of a landline. This means, that all information about the alarming system is transferred to the security company via the landline. The average cost of maintenance for hardwired systems is $15-$30/month and includes only the examination of a problem should it occur; for any real repairs and replacements as well as materials, you will have to pay additional fees.

Wireless security alarm repair cost

Wireless alarm systems are operated by means of cellphone chips or satellite connection. They usually require more maintenance and daily repairs, so the average cost for wireless security alarm maintenance is $40-$60/month. The additional costs will apply for major repairs, such as parts replacement or system reprogramming.

Is there a service price for unmonitored alarm systems?

Unmonitored alarm systems are those which require no professional assistance either for installation or for maintenance/repair. The unmonitored alarm system can be installed as a DIY project and is not connected to any professional security company. Instead, it shows all the activity and security data through a phone app and transmits it directly to the owner. In this case, as you didn’t pay for installation, you won’t pay for repairs either; yet, you will have to repair such a system yourself. If you’re willing to call for an expert opinion, be ready to pay about $150 for a pro visit.

Can we help you find the security alarm repair services?

Other frequently asked questions

Do I need to hire an expert for security alarm repairs?

The one-fits-all answer is "yes, you do."

Yes, professional security alarm repairs can help you save a lot of time and money as well as psychological health. Experts come to your home for a diagnostic examination and then report about the existing problems and possible solutions. After the report, you decide whether you want to cooperate or wish to do the repairs yourself. The cooperation with an expert guarantees you the quality of work, fast delivery of the problem solving, quality replacement parts, and warranty for the services. While it may seem that the security alarm repair cost is too high, in the long run, it saves a lump sum of a budget.

A DIY security alarm repair is possible if you’re dealing with a minor issue. For instance, battery replacement or some cable replacement don’t require professional assistance. Yet, for more complicated cases it’s highly advised to cooperate with experts.

How often does an alarm system need to be tested and what maintenance is involved?

The frequency of system testing is usually stated in the system package and by installers. On average, professionals advise checking the essential alarm parts every three months and run the complete diagnostic testing every six months.

How often does a burglar alarm panel battery require replacing?

If your alarm panel is located inside of the house and at an average room temperature, then a replacement will be advised after five years of exploitation. Should the panel be located outside or in a garage, replacement might be needed after three years in use.

Do I need to replace the whole alarm system if my panel failed?

Generally, all security alarm repair companies can replace the panel on its own and then adjust it to the existing system. However, older models and makes of alarm systems may have a different frequency (418MHz or 433MHz); such systems usually require the complete replacement because modern companies don’t have parts for such old units.

Bottom line

A security alarm repair is an essential service that can protect your home and also guarantee 24/7 safety. The average cost of the security alarm repair is $70-$360 with the prices of replacement reaching $800-$1,600.

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